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Tom Riddle X Reader- Suspicions
Students brushed past you ascending the large staircase in a flurry of robes.  You stood to the side back pressed against a stone wall.  A painting of a witch with straggly rust coloured hair glared at you over her bubbling cauldron.  You tried to ignore her icy blue gaze, keeping your own eyes forward and your mind focused.  Hogwarts was in the midst of tragedy. Three different muggleborn students had already been found dead,  and their murderer was still at large. The most terrifying thing about the murders was the message left with the victims.  ‘The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. ‘ You had your own theories about the killings and one of them had lead you to this staircase.  
The consistent stream of students had thinned when he finally made his appearance. All tousled dark hair and moody eyes he had the jawline of a movie star. His nose was short and straight,  perfectly complimented by lips just full enough to be tantalizing
:iconmajestic-glory:majestic-glory 52 6
Sirius Black X Reader- Heartbreak
“I didn’t expect to see you here.” A voice called from the dark recesses of the old house you had just entered.
The house smelt stale as if it hadn’t been inhabited for many years. Sidestepping a large troll-foot umbrella stand you threw your water logged cloak over a dusty table.
“What, you thought I’d decline Dumbledore’s request?” you spat. Knowing just who was speaking to you from the shadows.
Sirius slowly materialized from the darkness, his face gaunt his once handsome eyes weary. “No,” He replied. “I thought you’d refuse to come here.”
You gazed at him, running a hand through your lank hair. “I’ll do whatever I have to for the order, even if that involves arriving at your house to make my reports.”
You had to struggle to keep your voice steady. Despite his looks having mostly faded your stomach still did somersaults. Sirius had been your boyfriend up until he had been convicted of the
:iconmajestic-glory:majestic-glory 165 18
The Joker X Reader- Hired Help Pt 2
Steam rises from your mug of coffee, forming its own little cloud. You watch as the small tendrils converge only to repel each other in the next instance. Adding sugar and stirring the liquid around with a spoon you gaze into the little whirlpool you have created. Your friends are late, which is not an unusual thing. If there is one thing that you can expect from the women you associate with, it is that they will be late. You conceal a yawn with your hand, eyes skimming the faces of the patrons around you. The coffee shop that you have chosen for breakfast today is small and a little dingier then you know your expected company is used to. However it is in small coffee shops like this one where you are able to keep an eye on possible future clients. You are so absorbed in your surroundings that you don’t notice the imposing male figure approaching you until it is almost too late.
He is built like a bull; broad shoulders, short neck, muscular arms and legs, and has murky eyes that
:iconmajestic-glory:majestic-glory 58 6
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 49 Final Struggle
Fury stood strong and motionless as his single eye traced over each and every one of your team subjectively. Clint shifted beside you, playing with a piece of your damp hair as you crunched on an apple. It had been almost four hours since your dramatic return to the hotel and in that time you had managed to shower, report to Fury and catch some shut eye. Your body still craved sleep, and your muscles burnt but the small amount of rest had done you some good. Grief was heavy in all of your hearts, even the scientist who hadn’t known Maria recognized her sacrifice. Natasha sat closely beside him, her arms wrapped around her legs and her eyes turned to a torn gossip magazine that he was flicking through. You felt your brow furrow; Asher didn’t seem like Natasha’s type of person.
“My suit should be here within a few minutes.” Tony announced, rubbing at his blood shot eyes.
Everyone was exhausted. Any strength advantage that your team may have had in the beginn
:iconmajestic-glory:majestic-glory 19 10
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 48 Beginning of the End
Thor bit into his fourth pop tart, chewing loudly as he watched the scientist slave over his makeshift work desk. The group of four had retreated to the kitchens as the sun had begun to set. The scientist needed a lot of light in order to work properly and they didn’t want to risk being spotted by a passing patrol. Natasha was seated cross legged atop one of the benches a half-eaten sandwich discarded beside her. She closely examined one of her stolen guns, dissembling it with the skill of a professional and cleaning the inner workings with a clean dishrag. Fury watched her tiredly as he ate his own sandwich, though his mind was far away. Like any good leader he was running through strategy and trying to foresee anything that could be thrown his way. Nick Fury was not used to being helpless and didn’t enjoy it in the least.
The scientist yawned loudly, leaning back in his chair. “I should get a medal for this.”
“Is it done?” Fury asked, leaving his s
:iconmajestic-glory:majestic-glory 9 6
The Joker X Reader- Hired Help Pt 1
