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Erasmus Tycho

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Colored up the legendary Blood Angels captain, Erasmus Tycho. This was before the time he joined Death Company, as such, his armor is still golden.

Original artist is Adrian Smith.
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Why is there a line on his face?
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That is the fallen captain of the Blood Angels 3rd company and planned successor to commander Dante before the Black Rage claimed him. That line is a mask of gold, he was attacked by an Ork Weird Boy that deformed half his face, they fixed him as best they could with said mask, for appearances sake.
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wow this is EPIC!
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That's a whole lot of awesome right there. The knee-pad weeping tears of blood is a fantastic addition. Minor point though a melta doesn't require a pilot light, but it still looks amazing with it.
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Yeah the pilot light was something the original artist put there, not sure how useful a scope is on a weapon like that either, but hey, rule of cool trumps logic always!

Glad you like it and thanks for the comments!
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Tyco carried a Combi-melta, the scope is for the bolter portion I imagine.
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Ahh...yes that makes sense.
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Man, this is sick. In an awesome way. All hail Sanguinius ! All hail the Angel Lord !

Wait...Did they put nipples on his armor ?
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Well, thats manly for sure...Right ?
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Yeah, I think the Blood Angels may have a finer appreciation for the male form than most chapters.
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The Bloodsong's fury be seen.
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I really like the way how the burning heretic enlightens the edges of his armour.
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Tycho = assloads of awesome
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You will have my Blood Angel babies.. Praise be to Sanguinus!
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EPIC!! one word!
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Absolutely awesome :iconfavwhoreplz: !!!
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He looks like Julius Ceaser
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save that for the Ultramarines.
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Just amazing... any chance you'd be colouring the Sanguinary Guard illustration?? I'd looove to see that one
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Not by the moment, as I'm currently preparing for school. However, if I come across the picture and if I have the time, I'll definitely do it.
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Excellent job on the coloring! :wow:

Everything looks absolutely fantastic. I especially like the colors in the flames and the lighting.
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