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Sick AJ

This is pic for my Art trade with :iconproponypal:

She wanted me to draw sneezing Applejack and Fluttershy who takes care of her.

I hope you like it. :iconfluttershyplz:
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Applejack let out yet another hearty sneeze, her head filled with enough mucus to plaster an entire wall.

"Dagnabbit," Applejack sniffed, reaching for her 13th tissue.

"Oh dear..." Fluttershy said. "How did you end up getting so sick, Applejack?"

"Well..." Applejack began. Her speech was dotted with coughs and sniffles as she spoke. "Ah was just... workin' on Sweet Apple Acres, like always... S-Silverlay was helpin' me again... Then Ah notice there's a lil'... dry piece of skin hangin' off mah lip. S-So... Ah picked it off, thinkin' nothin' of it. Then, on mah way to see you and check on that lil' red-winged blackbird chick we saved the other day... Ah suddenly felt sick as a dog..."

Fluttershy already had an idea of what was happening. "Wait. So... You picked your lip, and now your feeling ill? So THAT'S why your lip looked a little red when you came in. Did you at least wash your hooves first?"

"N... No..." Applejack nervously confessed.

"That's what I was afraid of," Fluttershy sternly stated. "Applejack... You spend all day walking across dirt and grass, handling old wood buckets. So how could you pick your lip without washing your hooves??? You... DO know that it's Flu Season, right???"

Applejack's expression turned to worry. "F... Flu Season?! AWWW, FFFFFFFfffff… fiddlesticks."

As Applejack was handed Tissue #14, Fluttershy gently reprimanded her. "Applejack, I know you don't want to hear this, but I think you may have given yourself the flu."

"Dang it," Applejack complained. "So... What should Ah do...?"

"Rest," Fluttershy said bluntly.

"Rest?! But... But there's a huge harvest due over the next few days! Mah family needs me!" Applejack lamented.

Fluttershy, acting motherly, said, "Listen to me! The flu is no joke. It's highly contagious and saps you of your energy. So even though you love helping others, the best thing you can do for your family is simply to sleep it off."

Applejack opened her mouth to protest, only to let out yet another sneeze.

Fluttershy recoiled, just narrowly avoiding Applejack's nasal spittle. "Applejack! At least cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze! Your family will have even bigger problems if the flu spreads to them! How will Silverlay be helpful if she's infected?! How do you expect me to take care of you if I catch it, too?!"

Fluttershy's harsh tone unnerved Applejack a little. "Okay! Ah'm sorry, Fluttershy! Ah'll… Ah'll follow yer advice..."

The only response from the pale yellow Pegasus was a satisfied nod.

Applejack sneezed again, while Fluttershy went on. "Zecora has a medicine that can be made to fight the flu. I'll talk to her tomorrow, and she'll make a batch for you. In the meantime, you need to keep yourself on a medical quarantine. Tell your family what's wrong, take your medicine, be sure to drink plenty of water, and under no circumstances, NEVER exert yourself. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Applejack said obediently.

"Good," Fluttershy stated. "Here. I'll walk you home. Then, I'll stop by the Golden Oaks Library to tell Twilight and Silverlay about it. Oohhh, I hope she doesn't have it now, too..." With that, she helped Applejack up.

The two mares slowly made their way back to Sweet Apple Acres, Applejack continuing to cough and sneeze.

Fluttershy handed Applejack an extra tissue. "Here. For the road," she smiled.
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That's the Fluttershy I love. :aww: Her care about others is always so heartwarming. Such a sweet story. :)
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Is it OK if i use it as a cover for a fan fiction I'm work on it I'll credit you 
MajkaShinoda626's avatar
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Ok thanks i'll link you to it when it's done 
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Even though you admit you forgot the redness, it could be passed off as a surprise sneeze/illness. Like she went to visit 'Shy and wound up fighting off a bug she didn't know she caught.
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This is why you don't go around consuming Twilight's cooking, because IT'S NOT FOOD!!…
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hey ı was seen this photo in equestria Daily that was your omg
MajkaShinoda626's avatar
Wow, I didn't know that. O_O
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But %u0131 know
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Aww How cute! ^^
MajkaShinoda626's avatar
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You're welcome! ^^
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:iconfluttershymadplz::iconsaysplz:Thanks a lot! Now I'm gonna be sick!!
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Another great picture! :3 Aww, poor Applejack, love the way how there are a few tears in her eyes, makes it realistic. Also, love Fluttershy's expressions! :) That is definitely how she would react. Wow! @_@ You did an amazing job with the background yet again. Love the way you drew Fluttershy's cottage, looks exactly like it does on the show. I also love the way you drew the stars glowing in the background. LOVE IT! :heart:
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Thanks! :heart: Wow, really? :) Though I could change the shade of blue. Oh and I realized I forgot to add her a red on her nose since she's sick. Well I'm very glad you like it. :huggle: The background was the hardest part, again. ^^; Aww, I'm happy you do! :heart:
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No, I like the shade of blue. :3 It still looks amazing, even without the redness on her nose. I'm not surprised. ^^ :glomp:
MajkaShinoda626's avatar
Well, I'm glad you do. :3 Thank you very much. :glomp::heart:
Poor Applejack. I bet she was working too hard again.Really Sad 
MajkaShinoda626's avatar
Yup, she did. :( But she'll be ok. :)
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The cuteness is strong with this one.
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