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Sons of Sanguinius

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Colored up this Sanguinary Priest (Blood Angel version of Apothecary) and his squad mates, trollin for some trouble.

Original artist is Adrian Smith.
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Best Of The Best :iconmecutelove:
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the coloring is amazing
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This picture makes me SO happy! :)
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Who doesn't love the Ab Marines.
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Blood Angels really are on the bring of Chaos conversion aren't they? Your pic really enforces this concept.
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Isn't it like...illegal to scan covers or something ;)* (*Honourable Joking: Awesome Awesome Awesom- BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD-ahem...awesome)
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wo-ho! Sanguinius' related arts are always awesome!
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Hail the Emperor and Sanguinius. Love your work. :thumbsup:
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I think the Marines would prefer bullet holes to the Apothecary's syringes. Lol.
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The Priest is such great work.
Love the Narthecium on his wrist,looks great !!
Emperor smile upon you !!
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So awsome!! So epic!!
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shouldnt apos be white armoured? >_>
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Sanguinary Priests are colored a bit different than normal apos.
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That is just awe-inspiring, nice work dude.
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Most badass apothecary I've seen in a while, + this pic is awesome!
I absolutely love this drawing! Exceptional work!
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Thanks! Although I am not responsible for the lines and shading, only the colors.
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Do you rest until finish the painting? How long time to start and finish the work?
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It depends largely on the pic, I usually don't rest though. On pics like this one it usually takes 3-5 hours to color.

On huge ensemble pieces, like Angel Apocalypse or the recent Reign of Chaos, it usually takes at least two coloring sessions, one 3-5 hour session just establishing the base colors, and another session to wrap up the pic.
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Trollin' for some trouble you say :iconcoolfaceplz:, Awesome job bye the way
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