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WSF April 2016
Then the time for a new round of WSF has come!
The deadline for signing up is March 13th at 23.59 (european time) .
The main "contest" will be from March 16th to April 20th. That means you have 27 days to finish your "entry".
The raffel will be announced throug notes like last time at the 14th/15th.
Due to some problems relating to the wishlist last round, I have decided to create an example on how it should look and what needs to be in it.
Example wishlist:
1. Bloom in her Magic winx
2. Stella in a new casual (season 4 style)
3. Either Flora or Musa in your fan-transformation.
Special wish: Tecna in her zenith outfit
Bloom -
Stella -
 I join in January so i want to join in April too because that was be soo fun and my WSF draw for me so beautiful gift so...let's start with wishes

1.Alyra Couture in MT
2.Alyra CGI in MT
3.Jennifer MT
4.Valory dark Sirenix
5.Draw Milena
6.Draw Kyle
7.Alyra Enchantix
8.Katherine casual
9.Any of my oc. in your fan transformation
10.Any of my oc. with your oc. hugging

Special gift: If admin choose me to draw gift for me i want moment when Alyra transforming into octopus(same gift as last time xD)

That is that

Alyra palette with body colors and MT colors : 
Alyra MT:
Alyra MT wings: 
Jennifer palette:  Jennifer palette by majijehkic11
Valory:   ,
Katherine: Palette : 

Btw Jennifer MT,Alyra Enchantix,Valory dark sirenix,Katherine causal you must design by yourself if you want to draw this.

If you want to draw Milena and Kyle you make palette and design by yourself
jadeavon Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Please include direct links as refferences. If this is not done by midnight, you will not be able to participate in this round.
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Submitted on
March 11, 2016