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Lords of Macragge

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Colored up this pic of the Ultrasmurfs probably about to get overwhelmed by greenskins.

Original artist is Paul Dainton.
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One of my favourite pictures, great colour work. I have been searching the web trying to find the original image. can you assist?
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"He who fights with me, shall be my brother."
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nothin wrong with dieing on the battlefield
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If you die take as many of them as you as you can
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I love the beaky about to bash some skulls with his bolter. "Out of ammo? Finally. Now comes the fun part."
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love the images... has a craig mullins type atmosphere with your defined style and design. very nicely handled.
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Ah thanks, but I only color these!
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Bah, one Ultramarine is worth a hundred of the foul xeno. Death to the enemy! *Ahem* I mean excellent piece of work here. Of all the art styles of I've seen in warhammer 40K, I think this one suits the saga best.
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I would say Paul Dainton, or Alex Boyd

Looks more like they're style in my opinion ;)
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Thanks for the info, changed it around a bit!
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The Space Marines still outnumber them 100 to 50000.
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Come one, even a blind can see it clearly: The filthy greenskins are outgunned and outnumbered. :D
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I've lost for words with this pic <3

10/10 for pure, raw, Astartes epicness!!
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is there any chance to get this as a wallpaper...lets say 1440x900 or bigger? :)
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Ah I do wish that were possible, but no, no chance at the moment, mainly because I only get these images from scavenging the web and do not have the original size.
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Nah, the Ultrasmurfs aren't going down...see that aircraft in the background? That's the Blood Angels coming in to save their behinds. :D

Anyways! Great picture, I love all that little details.
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Of course it's the Blood Angels are voming to save their behinds.. The Blood Angels are the most bad-ass Astartes ever :D
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Holy Emperor, man! This is...I can't even describe it! What a piece of artistry coloration! Well done, man! Beautiful!
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