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ID -Magic trio

This is another ID collab I made with :iconminidiren:. This time we decided to have different ID's while we'll still share buddy icons.

Again, I did the lineart and she did coloring.

I decided to use this as my second ID, since I love these three and that concept of Sunset and Starlight being Twilight's students.

I hope you like it. :iconfluttershyplz:
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Wings make good blankets.
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All was quiet in the Golden Oaks Library that night. After a hard day's work in spreading the magic of friendship and fending off all manner of enemies, Twilight Sparkle was clearly grateful that Team Harmony had taken such major strides.

Twilight had gathered Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, Silverlay, and Trixie Lulamoon for a relaxing book-reading session. They were focusing on Daring Do's efforts to recover a healing stone from the clutches of Ahuiziotle. Over the past few days, they had made it halfway through the book... but the night after defeating Lord Tirek together, showing Discord--and themselves--the value of acceptance, and helping Cozy Glow finally find peace with her parents' unsavory past, none of them had much energy left.

As a matter of fact, as Twilight finished the final sentence of the 10th chapter, she was almost going to ask her peers what they thought... However, she noticed that Trixie, Silverlay, Sunset, and Starlight were already fast asleep on their "reading pillows."

"Whoops," Twilight chuckled quietly. "I guess tonight wasn't the best night for a lengthy read..."

As Twilight gracefully looked her friends over, she was surprised to get a sleep hug in stereo. Starlight and Sunset unconsciously started nuzzling her side, leaning on her. She looked at them all, one by one, noticing their contented smiles.

Twilight sighed softly. She wrapped her wings around Starlight and Sunset. Then, she used her horn to drape a blanket over Silverlay and Trixie.

Twilight's first instinct was to bring them upstairs with her... but the sight was so precious, she didn't want to interrupt it. So, she decided that the five mares could stay down on the lower floor for that night. After all, Spike, Bugzzy, and Nyx were fine upstairs, as they were every night.

Music Note Bullet (Purple) - F2U! South Park: The Fractured But Whole - Third Dinner Music Note Bullet (Purple) - F2U! 

"...If only I had wings big enough to hold all of you..." Twilight whispered with a sniffle, a tear escaping her eye.

As her friends slumbered, Twilight levitated a photo album to where she was. She opened it to the middle. Inside... there was a picture of her and all the others, posing victoriously after Tirek's defeat.

And there were six new additions that stood out...

Gallus the Griffon
Silverstream the Hippogriff
Ocellus the Changeling
Yona the Yak
Smolder the Dragon
Sandbar the Earth Pony

They, and all her existing friends, were joined by two lives they saved. Discord was getting a midair nuzzle from Fluttershy, whilst a tearful Cozy Glow was welcoming an embrace from the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

"I never would've gotten this far without them. Any of them," Twilight thought. "All these good folks... They're more than students. They're more than subjects. They're..." She teared up again. "They're... more than friends. In fact... they're all like family now..."

Twilight closed the album. Before long, she let herself drift off to sleep, sinking her head between Sunset and Starlight's heads.

Many sweet dreams filled their heads that night...
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Awww so sweet! And it's nice that you reformed Cozy. :)
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I could elaborate a bit more if you'd like.;) (Wink) 
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If you'd like, sure. :)
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Very well, then.

As a matter of fact, I actually combined the "Twilight's Kingdom" and "School Raze" arcs into a single scenario.

Twilight, wanting to teach the magic of friendship to the whole world, opens the "Harmony Academy." Within days, one of the earliest students is none other than Cozy Glow. She's reserved and quiet, but the CMC manages to make her feel welcome. However, they notice that she has a rather devious side... Also, she acts extremely reclusive whenever she sees two friends having a spat, which occasionally happens. The strangest thing about her, though, is the fact that she always seems to be penning letters to an unknown recipient...

Things start out well. But shortly after opening the school, she is summoned to the Crystal Empire by Cadance. She and the other princesses warn Team Harmony that an ancient villain from Equestria's past is due to return.

