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Angel Apocalypse

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Thought I'd give a proper send off to my string of BAngels pics with this colorization of the fellows in an epic battle.
This is the first colorization I've done that took multiple sessions and is probably the busiest Space Marine colorization I've done yet.

Original artist is Adrian Smith.
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Love it, looks incredible!
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Very good! I love your dark style! :D (Big Grin) 
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Only colored it! Never say that! Right coloring is not an easy trade, I know, I am learning about.
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I only colored it, but thank you!
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holy crap! this is fantastic
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This is so amazing I would love to hear or see process for these kind of pieces. very curios :) great work man I love it.
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In the BA dex, it was my favourite artwork; even in grey-scale.

Now its the best thing I have ever seen!!

When I first saw this pic, I thought it was the original!

Good job! Really amazing colouring!
What program/app do you use?
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Thanks very much! I used Photoshop CS3
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Ohh I'm a CS2 user! XD

What layer effects do you use for your colouring? HOW DO YOU DO IT!! XD 

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Just low opacity, normal brushes with the layer setting being on Vivid.
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WOW thanks!! Will try! Is that okay??

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Do what you please.
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My God :omg: EPIC!
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which program did you use for colouring? it´s incredible, i suppose it took lots of hours!
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Photoshop CS3. And yes it took a few, glad you like it!
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Man your work is awesome. Im gonna be late for finals if i don't stop looking.
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Haha nice, glad you like em!
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The GW artists are truly brilliant but with colour it comes to life
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Fantastic detalisation. I feel grim-dark spirit of Warhammer in this work.
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