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Rainbow Rocks -Fan button

If you're a fan of the Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks movie, feel free to use this button.

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A lot of people have said that this was the best EG movie, and I agree.  It is the best EG movie... but it won't top the 2017 movie! :giggle:
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This is actually a hard choice for me, thanks to RR I fell in love with Sunset, while in the MLP Movie I fell in love with Tempest (though not so intensively). Both movies were a bit of cliché to me and both were able to turn the cliché into something powerful. MLP Movie was more special since there's just one, but still, hard to tell which one I really love more at this moment (a few months back when I was a hardcore pegasister, I would definitely say RR is my fav, but now since when my feelings to MLP AND Sunset cooled down, it's more like a tie to me.
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miku (fuck youz)  to the 4-asshole in the comments section harassing this piece of fine work  
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:iconrainbowdashplz: Your Welcome,i love your icon
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Thanks! I like yours too!
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You're welcome! thank you
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Yep, still the best Equestria Girls movie! :D
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I'm glad you think that. I think frozen is good but, it doesn't top over Equestria girls  
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No way its the worst ever! Frozen Rocks
This movie is the oposite of what its title says
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I love Rainbow Rocks. What more is there to say?
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