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Hello everyone!:wave:
I have the immense pleasure of announcing to you, the last contest of the year in the group, we hope that the subject is of your liking and that you surprise us with great entries.
On this occasion, the chosen theme, we consider it very appropriate for these dates and will be: "The Magical time of the year", we consider that the Christmas holidays, are full of magic and we want to see that magic in their works.

In addition MajesticARTS Team, has decided to reward its members for their loyalty and support to our competitions and will give a Christmas gift of 50 points to all participants of this contest, in addition to the usual fantastic prizes.


On this occasion, we ask that your works transmit to us the magic of this time of year, and the possibilities are endless, since everyone feels Christmas in a way and that is what is wonderful.



Here are some awesome works from DA gallery for your inspiration. Don't copy please.










From November 03 th to December 20 th


You must be a member of to participate. JOIN US!
On this occasion, we accept photomanipulations, mixed media (but with most of a photomanipulation), paintings and drawings, to give all members the opportunity to participate in the contest.
Your artwork must be new and created specially for this contest.  
All entries must include a link to this journal and the group icon in the description.
Entries are limited to 1 submissions per artist.
No excessive violence, blood, racism, gore etc. Nudity and dark art are welcome, as long as your artwork is made with good artistic taste.
Credit all stocks you used with a direct link. Always read terms and conditions on how you may use the stock.
No D.A watermark, just your little signature.
Submit your entries to the Contest in CONTEST FOLDER
The administration reserves the right to decline any work with too poor quality, or if it doesn't meet the rules of the contest and doesn't fit its theme.
The administration has decided that the voting system of this contest will be by jury of the group,CarmensArts and HILIF and we will invite as judges some prominent member of our community..


:star: I place -3000 points :points:  
:star: II place -2000 points :points:  
:star: III place-1000 points:points:
Premium Membership for one month for each.

Feel free to donate premium stock, features, Core membership and other prizes for this contest, and points for our next contests HILIF CarmensArts.

Well, you have one month and two weeks to make a masterpiece! Amaze us with your imagination and creativity! Good luck!


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JayGraphixx's avatar
I had an entry for this. It seems like I've missed the date, I thought it was much later xD
CarmensArts's avatar
I'm sorry Jay, we would have loved you to participate in our contest!:( (Sad) 

Happy Holidays my friend! Heart Hug

Free Avvie - Xmas Wreath by r0se-designs       Santa in his Sleigh saying Ho Ho Ho! by r0se-designs

JayGraphixx's avatar
It's ok, Happy holidays to you as well :D 
Malintra-Shadowmoon's avatar
I would like to donate a feature again :)
What beautiful art you all create :heart:
CarmensArts's avatar
Thank you very much for your donation, we appreciate it from your heart!Heart Hug 
Malintra-Shadowmoon's avatar
EligoDesign's avatar
love it :) i'm looking forward to participate in the contest with an entry and as donor I'd like to donate this premium pack to the first 3 winners :)

Winter Queen Staffs Nr 2 by eligodesignstock
CarmensArts's avatar
Thank you very much for the donation, much appreciated!Heart 
EligoDesign's avatar
my pleasure dear :)
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh......... Christmas... and Magical times... *sigh* *drifts off to dreamy fantasy land full of Christmas lights, joy, dreams of snowy days, festivities... so much*
CarmensArts's avatar
I'm glad you like the subject, I hope you participate!:) (Smile) 
HILIF's avatar
So happy you like the themeHeart 
KarmaRae's avatar
OH!!!! I love Xmas time!!! We got our first snow today too!!!
CarmensArts's avatar
I'm glad you like the theme!:) (Smile) 
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