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Techmarine Colored

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Colored up a Techmarine of the Blood Angels.

Original artist is Adrian Smith.

© Games Workshop Ltd. 2010
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Always thought this guy was a bit bulky even by marine standards.
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Beautiful picture
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this is a sweet drawing :D.
I also think that it will make a sweet card :)
would it be ok if i give credit for using this as a card?
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Do so, just know that I only colored it. Glad ya like it!
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Thanks :) and your welcome :D

at some chance ill link u 2 the card im makng when its up and done :D
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Spectacular! Really good job!!
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freakin awesome!
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The skull on his stomach kinda looks like a necron. Hmmm...
great work as always!
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Gotta love a chainaxe.
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Holy Throne, great job.
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Fantastic colours. Very subtle yet vibrant tones on the red armour. Superb!
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He looks very majestic indeed ! nice job
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Your whole gallery is majestic, holy shit, I envy your pencil skills!
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thanks =) it takes abit of practice
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Techmarines are nerds turned Space Marines.
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Is there a link of the original black & white pic?
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Certainly, you can check out many of the B&W originals here [link]
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nice. its very well colored.
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