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YnM - Kurikara RyuOh
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Kurikara: "A Shikigami on par with a god not unlike Tsuzuki's top four Shikigamis, Kurikara is notoriously bad tempered and was locked away in a desert in Gensou Kai by the other Shikigamis. Long ago it was said that he and SohRyu fought each other. He may appear as a kid but he is a god of both dragons and forging."

Kurikara, Yami no Matsuei © Matsushita Yoko
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Comments (205)
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Kitsu63|Hobbyist General Artist
Really good one! It's so hard to find good job on YnM!
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Хах, прикольно)
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Erkki-storyteller-13's avatar
Erkki-storyteller-13|Hobbyist General Artist
must say it's f###### awesome
even when i personally hate him there is no one who could say the picture bad

atleast now they washed my dreams to draw pretty pics down the toilet[link]
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PoisonGirl53's avatar
PoisonGirl53|Hobbyist General Artist
Is it just me, or does he remind you of Son Goku from Saiyuki? As you said, it may just be because of the combination of his hair, eyes, and kid like appearance. Wonderful work though - I love him!
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Indy-chan's avatar
It's really great. ^^ Could be from Matsushita Yoko herself!
Can't wait to see him coloured. :)
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Akatsuki-Wolf's avatar
Holy Shit! This is so AWESOME! Nice work!!
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Lupingirl101's avatar
O wow this is great O.O love the hair and his scar over his eye
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SafiraKizoku's avatar
SafiraKizoku|Hobbyist Digital Artist
cool i love it
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WitchyEmma's avatar
I'm not familiar with this character, but it is an awesome picture.
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disturbed66|Hobbyist General Artist
OMG *fan girl scream*
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Mahrahia|Hobbyist General Artist
Omg I can't stop looking at him *_*
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MarikKanameLightZero's avatar
Love the demented expression! he's so hot!
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OnPix-artist's avatar
OnPix-artist|Hobbyist Photographer
!!!! WOooooooooooooooooooOW !!!!
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keerou|Student Digital Artist
i wanna color this...haha.. is it ok?
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Wolfprincess87|Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome pic! Love the detail!
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darkangelsesshy's avatar
cool i love it
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cifr's avatar
Great line and compo ^^
Great job too! :heart:
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Nana-Curaive's avatar
i love this one!
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Jempower|Hobbyist General Artist
Omg thats soo goood^^ Your quite talented i must say!*unlike myself* :heart:-:heart:
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Misachi-Chan|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I adore this picture. I found it here on DA several months ago and it's been a part of my rotating background ever since. ^_^;
It's so lively and has so much detail in the important places. And I FREAKING LOVE his weird eye.

Actually I was wondering, I've been trying to teach myself to color with colored pencils lately, and I printed this out and used it as my first attempt. Though I only focused on the hair and skin, I think it came out pretty well and I'd like to submit it. Would that be alright if I added my colored version of this to my scraps if I made the link to this page?

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Jorden-Chan| Traditional Artist
wow its absolutly beautiful.
i wish i could draw like you
but alas... i suck TT_TT
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Melancholy-Minds's avatar
Woah... its amazing how well someone can draw even when they're not feeling well... The lineart is so perfect and detailed >.<
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Very nice! I'm tempted to color it someday.
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