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It was beautiful morning.Alyra still sleep in her warm,big bed,with beautiful purple  pillow and blanket.In that moment alarm rang.Alyra jumped from her bed and turn off the alarm.'Today is the big day' she said.'Today i finally go in Alfea,the best school for faries'.She took her clothes and dressed.She was put the long dark-blue pants,the sky-blue shirt and on shirt put  thin purple jacket.She left to the  dining room where she's father had breakfast and leaf  newspaper.'Hey Aly,good morning  dear'.'Good morning dad,this is the beautiful morning arent it'.Her mother was wiping dishes.When she heard Alyra she's stop with wiping and going to dining room.'Hey sweetheart'(she kiss Alyra in head).'Hey mom,i'm very happy today because i finally goes in Alfea'.'Sweetheart you know you can go next year aswell' said the mother.'But i want this year,i already,have 18 years old'.'You know you didn't olding anymore arent you,you have 18 years old forever'.'I know mother,i know but i want to go this year,i think that year is for me ,don't worry please,everything will be alright'. 'Okay dear,i trust you,but please be careful,the magic dimension have a lot of bad peoples,witches,monsters,warlock etc.'.'Okay mom i be careful ,i must go now,do you want to escort me to the door'.'Sure dear,come on'. Alyra kissed her dad and left from dining room.'This is your suitcase' said the mother.'Thank you mom,i love you'. They hugged.Alyra was transform into fairy form and flew  into the magic dimension.When she fly she  constantly repeating 'This year will be the best year'.

Alyra and her mother by majijehkic11
Alyra was arrived in magic dimension.She went down on some  hill.She see  about thousand girls coming in Alfea, pulling the suitcases and talking eachother.'Now i'm very nervous'.When she  approaching to Alfea she  repeaters 'This year will be the best year,i'm here now i must do this'.When she  entered in the yard of Alfea,she seen the older woman with orange hair and blue eyes who are lead record of students.When was Alyra turn she was really nervous.'Hello there,my name is Bloom and i'm assistant of the headmistress Daphne,now ,tell me what is your name,who old are you and which is your powers and abilities.'Well hello,my name is Alyra and i'm fairy of life,i have 18 years old but i have abilty to never get old.'Okay ,Alyra i have your name on the list you can pass.'Thank you very much'.When Alyra enter in the alfea hall ,she seen faries staying in the hall and the older woman front of them,waiting for  other students.'When everybody here i can started  speech,hello all my dear students,i'm very happy because you here with us,i'm headmistress Daphne and i'm very happy to meet you all of you,Alfea will be your home for 5 years,you have good and bad days,you will have  part of life with full of happiness and enjoy,that is that you can go now ,you can explore this building,class started in 9 am,dont late'.Alyra walked  through halls, seeking for her room.She was seen her name on some door which been in  fifth floor.'I'm in the room with some girl Samantha,oh no i'm too nervous.'Alyra come in,in her room and seen the blue-haired girl who was sitting on couch and  meditated.'Who are you' said Alyra.Blue -haired girl was open her eyes,up from the couch and stood in front of Alyra.'Hello,my name is Samantha,i'm very happy to meet you, what is your name,very are you from?'.'Hello Samantha,nice to meet you too,i'm Alyra and i'm coming from Earth,my powers are life,yours?.'Oh,Earth ,cool,my power is psionic power that power is mix of three powers telepathy,empathy and telekinesis.'.'So cool,where are you from.'.' I'm from planet Iuzu but my kingdom was destroyed by some thing,that thing kidnapped my parents and took them somewhere,then i come in Alfea to soothe my pain.'.Samantha sit on chair and started crying,Alyra was hug her and tell her that everything is be alright,then they was go from room to explore Alfea.

Sam and Aly by majijehkic11

That is that.I hope you like it,This is the first episode of my story "Altraix Club".I think is good for the first time.Enjoy and comment Heart Heart Heart 
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February 27, 2016
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