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AC: Assassin Fashionista

I'm probably the only one who does this in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.

But if I dye my clothes, I need the matching cape.
And then the recruits need to look the part, and I just can't go with a horse that clashes.
Heaven forbid!

But seriously, in the epic war between Assassins and Templars, should Desmond really be spending so much time remembering every time he changed his outfit?

Anyhooz, I ended up spending way too much time on the details in this. But if I knew how they were supposed to be, how could I not do it?

[EDIT:] OMG this comic has gotten so much love!! Many thanks my fellow gamers. It is good to know I am not alone in my (and Ezios) need for Renaissance fashion ;P

I do intend on doing another comic and replying to all the loves, but at the moment I have a distinct lack of internets and I've lost my tablet charger. Failo.

But again, many thanks dudes!! :heart: :heart:
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Hahaha I can't believe this... and the comments...

I prefer to wear the original suit.
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OMG :iconfacepalmplz:, I'm not the only... "¿Black suit and red cape or White suit and black cape? ¿Are all my apprentices dressed in black? ¿¡Where's my white horse!?"
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Heh, I was watching my husband play this game and he refused to wear the final armor because it looked tacky.

ME: "But, don't you want the extra health bars?"

HIM: "To hell with the health bars, look at this shit! It's ugly! No way I'm wearing that."

ME: "Even after all that work you went through to get it?"

HIM: "This is bull crap, I'm sticking with my old armor"

ME: " But... it's not as strong"

HIM: "No, but at least it doesn't look stupid."

  He's also Italian, I think it's genetic.

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it would give you one heck of a challenge in the game (I like tough games and challenges).
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Sounds like my kind of guy; gamer with style.
I'd say "wife him" but obviously it's too late for that. :D (Big Grin) 
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Same here! I refuse to wear armor. It both looks ridiculous (usually) and, more my reason, it takes away from the look of an Assassin; I mean, doesn't seem weird how a skinny guy like Ezio can scale skyscrapers that heavy armor? 

And for what it's worth, I am of German descent. Not Italian :P 
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That's so me, I do that a lot xD
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He is Italien...all I can say...
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Comment of the day XDDDD
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I like the red and gold outfit myself as well ;)
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… you aren't the only one. my brother does this… he's especially picky about the horse. :iconfacepalmplz:
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even the horse has a scar! ROFL
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I'm a total fashionista when it comes to AC II, ACB, and Revelations. I can't help it.
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i do the same but get the horses with armo rfrom gaurds
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xD i do the same but i always TRY to find black horses :X
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It doesn't matter what the colour of the horse is, as long as it all coordinates ^__^ b
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I do the same thing v.v I like the normal white robes, so I always have to have a white horse with red tack.... I'll spend like 15 minutes hunting one down if I have to!
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I keep my robes White but I change the color of my cape. Am I considered for fashion?
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OMG!! I did all that in the game XD
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Hooray for our fashionable assassinables! :D
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