He throws his head back and cackles insanely until tears are streaming from his eyes. The woman crouched at his feet cries for a different reason as fat drops of crimson splatter the pavement around her. You watch from above, feeling no pity for the woman and yet still not understanding this man’s sense of humour. His cackling finally stops and he leans in closer until his red painted lips are at the woman’s ear. He must whisper something dreadful, because the woman begins to scream punching out at him blindly. Streaks of his white face paint smear her hands as she attempts to fight back. The man continues to laugh even though this woman’s fingernails draw blood. Eventually he seems to tire of his little game and silences her screams with a smooth stroke of his knife. More blood stains the street as it gushes from her throat. You continue to watch quietly marvelling at the beauty of the hue. The man takes a step back and stashes his knife somewhere deep within his pur
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Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 47 Evolution
Maria’s chest moved unevenly, her breathing dangerously shallow. You brushed a strand of dark hair from her face, fighting back tears.
“Stay with me.” You murmured, cradling her limp body in your arms.
Her eyelids fluttered open. “_______?” Her voice was like a gust of wind.
Swallowing back a sob you forced a smile. “I’m here you’re going to be alright.”
She winced. “I’m so cold.”
“I-it’s the blood that you’ve lost,” You answered, glancing down at the blood seeping out from her many bullet wounds. “But I’ll get you patched up and you will be as good as new.”
Maria swallowed, a tear rolling down her cheek. “Get the others, don’t worry about me.”
You shook your head, wiping away your own tears. “No I’m not going to just leave you. The others can wait.”
She offered you a weak smile. “Thankyou ______.”
You nodded in reply, unable
:iconmajestic-glory:majestic-glory 13 7
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 46 Guerrilla Warfare
You pulled your hair back into a tight ponytail, gazing up at the towering building before you. It was made of an outdated grey brick that bore several years’ worth of built up grime. The many uniform windows glinted back at you villainously in the late afternoon sunlight, they were like a hundred sets of eyes watching your every move. You fiddled with the sais strapped to your waist. Before Natasha had found you in the Whitehouse she had found the weapon stores and appropriated a few choice items, including your sais.
“Are you sure this is the place?” You turned to Maria who was standing about a meter behind you.
She nodded, loading ammo into her small handgun. “It matches the description Agent Romanoff gave me.”
You turned back to the rundown, outdated office block. Fury had decided that your goal of protecting Clint would best be used to actually free him and the others. Surprisingly Maria was the one to volunteer to go with you, you knew very little of
:iconmajestic-glory:majestic-glory 19 6
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 45 Awakening
Whispered voices echoed all around you. They were all familiar but your mind wouldn’t make the jump it needed to identify them. The air was stuffy and smelt of dust, sweat and blood. A sharp pricking sensation in your hand caused you to flinch. You ran your tongue over your teeth, your mouth was so dry.
“I think she’s waking up.” A voice said.
Half opening your eyes, you surveyed your surroundings cautiously. You were lying on a dusty carpet amongst the shattered remains of chairs and other furniture. Although your vision was still hazy you could identify the faces of Natasha, Fury, Maria and the scientist you had never found out the name of.
“Hi,” You croaked. “What’s up?”  
The scientist smiled at you. “That Morphine wore off a lot faster than I had anticipated.”
You sat up, raking a hand through your tangled hair. “Perks of being a super soldier I guess,” You glanced at Fury. “And don’t yo
:iconmajestic-glory:majestic-glory 14 4
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 44 Drugged
Natasha Romanoff was used to putting her life on the line for the fate of the world. In fact she was secretly proud of everything she had accomplished in her life, even the bad deeds were truly spectacular. However today she had greatly challenged herself. Not only had she accepted the task of trying to stop a worldwide disease, but she had also agreed to leave her partner in a prison cell controlled by an unknown group. He was much more than just a partner to her though. As much as she hated to admit it Clint Barton was her everything, even though on many occasions he had expressed his disinterest in her. It had taken them both awhile to try and decide on a perfect plan that would enable her a chance to escape. Finally, despite her reservations Clint set into action his plan to feign an illness. Two guards were sent in to determine whether his ‘illness’ was in dire need of attention, their weapons drawn and pointed at Clint. Natasha executed a perfect leg sweep despite her
:iconmajestic-glory:majestic-glory 20 13
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 43 A Moment of Silence
Your jaw still throbbed dully but you had put it to the back of your mind. Thinking you were not much of a threat at the moment your father had ordered two former S.H.I.E.L.D agents to escort you to the oval office. Before you were lead away, the barrel of a gun digging into your back your father had called after you, swearing that you still weren’t a hostage. He evidently still believed that there was a chance that you would switch sides. Yet more proof that he knew nothing of the person you had grown into.
Pain, excruciating pain was the first thing Clint became aware of as he opened his eyes. The next thing was the sticky wetness covering his torso and the rusty scent of blood. His mind worked slowly as he began to piece everything together. He had been running across rooftops, trying to get to Natasha and Steve who had requested backup, when all of a sudden there had been a sharp pain in his ribs; some sort of tranquilizer dart, and he had lost his footing on a particularly
