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Starlight Glimmer -Fan button

If you're a fan of Starlight Glimmer (from season 5, or simply with her old mane style), feel free to use this button.

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I wish she was the mane protagonist instead of Twilight
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Cause Twilight is always hogging the spotlight and she is completely unlikable. Just watch the episode lesson zero 
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But that just one episode. Also, she still and forever will be the main charterer.
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Using using using! ^u^
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Using, along with the Starburst button!!
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Awesome Starlight Glimmer fan button! :D (Big Grin) I like this one better than the other Starlight buttons. She looks like her current self: given another chance and a new friend to have. She's my least favorite villain, but she's now one of my favorite MLP characters. After she told Twilight about her sad history, and just wanted to save everypony from suffering the same fate she had, I felt empathetic for her. I'm really glad that the Mane 6 are taking it upon themselves to be her friends. And I'll bet you'd be a good friend for her too. :) (Smile)
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Thanks! :D Wow, really? :blushes:
She was actually my most favorite character who's doings, or rather intentions weren't evil in my opinion. But I understand your opinion too. :)
She's definitely my second fav character. ^^
I feel the same way about it. :)
Wow, you really think so? :*)
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That's a nice vector you've used here.
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