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Hello guys :) I will make new characters who isn't fairies or witch then simpy sorceresses.Some of that characters  will not have active powers(power especially for battle or fighting) some of them can't fly also.Those sorceresses are powerful beings who lives in
Dimension Noctrum until planet was destroyed.Those sorceresses live on Earth and helping peoples(like superheroes) those sorceresses are not group,some of them don't know each others

List of sorceresses
Agile Velgeron-power of telenkinesis+flight
Doza Melzeg-power of telepathy
Thela Doluv-power of superstrenght and speed+flight
Laliah Sybil-power of sun

This is first 4 sorceresses :) soon i will make more,those sorceresses are like superheroes because they didn't either fairies or witches
Hello guys,today i want make a experiment and i try to draw my base and i did it :333 some parts of the hands are inspired by poses from original show :33

My question is does someone of you want your OC on this picture??? i will take 5 slots :)

If you want tell me what you want? i can draw and fairy and witch because i can change mouth from angry to calm :3

Vandica by majijehkic11

2. PandBTV
Hello guys :)

I starting new serial,with my new club Mistix Club,no reason why that name i like it,that's all

Members of Mistix Club

Bullet; Pink Blossom RoseBottom fairy of aroma
Bullet; Orange Chloe Skyward  fairy of explosion
Bullet; Green Eve Plaintsteam  fairy of snakes
Bullet; Blue Beatrice Twowind  fairy of water

This club members live 40 years after Altraix Club which members are

Bullet; Purple Alyra Warren-Fairy of life/nymph of life/gurardian of tree of life
Bullet; Black Samanthina Sinnell(Samantha)-Fairy of psionc(Telenkinesis,Telepathy,Empathy)
Bullet; Pink Katherine RoseBottom-Fairy of flowers-Blossom's mother
Bullet; Orange Jennifer Foreflayer-Fairy of solar fire
Bullet; Yellow  Lambola Ki-Chi-Fairy of Japanese letters
Bullet; White Melissa Whisperia- Fairy of toxic ice
Bullet; Blue Julia Charmant-Fairy of myths and legends

Main enemies of Altraix club

Bullet; Red Valory

Main enemies of Mistix club
Bullet; Yellow Nancy
Bullet; RedValory

Age-Altraix club
Bullet; Purple Alyra Warren-18(Season 1) 18(season 7) don't olding after 18
Bullet; Black Samanthina Sinnell -16(season 1) 22(season 7)
Bullet; Pink Katherine RoseBottom-  17(season 1) 23(season 7)
Bullet; Orange Jennifer Foreflayer- 18(season 1) 24(season 7)
Bullet; Yellow  Lambola Ki-Chi-16(season 1) 22(season 7)
Bullet; White Melissa Whisperia-15(season 1) 21(season 7)
Bullet; Blue Julia Charmant- 20(season 1) 26(season 7)

Age-Mistix club

Bullet; Pink Blossom RoseBottom fairy of aroma-15(season 1) 21(season 7)
Bullet; Orange Chloe Skyward fairy of explosion 15(season 1) 21(season 7)
Bullet; Green Eve Plaintsteam fairy of snakes 18(season 1) 24(season 7)
Bullet; Blue Beatrice Twowind fairy of water 19(season 1)  25(season 7)

Age-Altraix club(at the moment when Mistix club  started they adventure)-Altraix club end they adventure after season 7

Bullet; Purple Alyra Warren-18(don't old)
Bullet; Black Samanthina Sinnell - 63
Bullet; Pink Katherine RoseBottom-  64
Bullet; Orange Jennifer Foreflayer- 65
Bullet; Yellow  Lambola Ki-Chi-63
Bullet; White Melissa Whisperia-62
Bullet; Blue Julia Charmant- 67

