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This is my wishlist for amazing…

So let's started

⚫Valory in Dark Sirenix
⚫Alyra in Enchantix fighting with my secret friend OC(Villian OC,if you don't have villian OC then normal OC also can be included)
⚫Julia MT(My secret friend must make own design)
⚫Valory fighting with Alyra
⚫Alyra enchantix Couture
⚫Valory in "night of evil dress" i want see her like having fun on party(this is night of evil dress  Valory' Night of Evil' dress by majijehkic11ž
⚫Alyra and Valory in Fairy Tale outfits(CGI style)

That is that :D



Valory season 5 outfit by majijehkic11  Valory' Night of Evil' dress by majijehkic11  'Omg,Valory you are witch of Rapunzel!!' by majijehkic11
Important!!:If you choose dark sirenix  request please use all shades of dark red colors
Important 2!!: if you choose "Alyra fighting with Valory" request for Valory use this outfit  Valory season 5 outfit by majijehkic11 and for Alyra use Enchantix reference are down below


Palette:  Alyra pallete by majijehkic11 
Enchantix:  FDC: Alyra Enchantix by majijehkic11
Wings:  New Canvas by majijehkic11
FDB:  Fdb by majijehkic11

Alyra and Valory fairy tale outfit:  'Omg,Valory you are witch of Rapunzel!!' by majijehkic11
Alyra dress pattern:   Old-style-medieval-floral-ornate-vector-pattern-ro by majijehkic11(when you put pattern on dress choose screen effect)


Julia full picture:  'Until the sunset' by majijehkic11(if you chosse "Julia MT" request please make her in her day form,her day form are left side

Julia palette:  Julia by majijehkic11(L means Lines C means color and S means shadow,you can see two L under the "hair but first L is lines and last is light)

That is that,enjoy <3
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Submitted on
February 5, 2017