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Good Morning Alfea By Majijehkic11-d960wro[1] by majijehkic11
'Mom 's time to go ' Alyra said  while she  slowly opened the door of the house. 'Please be careful dear,Alfea is maybe good school but all magix dimension has  some  Villian,very powerful villian Said her mother worried .'Don't worry mom everthing will be fine you  will see Said with the smile.'When you come home again.'On holidays,but  im not even gone'  Said Alyra with the smile.'Okay dear call me  when  arrive.'Okay mom  goodbye.'Good bye dear She kiss Alyra".Alyra came out of the house ,she transform and she  flown  in Alfea.When she arrived in Alfea,she was surprised.Many girls  standing in Alfea courtyard. 'O my... this  will be  long years huh.At that moment from Alfea came out 7 older ladies.' Welcome everybody in Alfea school for faries,im Daphne the headmistress and this is the teachers.'  Miss Bloom,Stella,Flora,Aisha,Tecna,Musa.' Probably are everybody heard  for famous group Called Winx Club which  before managed  defeat all viilans.'It' s time  to enter in Alfea come with me.Suddenly everybody ran into Alfea.' Up are your rooms,go up  and unpacking  yourself,I will call  you on dinner.Alyra is  slowly  walking  to  door   from  her room she came in  but nobody was there.' I don' t have a roomate said Alyra with the smile because she is very shy girl.When she move the leg she fell on the floor.But  nobody was there.' Im so clumsy she said and she again fell on the floor.' Who is this! she said scared.'Don' t worry this is me  suddenly one girl appears.  ' Who are you said Alyra.' Don' t worry im Amy and my power is invisibility.' Why you tripped me leg.' Sorry i fell asleep  in invisibility form.'Ok im Alyra and my power is life nice to meet you Amy.' Me too Alyra said with the smile.' Do you wanna walk around said Amy with the smile.'Of course said Alyra with the lucky face.Amy and Alyra came out  from Alfea and walk around.' Environment is beautiful and Alfea is beautiful.' I hope you enjoy and i hope  you'll  by the time become my best friend said Amy with the happy face.'Me too said Alyra with happy face.Suddnely from the forest flies girls with the red hair,red dress and with the  scared face.'Who it is  ask Alyra with the frightened face.' I don't know we will ask Daphne when we  come back on Alfea, come on we must go back.'Yes  hurry.Amy and Alyra come back on Alfea again and  knocks on Headmistress door.' Come in  heard from the office.Amy and Alyra come in and started talk.'Headmistress Daphne we  came out and go walk around but we see one girl with the red hair and red dress.'Really  how  she looked.'She has  letter "V" on dress and she be very scary.'Letter "V" you said.Then Headmistress be up and walk to the door.'Follow me girls  we  go  in  hall of the school.'But headmistress who  is this girl.'We go in the hall of the school and im tell you.Amy and Alyra followed her.


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Hey ^^ Podaruje Ci najpiekniejsza roze by DominoSorcerer  Do you saw it? It's 4 you xD
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August 31, 2015
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