Mistix club-Nicknames

Bullet; Pink Blossom RoseBottom fairy of aroma-Bloos,Flower
Bullet; Orange Chloe Skyward fairy of explosion-Cho,Chlo
Bullet; Green Eve Plaintsteam fairy of snakes -Eve(name too short for nickname)
Bullet; Blue Beatrice Twowind fairy of water-Bea,Trica

Altraix club-Nickanems

Bullet; Purple Alyra Warren-Fairy of life/nymph of life/gurardian of tree of life- Aly
Bullet; Black Samanthina Sinnell(Samantha)-Fairy of psionc(Telenkinesis,Telepathy,Empathy)- Sam,Samantha,Thina
Bullet; Pink Katherine RoseBottom-Fairy of flowers-Blossom's mother-Kat,Kathy,best mother
Bullet; Orange Jennifer Foreflayer-Fairy of solar fire-Jenna,Jenny
Bullet; Yellow  Lambola Ki-Chi-Fairy of Japanese letters-Lammy,Bola
Bullet; White Melissa Whisperia- Fairy of toxic ice-Mell,Issa
Bullet; Blue Julia Charmant-Fairy of myths and legends-Jul,Jully,Lia
This will be about famous sentences(quotes) that Eve usually use or said to someone or something.Let's begins

Usually said quotes:

"I love snakes,you have a problem with that?"-To  everyone who said her something about snakes
"Green is my favourite color,i want all world be green" -To her friends
"Dress is a really cool clothes,and flowers great fashion detail"-To her friends and designer
"I want to live in forest but i don't want peoples think i'm weird"-To her snake friend

Quotes said to enemies or just people who bother her

"This snake kill my mother,this snake can also kill you" -To enemy Witch
"I'm dying from your stupidness" -To her roomate,when they argued
"Forest grown but i wouldn't say the same for your brain"-
To her roomate,when they argued
"Bad ,bad,bad snake"-To snake who make a mess in her room

"Maybe i'm sad but i can still fight you....and win"-To enemy wizdard

that's all for now
Do you want to see Candix for my Alyra?
This is my wishlist for amazing…

So let's started

⚫Valory in Dark Sirenix
⚫Alyra in Enchantix fighting with my secret friend OC(Villian OC,if you don't have villian OC then normal OC also can be included)
⚫Julia MT(My secret friend must make own design)
⚫Valory fighting with Alyra
⚫Alyra enchantix Couture
⚫Valory in "night of evil dress" i want see her like having fun on party(this is night of evil dress ž
⚫Alyra and Valory in Fairy Tale outfits(CGI style)

That is that :D



Important!!:If you choose dark sirenix  request please use all shades of dark red colors
Important 2!!: if you choose "Alyra fighting with Valory" request for Valory use this outfit  and for Alyra use Enchantix reference are down below


Wings:  New Canvas by majijehkic11
FDB:  Fdb by majijehkic11

Alyra and Valory fairy tale outfit: 
Alyra dress pattern:   Old-style-medieval-floral-ornate-vector-pattern-ro by majijehkic11(when you put pattern on dress choose screen effect)


Julia full picture: (if you chosse "Julia MT" request please make her in her day form,her day form are left side

Julia palette:  Julia by majijehkic11(L means Lines C means color and S means shadow,you can see two L under the "hair but first L is lines and last is light)

That is that,enjoy <3
Ffffff by majijehkic11
If am only one who thinks that scene looks like 3D(CGI)
Rewatched Winx season  7 and still don't know how trix can escape from legendarium world
Just finish  rewatching Winx season 6 and no doubt this is my favourite season everrr
Hello,can some tablet user who loves explaining,explain me how to use tablet better and tricks,becuase i using tablet(wacom) for the first time and i don't know much <3
Hello guys.I have great news.I get wacom intous pen S white graphic tablet finally.Because i must practice i will make 5 gifts for someone who ordered

there are 5 slots so if you want you can ordered

Hello guys.I just want tell for peoples who mabye don't know to visit VK.VK is a amazing site or page whatever you want on VK exist a lot of winx pages ,the most popular is winxclub rus but there also winxclub espanol etc.On this page you can find amazing poses and materials to make your arts  better.You can visit it if you want
Hello guys.This is the last day of 2016 and i just want to say Thank you for all peoples who was with me in 2016.I can tell that 2016 was the worst year for me  in terms  of my real life.I got mental problems like some of you knows derealization.But with some peoples i really fell better.Down below i will named some peoples who was with me in 2016 in one way or another.

