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:D #128 = 2⁷ :D

Mothcat ID by MajikkanBeingsUnite

Name/Username: MajikkanBeingsUnite 

Rank*: A (we were mentored by Arquerite :thanks:)


Mothcats Owned:

Ace! :D

Bank Account: 128 (2 to the 7th power, yay!)

#9  | #3  | #2 

Ace and Blue's Friends: Arquerite 's OZIAS!!! (And Cheshire, of course, is family.) :hug: Mifubi 's Atohi and Louie Razz KittyWhiskersMeow 's Răsărit and, of course, each other :heart: and CrazyCat1231's Jasper and Annette, and 4sparkles's Flicker, and loafdew's Cocoa
Ace and Blue were part of the Cutlass Cats crew:…
Ace, Blue, Astra, Dreamer and Zara were part of the Creepy Crawlies team:…
ItC - Team Reference.
[Event] Into the Cat-acombs! (Part 2!).
Creepy Crawlies.
[Event] Into the Cat-acombs! (Phase 3!).
Into the Cat-acombs - Conclusion.
During the Mothscouts event, Ace and Blue earned all 20 merit badges ;) 


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Important note: italic items are in a specific Mothcat/Bumblebun/Fleurbun's inventory; and struck through items have been crafted into something else, no longer belong to us, or no longer exist.

Plans for what will be done with the inventory: Mothcats PLANS

Comment: Blue Slinky.
Comment: Daffodil, Forget-me-nots, Pansy, Pink Carnation, Daisy.
Comment: Honey Stick.
Comment: Palm Ice Sculpture.
Comment: White Fabric, White Thread, String.
Comment: 2 ×  Mothscouts Sash.
Comment: Blue Pool Noodle *flotation device*, Copper Doubloons x4, Silver Doubloon.
Comment: 2 × Stick.
Comment: Stick.
Comment: Small Bag of Seeds, Green Easter Egg, our Bee (see above), Bumblebun Egg used for Dreamer!
Comment: Common MYO used for Zara, Butterscotch, Chocolate Heart, Cobweb, 2 × Fruit Flavoured Loops, Leaf, Rock Candy, String, Topaz, White Dye.
Comment: Pumpkin 3, Candy Crab, Candy Cup Spider.
Comment: Orange Dye.
Comment: Rose.
Comment: Zipper.
Comment: Purple Slinky.
Comment: Linden Leaf, Purple Orb Stand.
Comment: Silver Thread.
Comment: Blue's Mask. Blue Mask by Mothkitten :D 
Comment: 3 × Pile of Sand, a Clownfish, 2 × Sand Dollar, 3 × Green Scallop Shell.
Comment: Grinch Ice Sculpture, 3 × Pile of Sand, 1 × Purple Scallop Shell, 4 × Blue Scallop Shell.
Comment: 2 × Pile of Dirt, 8 × Rock.
Comment: 5 × Pile of Dirt, 1 × Stick
Comment: Puka Shell Necklace, Pile of Sand, Scorched Hot Dog
Comment: Plank of Wood, Cone Shell, 2 × Pile of Sand
Comment: 3 × Hawthorne Leaf, 1 ×  Elm Leaf
Comment: 1 ×  White String
Comment: Light Iridescent Feather, Red Feather, 3 × Chestnut Leaf
Comment: 4 × Glasses Frame, 5 × Shards of Glass, Stick, Star Sunglasses
Comment: 4 × Pile of Sand, Coconut.
Comment: 4× Pile of Sand, 3× Coconut, 2 Blue Tangs and 3 Leafy Seadragons!
Comment: 8 × Pile of Sand, 1 × Purple Scallop Shell, 1 × Stick.
Comment: a set of Fake Antlers
Comment: an Essence of Rainbow
Comment: a Golden Acorina!
Comment: a Clothing slot. given to CrazyCat1231 
Comment: a Fairy Wren
Comment: a Silver Companion Slot
Comment: a Silver Acorina
Comment: a Clothing Slot. given to 4sparkles 
Comment: a Marking Primer
Comment: a Mysterious Sea Amulet! *keystone* 
Comment: 6 × Black String, 6 × White String, 1 × Copper Wire, 1 × Blue Fabric, 1 × Aqua Fabric.
Comment: an  Infused Ensha Seed
Comment: a Clothing Slot. given to loafdew 
Comment: 4 × Rock.
Comment: 1 × Green Slinky
Comment: 2 × Pile of Sand, 1 × Coconut, 2 × Pink Scallop Shell, 1 × Sand Dollar
Comment: 1 × Pile of Sand, 2 × Coconut, 1 ×  Sunrise Seashell Necklace, 1 × Purple Scallop Shell
Comment: 3 × Pile of Sand, Coconut, 1 × Longnose Butterfly Fish, 1 × Sand Dollar, 1 ×  White Pearl
Comment: a Silver Companion Slot
Comment: a Clothing Slot.  
Comment: a Marking Primer
Comment: an Elephant Watering Can
Comment: a Florabun seed!  
Comment: a String Light
Comment: Into the Cat-acombs Team Prizes: 2 × Clothing Slot, Blue Slime Plushie, Rogue's Earring, Bornite, Ship in a Bottle, Buddy Block, Faded Red Scarf, Pile of Bones, Amethyst, Gold Tablet, Silver Tablet, Child of Dungeon Rat, Healer Spider, Mirror Spider
Comment: Into the Cat-acombs Individual Prizes: Green Keypiece A, Duct Tape, Essence of Iridescence, Stone Abra Statue
Comment: Opal Easter Egg! :heart:
Comment: Quill and Ink
Comment: 1 × White Silk, 2 × Gold Bell
Comment: Gray Dye
Comment: White Fabric
Comment: Green Apple Pin.
Comment: Red Apple
Comment: 1 × Ace Scarf, 1 × Blank Scarf, 1 × Blank Flower Crown, 1 × Gay Flower Crown, 1 × Gay Scarf
Comment: 1 × Nonbinary Silk Scarf, 1 × Trans Scarf, 1 × Ace Ribbon, 1 × Gay Silk Scarf, 1 × Blank Silk Scarf
Comment: Gay Pride Moth, Ace Pride Moth, Trans Pride Moth
Comment: 1 × Swan Ice Sculpture
Comment: 1 × Xylophone, 1 × Lavender
Comment: 1 × Tissues
Comment: 1 × OwO Jack-o'-lantern, 1 × Pumpkin Jack-o'-lantern, 1 × Bats Jack-o'-lantern, 1 × Ghost E-coli Jack-o'-lantern
Comment: 1 × Gay Egg. (it's so pretty UwU)
Comment: 1 × Essence of Glow, 1 × Rion Springs Bath Token. Essence Of Glow by Mothkitten Rion Springs Bath Token by Mothkitten
Comment: 1 × Item.
Comment: 1 × Item. 
Comment: 1 × Item. 
Comment: 1 × Item. 
Comment: 1 × Item. 
Comment: 1 × Item. 
Comment: 1 × Item. 
Comment: 1 × Item. 
Comment: 1 × Item. 
Comment: 1 × Item.

Mothcats and all subspecies are original species by floramisa. Mothcats, Bumblebuns and Sparklenoses are closed species. Florabuns and Heartnoses are semi-open species.


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