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The world of Imaginekos!
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Upcoming Member Appreciation Week 2018!

Art by cathedraIs
Upcoming! Member Appreciation Week
Mothcats is hosting a Member Appreciation Week from July 28th - August 4th, during which we plan to have daily Mothcat auctions designed by our very own members! 
Mini-Event Rules/Guidelines
Only Mothcats members may participate. By being a member, you automatically agree to our Species Terms and Conditions.
New members are welcome but if we notice that you leave immediately after not being chosen, you will be banned from the group. Members who are not in good standing with Mothcats are not allowed to participate. Includes probation and banned/blacklisted users. All participants need to have a 
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Daichi ref sheet by Shralen Daichi ref sheet :iconshralen:Shralen 10 29 Voliii :: Gacha Result 13 by Plenii Voliii :: Gacha Result 13 :iconplenii:Plenii 10 0 CR-traits-Comets by Selvarr CR-traits-Comets :iconselvarr:Selvarr 8 0
Kuku: Bed Rest Requested [Lore]
As time passed and the rain vanished, Suki had enough. The man was bedridden due to Kale not letting him go out at all. Suki’s friend was too worried something would happen to the white haired man and it made Suki even more sick. The other thing was that Jun was around a lot more and it made the shorter man anxious, being pampered by not only one but two taller men.
On one morning, Suki changed clothes and sneaked outside, trying not to make any noise as he did so and moved over to the stables. The kukuris were still asleep, only Rikki heard her handler and greeted him softly, relieved to see her handler outside for once. “Psst. don’t wake the others up, big girl.”
Suki stood still as he heard Nori wake up. The dove was known for her loud greetings and so Suki didn’t hesitate to pass by fast. The white haired man stopped in front of Krähe’s box and tried to wake the sleeping kukuri up with soft whispers. The raven rook opened his eyes sl
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#4 by Enteli #4 :iconenteli:Enteli 24 6
Member Milestone MYO Event (Open until May 15th)
Update: I've extended the event and am looking into adding a few more activities to hopefully bolster some increased interaction from group members!
Hey everyone! As can be figured by the name of the journal, we're having ourselves a little MYO event! Since the inception of this blog, I've done my best to balance out a system to allow for everyone to make something of this species, but also incorporate some rare-er traits that would encourage people to interact and take part with the group itself. So, seeing that we've been able to get at least 50 members (57 to be exact as of writing this), I'm opening up an event to give people the opportunity to earn some extra traits!
I ran a poll some weeks back, and almost half of the participants liked the idea of being able to earn traits, so by following the actions in the list below, you'll have a chance to earn a number of uncommon and rare traits (plus group credit!) to use at any time you like.
:icontaraeltraditions:TaraelTraditions 1 7
ciearrah by W3ND1G0S ciearrah :iconw3nd1g0s:W3ND1G0S 9 0 Yoyodyne by Geonetique Yoyodyne :icongeonetique:Geonetique 20 0 [ OPEN ] Notek-v2 OTAs by BialaStrzala [ OPEN ] Notek-v2 OTAs :iconbialastrzala:BialaStrzala 16 6 Mareb by claudio51 Mareb :iconclaudio51:claudio51 123 32

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Out of all the ghosts that were scaring the Northern kingdom of Deccolks, two of them frightened Loraina the most.
One, who had been nicknamed the Lost Cub, was an ancient specter of a young cub with burned Rose and Leaf scales. He was clearly from a very long time ago, as he had the coronet of scales marking him as of the King rank. He followed Deccolks around, and although he drifted slowly he was definitely trying to catch up with them. He was small and actually sort of adorable, but no one wanted to be the one to find out what would happen if he caught someone.
The other, known as the Queen of Rage, had a coronet as well. Rather than following Deccolks at a distance, she went charging around seemingly at random, roaring constantly, and flattening anything in her path. Faded into a gray-scale translucent shadow (aside from her ruby eyes), no one could discern her identity, though many had tried, looking through the old paintings of the ancient queens of the Northern Kingdom. What co
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Grinning Mathemagicat Mask by MajikkanBeingsUnite Grinning Mathemagicat Mask :iconmajikkanbeingsunite:MajikkanBeingsUnite 1 1 Mathemagicat Mask by MajikkanBeingsUnite Mathemagicat Mask :iconmajikkanbeingsunite:MajikkanBeingsUnite 2 1
[Kukuri] Tuomio and Sayo explore a cave
 Sinivuokon Tuomio, the police kukuri, was following a lead. His well trained, if not especially sensitive, nose sniffed the air for the tell tale scent of the contraband. The scent was clearly coming from within the cave. They had been following leads for weeks, and all evidence had pointed to this peculiar cave a few kilometers from the edge of the town of Rosewell. It was a very unusual cave, formed by a shallow trickling underground stream, which had, over thousands of years, eroded away the more fragile parts of the relatively new sandstone. While this geologically unusual cave was quite a ways away from Rosewell, it was still under the jurisdiction of the Rosewell Police for some strange and complicated legal reason that probably made perfect sense a hundred years ago. Tuomio chirped a signal to the police officers around, especially to his handler Sayo Orchis, and they prepared to make an arrest.
“Good boy, Tuomio!” said Sayo, scratching the prairie kukuri
:iconmajikkanbeingsunite:MajikkanBeingsUnite 2 3
Cinnamon portrait by MajikkanBeingsUnite Cinnamon portrait :iconmajikkanbeingsunite:MajikkanBeingsUnite 2 0
Cocoa 6056's Fate Points Tracker
Cocoa 6056