AshianaAquaris-Joanna was with me in 2016,with every new art on her profile i fell better  i don't know why but always when i see her new art i get some positive emotions.Anyway thank you dear because you was with me <3 <3

WildieWishingStar-This girl was told me once that all my problems will disappear  soon and she was right,slow but  safe my problems dissappearing :3.Anyways thank you because you was with me <33

Bonniebun4-This girl also was with me in 2016.I was talking with her and i fell better,her art also filled me with some positive emotions,this girl also told me that my problems with disappear soon.Thank you because you was with me <3

SailorDoodle-My dear Marta was with me in 2016.I doing amazing collab with her in 2016 and this collab will stay in my memories,i hope we can do another in 2017.Her positive energy  affected on me sometimes and i also get some positive emotions.Thank you because you was with me <33

Sky6666-Katarina also was with me.When i have derealization period i draw art to Katarina and she commented with amazing comment with make my day.We also do amazing collab and i want do more next year .Thank you cause you was with me you are amazing person <3<3

Nishimurashoko-Last but not least this girl also make my 2016.She also commented my arts with beautiful comment and i fell great when i doing RQ for her .Thank you because you was with me you are great <33

That is that.Of course there are more peoples who was with me in 2016 but i'm too lazy to write their names.Anyway i wish you amazing New Year 2017 ,a lots of more arts,happines and healty <3.Enjoy all <333
Hello guys.Here i will write 8 facts for all my OCS and 4 facts for my oc together(like club) i making this because i want to you to meet my OCS better soo...Let's begin :D.And yes some facts you probably know but nevermind


⚫Alyra name comes from Lyra which is the goodess of life.Alyra mother Marilyn was listening the stories of Lyra which Marilyn mother(Alyra grandmother) was reading to her(this goodess only exist in my storyline of Altraix club story about Lyra don't exist in real world) so this is  coincidence that Alyra got life power...or not xD.Also Alyra grandmother called Anna so Alyra name is first letter of her grandmother name and name of goodess Lyra.
⚫Alyra got leukemia at age of 5 and she living with leukemia until age of 18 when she was be on corner of death and rest of story how she  healed i think you know if you didn't tell me and i will tell you :D
⚫Alyra grandmother Anna died when Alyra have 12 years old.Alyra never cried as then when she grandmother died.When Alyra got her last children ,the youngest one got name Anna  by her grandmother
⚫Alyra in the future have three kids the oldest daughter named Petra the second son named  Thomas and the youngest girl named Anna
⚫Alyra in the first 3 season have very short hair cause she have leukemia but after she make her hair a little longer with magic
⚫In original Altraix storyline Alyra lost her power at least once in season,because her power is life and everyone wants that power
⚫Alyra is naturally brown -haired girl with brown eyes but after she got powers her color and eyes change color into blonde hair and green eyes
⚫Alyra going all over the world to find  cure  to make herself old normally but she never find it

⚫Samantha original name is Samanthina but Samantha for short
⚫Her family was kidnapped by Milena evil witch who destroyed her castle on planet Iuzu then she kidnapped her parents and put them in locked dimension in planet of lonliness,although Samantha know that her parents is on that planet she  didn't know where that planet until season 2 episode 12
⚫She have 2 older sisters
⚫She is the only girl in group who have three powers
⚫Altough her personality is tomboyish she dresses very girly and elegant
⚫When she still living in her castle on planet Iuzu she was going on Earth few times cause she think that great planet,and because that she have "i love new york" t-shirt
⚫She is a type of girl who don't want boyfriend,but after some time she  fell in love and then.booom....she got a boyfriend xD
⚫She is the best friend with Alyra and Katherine she like other girls in the club but she didn't best friend with them just friends