:iconmajestic-glory:majestic-glory 18 8
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 42 the Explanation
Tony Stark blinked and then blinked some more. It felt as if he had a serious hangover, and he had no idea where he was. On a normal day this wouldn’t have alarmed him, he was used to this sort of thing by now. But today was certainly not a normal day. He recalled the crowds of people running for their lives as friends attacked friends and parents attacked children. They were mindless, practically zombies ordered by a computer program to attack anyone or thing that was resisting the disease. He rubbed his eyes with the heels of his hand. He had awoken 20 minutes ago to find his Ironman suit completely disabled. The cell he had found himself in was illuminated by a strong white light that burnt his eyes and frazzled his usually fast mind. If he squinted he was just able to see into the cell across from his, and the figure of Steve Rogers sitting on his haunches. Steve looked just as confused and powerless as Tony felt. Whoever had done this to them knew enough about the Avengers t
:iconmajestic-glory:majestic-glory 15 4
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 40 On Your Own
Glass crunched loudly under your feet. You silently walked down what was once a busy main road, trying to keep your eyes averted from the butchered innocents littering the road and sidewalk. It was so quiet that it was as if you had been trapped in a bubble of silence. You kicked a smashed Iphone 6 off of the path and watched it spin out onto the road. You were supposed to be searching for survivors but every single building you passed by looked like it had been hit by a bomb. You walked another few blocks without hearing so much as a whimper. It was time to face it, there just weren’t any survivors of this attack. You sighed, glancing across the road at what had once been a fairly upmarket apartment block. The front windows had been completely shattered and there appeared to be a blue Ford Falcon crashed in the foyer. You smirked, what were the odds? You had just decided to cross over and poke around when there was feedback from your communicator.
“Falcon, can you hear me
:iconmajestic-glory:majestic-glory 14 3
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 41 Traitor
Agent Steele’s assumptions had been entirely wrong. The expansive building was completely empty. There weren’t even any corpses or any sign of a struggle. Shivers ran down your spine, everything about this mission today was wrong. You glanced at the men around you seeing varying degrees of anxiety beneath their calm exteriors. Even they felt that something was amiss, which meant that it was very likely that it was. Your footsteps echoed hollowly on the floor. There was no point trying to be stealthy, if there was anyone here they would be able to watch you on the cctv. You looked up at one of the little cameras a small red light blinking steadily.
“Where to now?” Steele sounded bored.
You glared at him, distaste for him growing. “I don’t know Steele, I’ve never been here before and I wasn’t told exactly where the signal was being sent from.”
He popped his neck with a smirk. “Perhaps I should take the lead then Agent _____, I u
:iconmajestic-glory:majestic-glory 18 1
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 39 Armageddon
People dash through the corridors, all wearing exactly the same expressions of fear. You push yourself through the crowds numbly as hair, clothing and bare skin brush past you regularly. You keep your eyes focused on the back of Natasha’s head as she makes her way towards the weapon storage rooms. You follow her as best you can, but people keep getting in the way. Someone screams behind you, and you turn around in time to see a woman on her knees trying to reclaim her feet. With so many people carelessly running through such narrow corridors there is a real danger of being trampled. The thought of coming to her rescue crosses your mind but you quickly shake it from your mind. As bad as it sounds, you don’t have the time, it’s more important you get down to the streets. Hair a familiar shade of red disappears behind a sharp corner. Hastily, you shove people out of your way as you jog to keep up with Tash. The Helicarrier is extremely similar the whole way through so yo
:iconmajestic-glory:majestic-glory 19 7
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 38 Time to Act
Having been filled in on the situation unfolding Bruce shot straight to work. You’d followed him to the labs, wanting to get away from the numerous heated arguments erupting on the bridge. Natasha was in a foul mood, and having Tony there was definitely not helping. You sat quietly beside the statue like figure of your father, watching as Bruce and the scientists busied themselves with scientific equations. They took turns glancing at a multitude of holographic monitors and fiddling with instruments you didn’t know the name to.
“_______, could I have your help here for a moment?” Bruce called to you, his eyes focused on one of the monitors.
You jumped up, wondering whether you really would be capable of helping him.
“I need you to hold this here.” He gestured to a small thermometer like device plugged into a port near the monitor.
“Like this?” You gave him an unsure look.
He smiled. “Perfect, hold it as still as you can until it bee
:iconmajestic-glory:majestic-glory 22 6