The fiend is none other than Lord Tirek, a centaur warlord that stole other beings' magic... and in some cases, their very life essence! For months, he'd strike unsuspecting ponies and other creatures in order to satiate his growling hunger. The Elements of Harmony were truly stretched to their limit in order to seal the life-leeching beast away.

Tirek was sealed in a massive cavern called the Dark Crypt. His body in a vegetative state, he was locked in a huge coffin, held shut by six enchanted keys. To keep evildoers from unleashing him again, these keys were scattered across Equestria's neighbor countries:

Yakyakistan, the homeland of the Yaks
The Mersea Strait, a tropical city-state and link between Shetlantis in the east ocean, and Seaquestria in the west ocean
Antennea, the ancestral hive-home of Changelings
The Dragonlands
Mt. Aris, the home of Hippogriffs
Griffondale, the impoverished Griffon homeland

Soon, Twilight and her friends learn that the Koopa Troop has been sighted in the very countries the keys were hidden in. There could only be one explanation: they were after the keys, planning to bring Tirek into their ranks. Team Harmony knew they had to stop them.

With each kingdom they visit, Team Harmony adds one of the Student Six to their roster. While they embark on quests to prevent Tirek's return, Cozy Glow's experience at the academy begins to highlight the need for nonlinear thinking. As she studies friendship, she notices that many of the students seem to stick to one of the Mane 6's approach to a problem than an other. This sparks arguments, some of them quite severe. Close friends not willing to accept each other's viewpoints, even if they don't share them, brings down Cozy's mood quite far, enough so that she has flashbacks about two ponies fighting when she was little. All that, combined with scrutinizing visits from her uncle, Chancellor Neighsay, constantly makes her think that no natural friendship will last. She'd constantly be depressed and isolated. That is, until anytime a letter from her anonymous correspondent arrives...

Before long, Discord stumbles across the school, noting the contentious nature of the students when the teachers aren't around. He meets Cozy Glow and agrees to join her in a chess game. Discord is flustered to lose chess to an 11-year-old Pegasus filly, but at the same time, he feels pride in her. The praise Cozy receives is encouraging, considering her last opponent was a sore loser and called her a "know-it-all freak."

Discord is shown a textbook by Cozy, detailing the friendship lessons Twilight learned before she became a princess. Although admitting that the lessons are profound, he points out that they were written by a single pony, who learned it from a single friend. Discord tosses the book away, telling Cozy that not everypony will learn similar lessons the exact same way. He tells Cozy not to let a textbook tell her how to live her life.

Following Discord's advice, Cozy Glow lets her textbooks collect dust while she investigates friendship on her own. From then on, she stops feeling sad whenever two foals would fight over which friendship lesson was "right;" she'd only scoff and move on. Eventually, she finds the very idea of a "school of friendship" absurd, ditching class to hang out with Discord and devise pranks. It was the ultimate catharsis for the young child.

But when the team heads out for the final key, Cozy Glow witnesses a horrific breakup between two ponies in love. The reason? They disagreed over one of Rainbow Dash's friendship lessons. It was so intense, it gave Cozy the most vivid flashback ever, and she could only run out of the school in tears.

When she meets Discord again, he immediately recognizes her shattered tears. That's when Cozy Glow decides to tell her why she sought out Twilight's school.

A few weeks before she turned up in Ponyville, Cozy Glow was undergoing the painful experience of her parents falling out of love. Her professional, uptight father and her laid-back, lenient mother would disagree over things quite frequently. It only got worse, day by day, until she was sent to bed one night; she stayed up and listened as her parents were discussing divorce. When the conversation turned to which of the two would have custody of Cozy, she couldn't take it anymore. She snuck out of her bedroom, tying bedsheets together to make a rope out of her window. She ran away from home, trying to get as much distance between her and her parents as possible. She approached her uncle, Neighsay, who took her in, even though he was busy investigating Twilight's track record for recruiting ex-villains into her team.

Just then, a final letter arrives from Cozy Glow's mysterious pen pal. It says he can give her the power to ensure no friendship ever breaks again. And so, with Discord's help, she makes a plan to get what was promised...

