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catching victini!

waah another touko fanart <3~ u_û ok i guess i really like her xD~ even though she's a POKEMON character she... actually has the potential to look kind of hot xD<3

and well, currently I'm playing b/w again because i cant stand to wait until b/w 2 is released sooo i thought playing b/w again would be a good idea x'D~
nahaha but i saved my victini from my previous game sooo i still got it ;u; <333

and because i got some kind of holiday job since monday i won't be able to upload SOOO much anymore, ... I mean like 2/3 deviations per week as I uploaded before.., i can't spend so much time drawing anymore ;w; maybe 1 per week from now on.. or so xD<3

waaah and i wanted to thank everyone again for watching me because i recently got over 100 watchers and diufnsinf
*Ä* ... to other deviants it probably sounds pretty much like nothing ... but to meeee.. SO MANY ;Ö; thank youuu so much <33~
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waaii!!! is AMAZING!!! I love the color for the picture *o*!!!
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japan... the house of mangas *.*
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I love the colors! Nice job :D
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dat coloring *_____________*
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that is fudging AMAZING!
lol shes one of the normal looking ones to me.
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