⚫She is daughter of Flora
⚫She died when she born but then brought back to life becuse her mother Angel wish
⚫When she meet person she is shy but after 2 minutes when she took with that person she started talking and talking and she can't stop talking
⚫She loves fairy tales ,she loves fairy tale 'Thumbelina' the most cause Thumbelina was born in flower(yes stupid reason to be someone favourite fairy tale just because that xD)
⚫She adopted when Flora sent her to the Linphea again
She afraid of fire and explosions because she afraid  that can destroyed nature
⚫She don't like Jennifer too much cause Jennifer have power of fire,Katherine always  moves from Jennifer when Jennifer come too  close to her
⚫Katherine got name from Kath ,Kath(full name Kathorbelia) was the favourite flower of Flora but she didn' gave her name Kathorbelia because she thinks that very  rough name for faries which power based on nature
⚫Her powers are flowers but she also have flowers essence powers but she didn't know it


Jennifer was Alyra childhood friend
⚫Jennifer was living on Earth but she born on planet Noterum
⚫She is one of the strongest  girl in the group cause solar fire was very very powerful power which just few faries have
⚫She move to Earth because crisis
⚫She don't love coldness and ice,snow,winter but she is one of the best friends with Melissa who have power based on ice
⚫She don't fear of anything
⚫In the group she is  the most serious girl,she don't joking much,she wants everyting was on their spot
⚫She have orange hair with red ombre down the hair,but she don't have it from the birth.One day when she was little girl big fire monster grab her hair with  his hot big hand ,Jennifer ran away but she got red ombre because hot hand of monster


⚫She is daughter of Icy
⚫She have  "roots" of witch but she attending Alfea and she can transformed into a fairy
⚫Icy wants to kill her when she find out that she is a fairy but Melissa gone and although that she don't hate her mother and she wants to be with her in good  relations
⚫She is daughter of Tritanuss and Icy,and because that she have powers of Toxic Ice.With this power she can make toxic but also ice and also both in once
  She have longest hair in the group
⚫She is youngest in the group
⚫She is afraid of people because she think peoples will hurt her
⚫Once she wants to kill herself


⚫She is chinese fairy although she live in Magix Dimension on planet Noterum
⚫She have  ancient power,that power only have one person in all dimension and that person is Lambola
⚫She is nerd,she love learning,she have one quote that going like that 'I think learning is a great thing,if peoples don't learning we all was be just cinder on the ground'
⚫Her hair are always in  bun,she never let her hair down
⚫Lambola was going to the school called 'Larbiticommon exclarius' but when she move to planet Noterum she wants to go in Alfea
⚫She loves wearing dresses she don't like pants,she thinks pants are from mens only
⚫Her surname in Altraix storyline means ancient(Ki-Chi)
⚫Lambola hates peoples who say 'school is stupid'


⚫She is cursed,she is the human on the day and monster on night
⚫He cursed by her sister who was  jelaous on her cause Julia was more beautiful and she  must become a queen of her planet Meteura
⚫She didn't know that she can remove her curse with her spell,when she find out that she can she was very furious cause she didn't  revealed that early
One more insteresting fact about her power,she can summon creatures from legends to real world and she can also put creatures into legends without using Legendary
She looks very very young peoples usually tell that they think Julia have 13 years old although she have 20 and she is oldest in Altraix group
Julia is type of peoples who accepts everyone doesn't matter if that peoples have flaws(doesn't matter if that peoples ugly or beautiful,poor or rich etc)
She likes Lambola loves to wearing dresses but as differences of lambola she wearing longer dresses and a little royalish than Lambola
Julia's parents forget about her cause she sister eraser they memories(full Julia story you have on my profile)


