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Greta Blair by majijehkic11 Greta Blair by majijehkic11
I was drawing shoes fu*king hour and half but im proud with result Nod .

Hello my friends.Today i came with new art which i'm very pleased btwI am a dummy! .Do you saw this witch in Winx before ,yes i did a few times and i very like her when i see her.After i got tablet i finally draw here and i think she looks cute.


Her name are Greta and surname are Blair.
Some mean girls in Cloud tower called her Breta because Breta are pig from ones of that mean girls
Her powers are forest
She is very strong although her powers based on nature
She is bisexual
She was dating  Jared  but she realize that she don't like him so much
She don't have parents she lives in Cloud-tower since birth when Headmistress Griffin find her
She is best friend with Ophelia and Jenon

More information soon..

Hope you like itHuggle!  please commentHeart Heart 

Base by WildieWishingStar
Rest by me
Greta are offical character of Winx Club
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Gerganafen Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017
Great to see a fan-art of this background witch, I noticed her too. :) You did a nice work. :) She looks like a nice person, a good witch like Mirta. She appear to be friends with these 3 other CT students:… (screenshot from S06E02) as they're seen together in an episode of season 4 as well -… Here's her page on the Russian Winx Wiki -… It says her name is Рукола (Rucola, Arugula) - a weird name, I know. :D The Wiki says she took a part in a book called "Moon Flowers" and has a frog for a pet, so I guess her power could be Frogs/Swamps. :) I've already commissioned a pic with her, planning to show all 4 girls too (Rucola and her friends). :)
majijehkic11 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Student Artist
DAMN i tried to find information about her to give her real name but i can't find it argg :D
Gerganafen Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017
Her name wasn't stated in the show but the Russian Wiki says that in the "Moon Flowers" book has been described a witch who looks like her and she's called Rucola. :)
majijehkic11 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Student Artist
on winx wiki i see girl who looks like her and called Rachell
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January 22, 2017
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