Uru's Pride by WhiteKimya Uru's Pride :iconwhitekimya:WhiteKimya 2,230 139 Fire Godlike by arnaerr Fire Godlike :iconarnaerr:arnaerr 993 19 Arctic Night by Melancholic-echo Arctic Night :iconmelancholic-echo:Melancholic-echo 3 0
Ch.3-Rumors and Visitors (Arthur P. x Reader)
Later that day, an overwhelming curiosity rushed over Morgana—and another person within the castle, to be perfectly frank. The two kittens ventured forth towards the room of the lovely new guest with that new feeling burning their fire, whether it was for knowledge or something else.
Arthur looked behind him just in time to see Morgana turn the corner before she had the chance to see him. He quickly hid himself behind a pillar and waited until she had passed him before he went back the way he had come. He would have to see her later, then. It was too risky to call on her while Morgana was skulking about. She would have surely presumed that Arthur had feelings for their guest before he even had the chance to see for himself.
When Morgana was determined in this way, she hardly ever remembered to knock—though she had given Merlin the pitch about knocking at least a hundred times. She waltzed right into the room without a second thought about it.
“Lady Morgana?” <i>
:iconwhosupersherlockedme:whosupersherlockedme 16 2
Zen by Artgerm Zen :iconartgerm:Artgerm 6,640 145
Ch.2-A New Arrival (Arthur P. x Reader)
Across the width of the castle, Merlin had just arrived to his destination. As was polite, he knocked three times on the door. It wasn’t necessarily that it was good manners that he waited to enter the room but because he knew Morgana would pummel him if he entered without the proper warning.
“Come in,” she called from the seat in front of her mirror.
Merlin entered, rather hoping that the room was empty, and greeted her fondly. “Good morning, milady.”
“Merlin!” she exclaimed. “And what do I owe this pleasure?”
He pondered for a second about how to approach the question. “I have a favor to ask of you… from Arthur.”
She looked at him questioningly. “Oh? What does he want?” The crowned prince wanted many things but very few of them were found meaningful in her eyes.
“A dress.” He approached her wardrobe and reached for the handle. “May I?”
“Of course,” she replied, a ta
:iconwhosupersherlockedme:whosupersherlockedme 19 2
Ch.1-Wish Upon a Star (Arthur P. x Reader)
The time was eleven o’clock pm and everything was as still as stone. All were resting, except for two young women who would have otherwise been asleep, if not for a certain television program.
“In a land of myth and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name: Merlin!”
Kristen laughed at her unique friend and threw a pillow in her direction. “Shh! You don’t want to wake everyone up!”
(Y/n) giggled and sat up straight like royalty would, if those royals were wearing plaid flannel pajamas and a Def Leppard T-shirt. “I cannot! For how can I stay silent when I know you’ll be able to see your beloved Merlin and I will get to see my handsome Arthur in a minute or two? You cannot deny me the pleasure of raising my voice in high hopes of the close future to come!” She blocked her face with her arms as Kristen repeatedly pounded her with pillows.
Kristen’s mom, Mrs. Tyler, came
:iconwhosupersherlockedme:whosupersherlockedme 33 9
Max and Jefferson 1 - Life is Strange cosplay by LuckyStrikeCosplay Max and Jefferson 1 - Life is Strange cosplay :iconluckystrikecosplay:LuckyStrikeCosplay 312 15
Surprises (JokerxReader) Part 1/2
"Why looky here," You sang as you entered the interrogation room. "Miss Harley is certainly an honor."