She was fairy before  but she became witch
She is the most creppy witch in entare Magic Dimension
With horror power Valory can use all stuff that exist in horrors like knifes ,axs ,guns  ,various instruments of torture and she can manipulate with them
Valory killed her parents
She before have power of love
Her planet is unknown but peoples think that Valory lives on planet of love called 'Valentine'
Only what is in her head is to kill everyone and everything who is good,she don't want to take magic dimesion or something like that
⚫In first season she have mission to kill everything who was good and in five season when she back she wants to kill just faries because faries is defeat her

Facts about all my club girl together

Altraix club coming from name 'Altrair' which is the star,when i creating the club i want to all characters have power of stars but i change my mind
In one battle every girl in the club died except Alyra...what happens next ....story soon
⚫In Mythix quest just Alyra,Melissa and Jennifer solve the quest and get power of Mythix,other girl change storyline of fairytales and they trapped in Legendarium,Alyra Melissa and Jennifer must save them and get them from Legendarium
All girls in the group have special backstory

That is that.i know you know much facts about them and also some facts i already write but never mind.Enjoy <3…

Guys,i think you all must watch this girl.I think she is amazing writer and she have so amazing art just like offical :D
Hello guys.I get a new computer ,i don't know that i get it so quickly after just 8 or 9 days when my old  computer broken.Soon i will start drawing,now my laptop is new so i'm afraid to download anything(Also sai although i know that sai don't have any virus hehe).I'm get acer laptop with windows 10.I can't write so much cause my computer is pretty slow cause sistem don't lifted yet(i get my laptop 10-15 minutes ago).
Guys.Maybe you noticed that i don,t drawing for longer but this time i was on vacation in spain because anorexia problem.I got back home and sad news my computer are broken.I have my computer 10 years and now he died,probbably because old age xD.Anyways tommorow i getting new like early christmas gift.And yes i don,t draw tommorow because i have school i will draw on weekend or something.See ya <3
Hello guys.Yep i'm on hiatus but that doesn't mean i can't write.Because i have idea for new oc and right now i don't have inspiration for drawing this oc(for my big sorry) i want to make her biography so i hope you like her :D

and yep this isn't going to be a long biography(like you can see in folders of my other oc) because i don't draw her  and i want to write just  primary  things about her(until i draw her then i will write big biography like have every oc of mine)

So lets begin

Name: Gergoria Vactum
Nicknames: George,Gea,Goria,Gege etc.
Age: 15 (yep she is youngest of my OCS xD)
Birthday: 29th of Decembar
Origin: Termoplastin(planet)
Fairy sign: Triton
Likes: She is very big fan of movies(she watch ever movie that exist) she is the biggest fan of SC-Fi movies,she also love when wind blow her face,and she love to fight and winning,glider 
Dislike: She hates lossing,she hate annoying peoples,she hate when someone talking and never stoping,she  hates planet Earth 
History: Gergoria was born on planet Termoplastin in magix dimension,when she was young girl she have power of time,but one night when she sleeping she was kidnapped by aliens.Aliens give her powers of fire and possibilty to transform into alien.When she come back home she change before she was very shy and lovely and when she is back she become resistive,rude etc.First week she don't know how to use her power because when she try to shoot the fire from hands she can't,she was afraid that she didn't have any power anymore and she is gone from that planet to Earth and want to live like normal human who didn't have powers.But then she see that her hair can become very very long and  become fire,she  figured out that she can use her hair as whip.She back to her home planet.One day she  accidentally cut  lock of her hair ,her hair in that moment lose half of power and she hair not anymore be that strong as before,than when her hair grow  again her powers back aswell(yes this end of her history is inspired by Tangled movie)

That is that for now :D
Guys,i'm going on HIATUS,i have some personal problems,also school etc. i don't know when i come back but i think very soon until then goodbye <3
Hey guys.I just wondering can you tell me which tool and effect use to get a little realistic hair?.I'm just sick of drawing the same hair always so if you can tell me which tool to use to get better hair please tell me?