Just before Team Harmony returns with the six keys, Chancellor Neighsay arrives for another snap inspection. He comes just in time to see a male Griffon beating up a young Unicorn filly, claiming Fluttershy's lessons are infinitely superior to Applejack's. Upon breaking up the fight, Neighsay is all too eager to file a scathing evaluation of the school. He reports to Twilight that, in addition to having students from countries that have had at least some conflict with Equestria in the past, students bicker over the friendship lessons being taught, and a little filly was viciously beaten for it. Therefore, he is closing down the school for good. He also confiscated the keys and takes them to Canterlot with him, bringing Cozy Glow along for the ride.

Little does Neighsay know, however, that the "students" were just lifelike puppets, made to look real through magic. They were animated by Discord.

Obviously, Twilight is devastated that a school meant to teach ponies and other creatures about friendship could turn into what it did. She laments the fact that she couldn't supervise the students more closely, wishing she and her friends weren't tied up making sure the keys didn't fall into their enemies' hands.

In light of this, Alice Goldenfeather (OC by EStories) decides to share her opinion on the topic. She says that friendship is such a complex thing, trying to teach it in a classroom via textbooks and lectures doesn't give the proper experience. She says that, up to now, Team Harmony's members realized their friendship lessons more or less on their own, often with others' assistance. Friendship isn't a thing that's taught: it's found. That explanation causes Twilight to break down in front of her friends, apologizing for not realizing that. In truth, all she wanted was for other creatures to see how wonderful friendship truly is.

As the group is wondering what to do, Rainbow Dash gets everyone's attention, noting how weird it seemed that Neighsay wanted to close a school that was at least TRYING to bring cultures into harmony, noting how bigoted he seemed towards non-ponies. Then, the team gets suspicious, wondering if Neighsay took the keys so the Koopa Troop could come by and grab them with no fuss. They wonder if he's helping their foes reawaken Tirek!

So the gang sneaks out of Ponyville and quietly goes to Canterlot, having winged teammates carry non-flying ones through the sky and having magic-users levitate the rest with them. When they reach Neighsay's estate, they confront him on his reason for taking the keys, only for him to ask why Team Harmony collected them at all. He knows what they do; they're needed to free Lord Tirek from his prison. He took them because he feels he can't trust the entourage of a princess trying to bring "violent, shifty outsiders" into a land of peace.

Team Harmony fights Neighsay. He's a surprisingly capable opponent with his wide arsenal of debilitating spells, but they defeat him. Starlight moves to acquire the keys from under a covered glass case... but something is wrong.


Neighsay and his unwitting home invaders search frantically. The cloaked stallion calls Cozy Glow down from her room; he recalls that she was curious about the seemingly useless artifacts.

...But Cozy doesn't show up. Neighsay calls once more. Again, no filly comes down. Naturally, he goes to the room himself. When he opens her door, he discovers to his horror that his niece has flown the coop! Everyone wonders where she could've gone while they search the room, where they discover the saddlebag filled with letters from her pen pal, known only as... "Mr. T..."

That's when they see it all. Cozy Glow's pen pal was Lord Tirek himself. Reading his final letter, they see that his prison, the Dark Crypt, is located not far from where the condemned school is!

The team doubles back to Ponyville and breaks into the school, only to find it filled with a purple mist and overrun by an army of life-sized, animated chess pieces, commanded by Cozy Glow. They find her in a tunnel dug beneath the building, chasing her all the way to Tirek's coffin. Mario, the Student Six, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders duke it out with the crazed rogue student, who is empowered by a jeweled pendant bearing the school's emblem.

Even though she's beaten, Cozy manages to use her new power to trap her enemies in a shield while she limps to Tirek's coffin with the keys. She rants about how no friendship will ever fall through again, and how they should be thanking her.

In a storm of dark clouds, Lord Tirek is freed. He takes a minute to reacclimatize himself, before noticing the proud filly beside him. Cozy Glow compliments him on his looks. Amused, he listens as she makes her request to help her ensure she can prevent friends from ever fighting.

Guess what he does instead!Seth Evil Laugh Emoticon 
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Wow, I didn't expect you actually make Neighsay her uncle. Also, her story is pretty sad...
And I guess I failed to think what he does instead. :O But I smell the nasty twist.
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Well... Hehehe...

