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My little pony G3 -Fan button

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If you're a fan of My little pony G3, feel free to use this button.

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sure they did lack personalities but at least it was harmless. The G4 characters are always so conflicted and act like a bunch of bitches to each other. 
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G4 is more realistic... Unfortunately, it's true that the main characters are more and more chaotic and instead of developing to better, it often feels like they develope to worse instead. I'm not interested into the other generations (saw some episodes from each), but I see where you're coming from and I agree with you at this point.
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Love MLP G3 to this day. FiM is just too close to real life for me to properly enjoy it these days but G3 reminds me of being kid.
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I actually liked G3 lol I haven't watched G3.5 tho
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My favourite generation ever. I grew up with them :) (Smile) 
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One of my favourite generations after FiM Season 1. Thank you very much for making this.
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THANK YOU!!! I love you for making this. My childhood.Usagi Heart Eyes Icon 
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No problem. :aww: Though I never watched them, I respect them and I made it for fans. :)
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I never really watched G3 of MLP. Do you like it?
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I don't like G3 (or any older generations), but I respect them and I made this button for fans. :)
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Aww thanks for being so understanding *hugs*
MajkaShinoda626's avatar
That's no problem. :aww: Every generation deserves respect. :) FiM wouldn't be there without older generations, so I'm thankful to them. ^^
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I agree with you 100% :)
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