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Ultramarines Strike

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Colored up the Ultramarines, letting loose on a massive scale.

Original artist Alex Boyd.

© Games Workshop Ltd. 2011
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This is really amazing in terms of visual awe...but...what are they shooting at that requires that much firepower? *Shudders at the thought*
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try a horde of Tyrannids perhaps XD
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Possibly XD.
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or da orcboyz wit da shooty shootys
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Or the fans who still know the squats existed. XD
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Man, those lanterns on the chaplain look so good, amazing work.
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In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only WAR.
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[Spiritual liege intensifies]
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I just thought of something. Matt Ward is obviously an Inquisitor from the Ultramarine home world and admired the Ultrasmurfs from a young age. Now being an Inquisitor, he uses his power to make the Ultramarines look awesome.
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This is insanely badass. Jeez, I wish I could do shit like this.
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I only colored it but thank you!
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Ultramarine: for the emperor!!!!
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this picture is in the codex astartes
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Amazing! I always wondered how this would look colored
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I do so hate ultrasmurfs with a passion... But this is just too awesome and epic not to love. Excellent stuff, man!
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looks like something out of "Helsreach" by Aron Demski Bowden for warhammer 40k
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Poor Iron Warrior. :'(
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Back in the days of awesome...

Now, Matt Ward turned them mediocre.

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OMG this is amazing mate. I dont know what else to say other than please continue your blessed work. May the emperor protect.
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