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Master of the Angels

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Colored up Chapter Master Azrael of the Dark Angels. Went with a more subdued color scheme than usual.

Original artist is Paul Dainton.
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A correction to Your description - the original piece was painted by Paul Dainton, not Karl Kopinski. A common mistake since both artists have very similar styles.
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Man, this is just insanely intense! I especially like the shape of the Sword's hilt and pommel, given that a squared one instead of a round one is not so frequent on art (though much more in real swords from past ages), and the little gardbrace with the Grey Knightis heraldry ^^
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Wahou really magnificent <3
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woah dude.
f*cking amazing

I decided to play as the dark angels recently.
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do you have the full image by any chance?
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Dude this is awesome! It shoots my atempt at Azrael right out of the water. Love how it's not the generic look of Azreal, nice artist interpretation.
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Thanks, though I only colored it!
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dispite the critics, your piece is amazing.
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Thank you, though I only colored it!
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It is not a Grand Master Azrael of Dark Angels. Azrael have another iconography. That just a compamy master. One of the many.
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I beg to differ. He is holding the Lion Helm and has a watcher in the dark on his shoulder.
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Nhis is not a Lion Helm. Lion Helmet havn'n a circle visor. And watchers in the dark accompany every Company Masters and other honorable memebers of Dark Angels.
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Except for mine. my company master came
with dark veangence though.
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It is true, i have a watcher on my sholder right now :)
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just lovely bro!!
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Lion Helm and a heavenfall blade..... nice.
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This is incredible.
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That's pretty sweet man! I never thought Azrael's face would be that fucked up...
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