Information journals: FP tracker (and how to make one) and Fate Points and Skill Points. Useful refs: Reference Journals HubKukuri-ARPG Activity TrackerSelene's Kukuri Handler profile sheet
Comment links: 
Personal art: :typerhappy:
Events and Quests
:iconmajikkanbeingsunite:MajikkanBeingsUnite 1 11
[HLT] Special Delivery
 Four kukuris strode swiftly through the long grass, in two rows of two, pulling a big wooden carriage behind them. It was a special type of carriage, with a long rod in front (with hinges for maneuverability) with four shorter rods attached to the sides of the long rod to act as handholds. With no reins or harnesses, it was meant for kukuri volunteers who understood the task at hand.
 In the back row, pulling a bit more of the weight of the carriage, were the iridescent raven rook known as Comelian, and the crested amber dove named Avirmou. Navigating in the front row were a small crimson dove named Lana, and her slightly taller, equally crimson cousin Adamant. Normally, Comelian wouldn't be so tolerant of the presence of another rook, but when they had first been introduced and Comelian had begun his usual routine of orbiting Adamant like a comet and making the loudest, most irritating noises he possibly could, to his astonishment the big crimson rook actually thought it wa
:iconmajikkanbeingsunite:MajikkanBeingsUnite 1 0
[Kukuri Enamoured] Lumis at night
Luminescent spots lighting her way in the dark of night, the dove kukuri known as Silvae Lumen - light of the forest - made her way through the tangled undergrowth of the woodland, a bouquet of fragrant herbs in her soft furry hand. She stopped to rest for a moment under a tall Diz tree, and she smiled softly to herself as she began to count and sort the botanical treasures that she had just found: the Waterheart and Bluetwist from the shallow pond, the Kittenkiss and Dangling Tears from the flowery meadows, the Windbells from the trees - oh, and the Diz above her head were ripe, too, those would make a nice snack for while she was searching for ingredients for her medicines and potions. As a diurnal kukuri, she was not usually up so late, but she got caught up in what she was doing, and it was such a bright night under the full moon that she saw no reason not to stay up for a few more hours. Hey, wait a second, what were those blue lights up in the branches?
Neth was up a Diz tree, en
:iconmajikkanbeingsunite:MajikkanBeingsUnite 2 4
Vote Stamp by MajikkanBeingsUnite Vote Stamp :iconmajikkanbeingsunite:MajikkanBeingsUnite 10 0 Hi, little friend! by MajikkanBeingsUnite Hi, little friend! :iconmajikkanbeingsunite:MajikkanBeingsUnite 1 0
[commission] ooh shiny!
Howler soared through the sunny skies, enjoying the warmth of the sunlight on his fur and feathers. He smiled as warmly as the sunlight itself, and closed his eyes for just a moment, blissing out in the joy of flight. He opened his eyes again, and looked down across the beautiful landscape of Tenochitlan and the many shining lakes. Wait - what was that? A glint of light shone brighter than the surrounding shining water. There was something extremely shiny in the lake. He angled his feathers downward and dove down through the air closer to the water's surface, intending on getting a closer look. Yes, there it was again, glittering away. It was a beautiful day for a flight, but it was also a really nice day to go for a swim. The green furred Amazi paused to catch his breath for a moment, then dove into the cool clear sparkling water.
The water was actually a bit cold, but in its own way it was just as pleasant to glide through as the warm sunny sky above. A school of little fishes - too
:iconmajikkanbeingsunite:MajikkanBeingsUnite 1 0
[Kukuri Traveling] The Floating Island
 They were an odd group, but the three kukuris (and three familiars) who were standing on the crest of the hill that night all shared a common goal. Farthest to the left (his own left, or what would be your right if you had been face to face with the group of travelers) was Alasgor, the powerful prairie rook, and he was closely followed by his three loyal creature companions: an Ulmu, a strange deer like being who was seemingly constructed out of pond water and filled with lily pads; a scary looking but actually quite harmless Verias, trailing iron stained puddles and smelling of rust; and a majestic Varma, whose horns were decorated with shimmering golden orbs, and whose hooves were leaving soft indentations in the snow wherever they stepped. The hazed crimson kukuri felt very strange about traveling without his dear sister Primytia, but it was unavoidable in this instance. He reflected on the reasons for such a strange event. The crimson prairie dove had caught a rather unpleasa
:iconmajikkanbeingsunite:MajikkanBeingsUnite 1 3
KukuriCoL_TW:fights,scary,illness_ 3 against 1
 Velocity returned to the arena of the Coliseum of Life, having trained and practiced continuously all week in the hopes of improving her speed and winning against Kunpit in a rematch. However, when she arrived, she was struck by the terrifying sight of the return of the fungal contamination. All nine of the arena champions had been corrupted by the terrible cursed mushrooms, and they were clearly quite insane. The even sparring matches had become a frantic free for all, as the healthy kukuris, and even some of the more strong and resilient magical and/or non-human handlers, fought desperately to tire out the shroomified kukuris enough for someone to get close with a bottle of the antidote. Velocity decided to take advantage of her unnoticed state to hold back, hide behind a pillar, and gather information before eventually joining the battle at a strategic moment. The crimson dove looked out across the arena, her fur bristling with a strange combination of anxiety and anger, at th
:iconmajikkanbeingsunite:MajikkanBeingsUnite 0 0
Team Effort [KukuriCoL](tw:fight,illness,scary)
 Determined to get her armour and her spurs back from the kukuris who had confiscated them, Asp ran with almost her usual quickness in spite of her shroomified state, and she soon vanished into the crowd of hard working heroic kukuris who were trying to tire out the victims of this latest curse, dodging and weaving single mindedly aside from the occasional nip at someone's heels or tail. Selene, Suraya, Adamant and Lana stood still for a moment, stunned by the full implications of what had just happened.
 Adamant frowned to himself, lost in thought. How could the terrible blue mushrooms be back? There were only the usual few scattered shroomies, and they were all either wild but shy, skittishly darting away when spotted, or they were already tamed and obediently following the spoken commands of a humanoid trainer or the chirped instructions of a kukuri. A few of the tamed shroomies were even fighting alongside their new leaders, although admittedly some of the shroomies did s
:iconmajikkanbeingsunite:MajikkanBeingsUnite 0 0
TW:fights + scary [Kukuri CoL] Adamant about this
 Pleased with himself and brimming with pride after his victory against the rook who he now saw as his new friendly rival (whatever Aiden himself might think), Adamant decided that he would have another go at the Coliseum of Life, and perhaps even win the favour of the fearsome goddess whose face adorned the coliseum in statues and embroidered banners, and whose name the coliseum itself bore. He strode with confidence into the arena, grinning and letting the sunlight reflect off his teeth. He was surprised by how much he enjoyed this, as he was always so careful never to resort to fighting in any other circumstances. Perhaps he was a little bit more like his father's side of the family than he usually would care to admit. He certainly didn't look all that much like the joyful spirit of winter cheer as he roared to the audience, noting with s
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Train Ride to Dafton-By-The-Sea by MajikkanBeingsUnite Train Ride to Dafton-By-The-Sea :iconmajikkanbeingsunite:MajikkanBeingsUnite 2 0


