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My faithful students

Title says it all. I'm happy for them. :heart:

I hope you like it. :iconfluttershyplz:
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Here comes the fun part for Starlight and Sunset. Who was Twilight's student first? Seeing as Sunset doesn't exist in Friendship is Magic, I say Starlight is.
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When I think about it now, the actual question is, is/ was Sunset even Twilight's student? She contacts her through her journal sometimes, but she doesn't necessarily report what she's learned about friendship and it was never officially stated that she's her student. Twilight seems like just her mentor when it comes to equestrian magic, not friendship.
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I wanna fart on them
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Out, out, out before I drop a mech on you
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Ok Ok I'll go. RIGHT AFTER THIS! :fart: revamp 
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Techno Slasher (Redo) by Rampager2000  
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You can't kill me I'm already dead zombie zombie 
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Then say hi to it’s afterli friend the Nightmare, they’re not much of a talker 
The Nightmare by Rampager2000  
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I thought I'd faved this already. Well, better late than never.
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That's totally alright, thank you so much!!! <3
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I love the difference of expressions between Sunset and Starlight.
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twilight say, my faithful student and friend
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Ah... How far these characters have progressed...
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Sunset yes, Starlight no. Just look at those expressions. Sunset wants to learn about the Magic of Friendship, while Starlight looks scared shitless. 
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Cute...but wouldn't sunset go back to princess celestria 
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I wish these two reunited, but I still prefer Sunset being Twilight's pupil now.
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aww... but i thnk sunset probably knows friendship alot as much as twilight would be.
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a princess/teacher and her students. how nice :meow:
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The next three future rulers of Equestria. Nod 
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