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What to say about myself... I'm rather a boring person who is no fun to be around. I'm a child at heart and live in my own world. That world consists of my internet friends (of which most are here on DA), my idols (celebrities) and fav cartoons.

As someone suffering from many severe illnesses and existential issues, I'm retired, imprisoned at home and my full days consist of dedicating my time to me time. Yeah, I'm kinda self-centered and weird. Granted, I have no friends or loved ones irl.

However, I am compassionate and try my best to be kind and nice to everyone. Though I do have a short temper and I'm like a time-bomb. I can be quite protective over things/ people I love. The truth is, I'm rather emotional person than intelectual one. 90% of my actions are guided by emotions, I don't have them under control. I'm HELLA sensitive and easily offended for littlest things. Yeah, I can be annoying a lot, and I mean A LOT.

Currently I don't have lots of interests.. actually.. I have only one. This man. My idol. A truly special soul. No "silly crush". Who knows him should understand.

Mike Shinoda

Wanna know more about him or my relationship to him? I can't wait for you to ask.

The following are the people I can't live without, who keep me sane and happy. Don't forget to check them all out!

ShinyPteranodon -Fan button

(ShinyPteranodon, my soulmate and the sweetest, most empathic soul you can find :floating:)

Tambry161 -Fan button

(I love this girl with my whole heart...:heart:)

Houdresae -Fan button

(houdresae, my sweet cupcake :aww:)

AndoAnimalia -Fan button

(AndoAnimalia, my wonderful friend with a huge heart :heart:)

CasimusPrime -Fan button

(KnightofNerdom, my knight and honorary brother)

Aeon-Silence -Fan button

(Aeon-Silence, Love you buddy)

Lachlancarr1996 -Fan button

(lachlancarr1996, my kindhearted bud)

FluttershyFan1997 -Fan button

(FluttershyFan1997, a very nice, gentle buddy)

JawsAndGumballFan24 -Fan button

(RapMLPAndBTTFFan23, my generous buddy)

Dracorider19 -Fan button

(Dracorider19, my intelligent, supportive bud)

MegaAnimationFan -Fan button

(MegaAnimationFan, my very good bud)

CybertronianBrony -Fan button

(CybertronianBrony, a supportive, kind buddy)

One simply can't not love these precious souls.

Wondering about my relationship to art? Here's the thing. I'm not a real artist. I'm an amateur that draws since 2 years old and didn't come a long way since. Obviously I started with traditional art and drew this way until my sixteen (which is when I've got my first computer). Since then I prefer digital drawing. However there are serious reasons I'll never improve even though I'd love to. Currently I'm drawing very rarely/ occassionally.

Important fact: I always enjoyed to draw only the things I love/ I'm a fan of -that was my focus, not the improvement itself. That means, art is not my separate interest, only my way of expressing love to things/ people I love.

I'm also crazy to storms/ clouds/ tornadoes. Yeah, unusual passion. But I can talk a lot about the subject.

I mentioned I'm a fan of cartoons. Well yeah, animation FTW. Even though I prefer 2D animation. It's almost dead nowadays.. I still don't despise 3D and love some quality pieces of it.

My currently favorite gems are the following:

MLP: Friendship is Magic Fan Button (Edited)
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Button
Lilo and Stitch Fan Button
The Lion Guard -Fan button

Are you a fan of any of these? I'd love to talk to you about them. ^_^

That's all for now. Have any questions? Don't hesitate to ask!

Mike Shinoda II

Favourite Visual Artist
Can't choose, there are too many
Favourite Movies
Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, MLP The movie, All Lilo and Stitch movies, Brother Bear 1,2, Lion king 1,2, Bolt, Zootopia, Eight Below
Favourite TV Shows
My little pony: Friendship is magic, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (reboot), The Lion Guard, Lilo & Stitch
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Mike Shinoda, Fort Minor, Linkin Park, K.Flay, Grandson, Daniel Ingram
Favourite Books
Learning Not To Drown by Anna Shinoda, books of my favorite cartoons, animals and weather
Favourite Games
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Tools of the Trade
MS Paint, Paint tool sai, Photoshop, pencils
Other Interests
Mike Shinoda, Cartoons, Drawing, PC, Animals, Clouds, tornadoes


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Wasn't he sick? Or something happened?

Me and Simba

Ok, but in what sense? All I'm saying is how do I feel and what do I need in this fanbase and what I can't have/ experience. I'm not judging/ blaming anyone. ^^; Except for myself.

Sorry for confusion, what do you mean? ^^;

I wish they could be friends!

Me and Simba

It's not a hair clip, just an artificial flower I used as a "pretty" effect for the photo. :blush:

Me and Simba