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Long Fangs

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Colored up these Space Wolf Long Fangs, treading near what I think are some toasted Ork corpses.

Original artist is Adrian Smith.

© Games Workshop Ltd. 2010
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awesome job by you and Adrian!
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I never realized that the art I have loved for so many years may have been a colaboration of more than one artist. I had invested the better part of 30 years of my life immersed the 40k universe, it's art and fluff. Thank you so much for the years of enjoyment you have brought to me.
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I'm pleased to have contributed to your love and fandom! Thanks for the comment!
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Always a big fan of Mr. Smith's artwork. You're color adds just a touch more life to his work, looks cool!
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that's one crazy lookin' gun!
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Honestly I thought this was one the coolest pictures in the Space Wolf codex.
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Apparently not toasted enough, if there still that much left of the Orks, oh well I'm sure the hostility of this particular might finish off their spores where the Space Wolf failed.
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Just Awesome! What else can I say? Damn fine work.
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Glowing blue eyes! HE'S A REAPER!!
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Looks like the Long Fang up front is talking to the ork corpse

"Ooh! That looked like it stung!"

Otherwise, awesome colouring, really brings life to the original.
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Love it! Great job
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Glad you like it, and thanks for all the comments!
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Long Fangs Devastator
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wow!!! if u didnt tell me. i would have though this is the original art!!
where did u get such a high rez?
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Thanks! I got it from Adrian Smith's CGHub profile.
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holyshit! thanks!
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