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Chaos Undivided Redux

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I usually don't re-visit old pics, but given that this one was about 10 times the original size of the first one I did (which I have since removed), it opened up a whole new world of detail to explore.

Original artist is Adrian Smith.

© Games Workshop Ltd. 2010
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Dude this is so awesome. Looks realistic and like a painting.
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Thanks, though I only colored it!
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:) that is what I am commenting on. :D
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Gloriously heretical!
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Nice job dude, as always!
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thinking of getting this as a tattoo??? hope its not too detailed though.
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If iam right, the top one is a khorne marine,the marine from the left is a tzeentchi marine, the one frome the right is a slaneeshi marine, and the gross marine the bottom is a nurlge plague marine
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yeah i havent played the board game but i was busy reading some wiki pages on warhammer because i started my craze when i was playing dawn of war.......btw i saw some of your work on
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I love the original in black n white so a full colour rendition of a classic piece of art is simply spoiling us!!!pop pop pop
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"Do you hear the voices too?"
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I have to feel sorry for anyone who gives their soul to Nurgle...poor, filthy bastards.

Excellent work, no doubt about it. You have a knack for this.
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Gorgeous!!! Wonderful work!!!![link]
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So many small detail, this is a marvellous piece of art
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your colouring work is awesome. Basicly all of those pix are known for me so far. But your colouring puts it over the top!
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Thanks very much, glad you like it!
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this is insanely well-detailed.. love the blood barf and the almost frozen looking powersword. amazing work!
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I can't find words to describe how awesome this is.

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NP keep the art flowing.
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