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Aerial Assault

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Colored up this pic of Blood Angel Assault Marines jumping about. Those familiar with the pic might notice that a great deal of the pic is missing, this is because the other half only had dirt flying and was fairly empty. So I cropped it.

Original artist is Adrian Smith.

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Spec Ops by any other name.  This is slicker than a new pair of dress shoes!
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Awesome work here
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I have ONE criticism. They're blood Angels Assault marines. The one in the foreground should have a yellow helmet.
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Actually, the only real issue I have with this is the marine in the foreground is wielding a Chain axe. Those are no longer imperial issue and are only found among the ranks of chaos.
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It is yellow, like a yellowish-gold.
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*Space marine*: i just realized i'm afraid of heights
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It is their motto :P

Might startto twich when Star Wars invades xD
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lol one million stormtroopers who can't aim vs. children of the emporer of man 

sooo many dead stormtroopers >:D
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Good joke until you realise a Blaster bolt travels at light speed and displaces matter on impact thus creating the heat of the sun.
And that the whole ''plastic armour'' and ''crap aim'' is just in the movies for the plot.
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yes the weakness of everyone in a movie = plot-convenience 
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No, the fact that wherever the plot needs them to be, stormtroopers suck balls.
Otherwise they kick ass with extreme prejudice.
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Comics ftw alot more realistic
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Love this pic, very nice colors
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This a great pic. Good subject
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This is a sweet-ass pic - and where can I find Adrian Smith? He's my new favorite Warhammer artist!
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Google Adrian Smith cghub. I think you'll like what you see.
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Some of the best stuff I've ever SEEN. What was your technique in coloring it?
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Thanks, I used Photoshop CS3.
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Reaper+the inherent badassery of WH40k=this
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