Tirek doesn't follow through on his promise...

He makes Cozy Glow his very first victim! He sucks out all her magic, as well as most of her life force. From that little bit of power, he's able to blast his way out of the Dark Crypt with a hand-laser.

The Young Six and their allies hid behind some huge boulders on the far side of the cavern, watching the entire horrible spectacle unfold. They know that if they show themselves, he'll just absorb their energy, too. They'll need to play it safe and avoid direct conflict until they can find a weakness...

When the coast is clear, Team Harmony assembles in the cave. They approach Cozy, who lies on the cold ground in a weakened state, shock and hurt written all over her face.

They discuss an action plan. It's decided that the team's adults will travel to Canterlot and seek the Royal Sisters' advice. Spike, the CMC, and the Young Six are asked to stay behind and guard Cozy Glow.

When the grown-ups depart, Cozy weakly turns and asks her guardians to leave her and go after Tirek.

Apple Bloom explains that they aren't leaving. Instead, she asks why Cozy Glow ever considered trying to control the friendship magic Equestria is known for. Initially, Cozy rebuffs the question, saying the heroes "won't understand." But the farm child insists, arguing that they can't start helping her unless she comes clean about the problem.

Just then, Scootaloo butts in and warns Cozy that they'll easily curb-stomp her again if she keeps playing dumb. Sweetie Belle criticizes Scootaloo for being too harsh, Scootaloo argues she wasn't being harsh enough in light of what happened, and it devolves into a classic Crusader bickering session. It only ends when Cozy Glow shouts, "STOP IT!!! JUST STOP IT, MOM AND DAD!!!" Then, she comes back to her senses, realizing that she just let her past slip out, and everyone around her is quick to catch the hint.

With her secret out, Cozy Glow softly explains herself, from her running away from home to escape her parents, to joining the school to learn about friendship, to seeing the biased viewpoints of the students, to accepting Tirek's false offer for power. Cozy's actions were a result of her being fed up with so-called "friends" splitting up over trivial matters. For letting differences of opinion ever drive a wedge between them. ...Like her parents...

The heartbreaking revelation has Cozy Glow's protectors in a state of sorrow. To see a filly so damaged by infighting to accept help from an evil warlord is too painful to cope with.

To Cozy's surprise, Sweetie Belle uses her magic to prop her up. While she's levitated, Yona lies down behind her to serve as a living pillow. She even uses her own massive cloth to be Cozy's blanket, which Sweetie wraps her up in. Sweetie's explanation is simply, "You looked cold."

As Cozy stares in disbelief, she sees Spike and Smolder making a large campfire near their spot. Gallus and Silverstream wrap her in their wings as an added layer of warmth for the shivering filly. And with help from Sandbar and the Crusaders, Ocellus begins telling silly stories, to Cozy's meek amusement. She also hears some words of encouragement from Yona, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo; they may bicker from time to time, but they would never stop being friends over it. As Button Mash mentions, sometimes those counterarguments are for the opposing side's well-being, rather than their own. A big part of Team Harmony's success comes from recruiting folks from just about every walk of life. In the long run, it gives them a much wider range of perspective. In their line of work, a balance in all of friendship's aspects is crucial.

After being silent for a while, Cozy Glow asks Apple Bloom, "Why? W... Why are you all being so... n-nice to me...?"

Apple Bloom's response is, "Why not?" At that point, Cozy loses it. Her eyes fill with tears. She tries to say something, but she chokes on several upcoming sobs. Then, suddenly, she buries her face into Silverstream and Gallus's wings, bawling like crazy.

"Don't leave me!!!" Cozy chokes repeatedly.

They don't. There's no way in Tartarus they would.
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Too bad it probably won't happen now. With season 9, and nothing beyond that.
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What about Trixie and Moondancer? :icontrixiegrumblingplz: Moon Dancer Sad Crying Emoticon.  
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Twilight and her two faithful students and friend
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Twilight and her two faithful students.Twilight Sparkle - Hai 
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Wow :o (Eek) ...... CUTEEEEE Love 
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:swoon:  The cute is real
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