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Ayo! Welcome to my profile, you may call me Jane as you please! I create arts for both the MysterySolvers and JewelliX-Club! I'm just your shy version of an ENFJ who does her best to learn about everyone and bring out the best in everyone!

So here's a quick description of my characters:~

The Drape Flowers by wolf-hatMy MysterySolvers's ocs:

:bulletpink:Jane, ISTJ 1w2 6w5 1w2 2w1 sp/so
Jane is a very dutiful girl, she takes her responsibilities seriously and is often a perfectionist, she may be considered as a traditionalist due to some of her views but she's not irrationally close minded

Silver Bullet by XxDrewpuff11xXBianca, ENFP 8w9 2w1 7w6 so/sx
Bianca is probably the most energetic and hyper girl you'll meet, she's generally really intense but also really loving and charming, she cares that people receive love and be treated the way she was first treated when introduced to love. Bianca hates hurting people or treating them harshly, but she will not hesitate to hurt anyone who dares to hurt her or her friends.

:bulletpurple:Rafflasia, ISFJ 2w3 9w1 5w4 sp/so
Rafflasia is the helper of the group, and she takes pride and wants to be known for that, she is a giver, she is a true introvert by nature, but is also very lovable and friendly to people she's close to. Rafflasia often feels stressed by conflict, often withdrawing back to her reliable methods and research.

Dark green bullet by catluvr2Stacey, ESFP 7w8 8w7 4w5 sx/sp
Stacey is perhaps the most assertive and naturally aggressive one of the group, she values her freedom above all and can get into arguments very easily, she's impulsive, reckless, though she's considered the wittiest of the group, who knew she has a dark broken side all this time

:bulletblack:Lilith, ESTP 5w4 3w2 8w7 sx/sp
Lilith is the spontaneous unpredictable rebel of the group, she barely cares about or notices authority and is the most likely to try stupid things just for fun and to learn from it, if someone tries to control or manipulate her, she will not hesitate to manipulate and play with their feelings just for the fun of it. Call her crazy she doesn't care.

The Drape Flowers by wolf-hatMy JewelliX-Club's ocs:

Dot Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U! by Drache-LehreTristan, ISTP 5w6 8w7 3w4 sp/sx
Tristan is the coldest of all of my OCs, she is purely detached from her emotions and very observant, she often dislikes everyone and is really judgmental even though she does not care. Tristan often sees most people as idiots. She also enjoys hurting or going after people as "pranks", emotions rarely move her.

:bulletblue:Zuhair, ENTP 3w4 7w6 9w8 sp/sx
Zuhair is the epitome of insecurity, growing up hearing nothing but that she's flawed, uncontrollable, unstable, and unworthy- even though she clearly was better than all that. Zuhair is really sweet but doubts her social skills too. Ever since she meets Tristan, she obseesively withdraws and comes back really obsessive not knowing whether to express herself or not. She's really good at lying if she wants to, but she needs to focus on consistency and staying focused as she gets stressed when being forced to focus at "unecessary" details.

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I'm in two projects,

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Favourite TV Shows
>Rarely watch movies or series
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Motionless in White, Lacuna Coil, The Pretty Reckless
Favourite Books
I don't read much because of an ADD-ish temper, but when I do, I hard-core research every sentence from the book, mainly because I especially love science and understanding it
Tools of the Trade
We can discuss in deviantart through comments or notes

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a magical day <3
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Noticed your excellent comments on another artist's pages. Well done for sticking up for fellow artists, and challenging rudeness and abuse online. Good to see. Thank you.
Thank you! I see a lot that in this time or generation, values like goodness or empathy are not necessarily appreciated anymore, people lean more towards hatered, a nasty attitude and a strong need for validation in turn. By spreading or sticking to what's right, people realize the importance of such values and what it means to be a community or even what it means to be human. I'm very glad to see that people learn or appreciate it. You're very welcome!
Happy Birthday! birthday cake :happy birthday: Birthday cake  icon 
Thank you so much!