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Dora - QC

This is Dora from the unceasingly awesome web comic Questionable Content. [link] She is reaching for a cup of coffee, because I felt like having her do something. So exciting, huh? Will she make it? Is the coffee too hot? Will she burn her hand? The world may never know.

Drawn by hand, edited and colored in Flash. This looks a lot better than the hand-drawn one, because I changed a few things in it. For one, the shape of her head in the original picture is very odd looking, so I fixed that. Yeah...

Dora and Questionable Content are © Jeph Jacques
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Oh, the tension!
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cute! like coffee huh?
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sweet! btw, is dora with anyone?
MajinTrunkz's avatar
She's with Marten...
Thanks for the comment and the fav!
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is raven with anyone?
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Questionable Content is a great comic X3 I've followed it for a long while now X3
MajinTrunkz's avatar
Yeah, it is. It's probably my favorite webcomic.
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Will she make it? Oh the drama. :faint:
I like it, you even included the Coffee of Doom blackboard in the background.
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Thanks. I kinda messed up on the blackboard though, the frame is supposed to go all the way around it. Oh well.
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Yeah, I see what you mean. I'm not sure about the angle but there is also that counter that goes under the blackboard as well, it's the same wood as the front counter... The more I think about it, the more I think it can't be seen from this angle anyway.
MajinTrunkz's avatar
You're right, there is that other counter. I don't think it would be visible from this angle though.
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