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The Great Devourer

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Colored up some Hive Fleet Leviathan Nids charging around, seeking who they may devour.

Original artist is Adrian Smith.
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AerotrackHobbyist General Artist
i wanted to ask one question: did these monsters connect with Necrons somehow?
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Journeyman81Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Really quite awesome. It's a movie poster waiting to happen.
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Very nice coloration.
Personally my favorite bit is the glow of the eyes. Very well done all around.
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Facial-TicProfessional Filmographer
awesome colouration of this! looks way better this way than in the codex
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Thanks very much!
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Five words would run through your mind at this moment: We are all FUCKING DEAD!!!!!

Nice work
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Thats really good, like the colours,
i'd say its a termagaunt becuase of the small weapon in its front arms, its got a hollow tube so it looks like fleshborer, although it could be something else
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Anyone ever questions what type of Gant that is in the bottom left corner? To me its either one well feed Gant, or it looks more like a prime version of a Gant.
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Facial-TicProfessional Filmographer
hormagaunt maybe? he does seem a bit beefier than the others
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I was actually pretty surprised this wasn't the 5e codex cover since the picture was only a few pages in. It looks way better than the current cover IMO and adds a bit of homage to the 3e cover art.
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I looked up 3E and your quite right, interesting similarities!
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Y'know in a differential perspective( :o ) The Tyranids are in the flipside of the Necrons!

Necrons as a theme, are slaves to cold, immovable, emotionlessness of the physical world (ie scientific materialism) through machines!

Tyranids on the other side are the same theme except through the organic! In that all diversity of life through form is such as required to fulfill a specific role or function.

Or to put it simply, Necrons are solid. Tyranids are liquid. Chaos is gaseous :fart:
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nids and skaven's the two warhammer armies who seriously scared the shit out of me when I first learnt more of them, though I've come over it now

Awesome work anyway
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Very scary! Nicely done, especially the colors
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RitualistHobbyist Digital Artist
HOLY :iconshitplz:!!!

awesome colors.
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