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Redeemer of the Lost

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Colored up Astorath the Grim, High Chaplain of the Blood Angels. His purpose is mainly to kill BAngels lost to the Black Rage that have not died by the end of the battle, otherwise he'll just take the heads of his enemies instead.

Original artist is Adrian Smith.

© Games Workshop Ltd. 2010
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A heavy burden he bares, but it is one he will hold with honor. May those who fall to the black rage be redeemed.
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You always do a great job on these. While the original artwork is undoubtedly good, it looks a lot better after it's been colored like this.
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Thanks, and thanks for all the comments! Glad you like my work!
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So.  He has to kill his own brothers.  No wonder he's called "the Grim", that has to be the worst job to ever exist.
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WH40K - Giving bad ass a new meaning since 1987 :-D
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Wow, epic! Well done!
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You're welcome! ^.^
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Impressive!! Captures the spirit of battle! Fantastic!
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Hey man great picture, did u take an Adrian Smith drawing and color it? Looks cool
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Indeed I did, as noted in the description, glad you like it!
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I quite literally gasped when I saw this. :wow:

Great job coloring. It does the art justice.
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How come he has wings? I thought only Sanguinnis had wings or is he a psyker using the wings of sanguinnis power?
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Probably some sort of 'holy' mutation.
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added to favorites, dl this pic to my cel, just awsome!!
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Nicely done. I commend you ^^
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This chaos marines lost their heads sooooo easily =D
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Wonderful image!
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if these heritic didn't belive in the emperor before, they will after this bad boy has a thrash at them.
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