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Myriad Plurality
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
There are quite a lot of us here...

Our Original Species: :iconimagineko-oc-group::iconchemikitties::iconfizzycat-galaxy:

Karlotte the Imagineko :D by MajikkanBeingsUnite About Imaginekos

OOC Original Species Info:
Imaginekos are a semi-open species: MYOs are free, but there are rules which must be followed.
[Imaginekos] Free MYOs  Imagineko species RULES 
Imaginekos exist in an Open Universe, which means they can meet your other characters.
Basics: :iconOpenUniverses:

Imaginekos are catlike magical beings. 
They are kind, loyal, compassionate, playful, friendly and silly. 
They are very catlike:

Despite their feline appearance, they are herbivores and are strictly nonviolent. They also can photosynthesize like plants can.
They hatch from eggs. The eggs seem to come out of nowhere, formed from pure magic (Imaginekos do not reproduce, and although they
pixel Imagineko animation Karlotte by MajikkanBeingsUnite

Okay, so what is the Majikka? :iconmajikkanbeingsunite:

The Majikka is a group of multiverses. The weird thing with the triangles is their symbol, a bit like a national flag. The colours don't actually matter and do not have to change, it just looks cooler that way.
There are an infinite number of universes in each multiverse, a mindbogglingly vast number of galaxies in each universe, an also-mindbogglingly-vast number of planets with sentient beings on them in each galaxy, and a few billion sentient beings on each of those planets.
Out of all these billion×zillion×bazillion×infinity people, only about a hundred have any interest in going on the Earth's internet. About half of them may be using this profile from time to time.
There's an Earth human, too, who goes by the pseudonym "Cat" because she is terrified of the internet. That's me, writing this introduction. I mostly draw portraits of my extrauniversal friends, abstract GIMP animations, our OCs, and Paint.NET polar inversion fractals.

We mostly joined deviantART in order to hang out with :iconalrealea: Alrealea because she is our friend. Lemon-Lime Avian Adoptable (Giftart) by Alrealea


Math Stamp by MajikkanBeingsUnite Vote Stamp by MajikkanBeingsUnite

~Hi! I'm Cat!~
Find me at: majikkanbeingsunite.deviantart………

dodecastar with circles by MajikkanBeingsUnite
Reference Journals HubMiscellaneous:
Cat's OCs story
Open Universes! *Information and a WIP list*.
[Imaginekos] Free Semiopen Species MYOs.
Huge Group Photo

Masterlist Imports.
Extended Family Portrait.
MYO To-do List, and Proof
Species References:
About Imaginekos.
Chemikitties Specie



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