The stripper in red looked at you with cold, hard eyes. You sat down in front of her, taking notice that her hands were tied up behind her. She rolled her eyes at you while you continued to smile at her as you pulled at random paperwork. On the other side of the one way wall, the rest of the police men should be listening and watching the whole interrogation. It was the first time they had caught her. When they do, she managed to escape. But this time it wasn't going to be so easy for her. 
"Where did this....(Name), come from again?" Gordon asked on the other side of the wall.
"I think she was called in here from the big guys down at city hall...said something about how she specialized in things like this," A random officer from behind answered him. 
He merely nodded, accepting the answer. He watched as your pretty (e/c) stared into Harley's that were almost pitc
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 244 77
STOCK - Gweyr by TheGhostSiren STOCK - Gweyr :icontheghostsiren:TheGhostSiren 69 2 WIP - Scar and Simba by CristianoReina WIP - Scar and Simba :iconcristianoreina:CristianoReina 249 90
Mature content
Dead!Tony Stark X Snapped! Reader X Steve Rodgers :iconjinxx-is-the-moon:jinxx-is-the-moon 13 5
Move by DeingeL-Dog-Stock Move :icondeingel-dog-stock:DeingeL-Dog-Stock 159 10 Jigglypuff Anatomy- Pokedex Entry by Christopher-Stoll Jigglypuff Anatomy- Pokedex Entry :iconchristopher-stoll:Christopher-Stoll 492 42
Drunk in Love? | Tony Stark x Reader |
Tonight is the night, Stark. Suit up.
Tony's second armor, one he was much more accustomed to than even the Iron Man suit, was midnight, sleek, and sexy. With a tie as red as wine, shoes shiny enough to rival any star, fluffy hair combed up and beard immaculately trimmed, Tony Stark was ready to get hitched.
Of course, he needed to actually pop the question first.
Tony smoothed out the nonexistent crinkles in his attire and didn't dare touch his actually perfect hair. Who knew how many different gels he'd used to style it just the way he liked? Well, perhaps JARVIS did, considering he was the one who kept Tony's stock filled. When it came to his hair, Tony lost himself in the meticulous efforts akin to the way his fingers worked their magic on the more sensitive, innermost parts of an Iron Man armor.
Whilst debating on sticking the rose between his teeth or behind his ear (plant breath or possibly messing up his hair? Decisions, decisions.) he remembered that Oh yeah,
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 120 17


Now, I haven't seen 'wolf song' so i'm unable to compare this with the scene its inspired by. I'm gonna start by saying that I love the...

This poem is simple, and yet so complex at the same time. It illustrates perfecty the cause and effect of self harm. You have made sure...


It's been over a year since I last logged on, and wow this place has changed. 
Hey everyone (if there's anyone still there )

After a rather long hiatus i've decided that i'm going to attempt writing again. It's something that I really love and have missed doing.

If you have any fanfiction suggestions now is definitely the time to ask, as my plate is completely clear.


majestic-glory's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied

I'm mostly focused on writing reader inserts, though also write alot of original work. (I just choose not to upload much of it) I also draw, but I don't like to share any of my sketches cause every artist on this site is 100 times better then I could ever hope to be.

My fandoms are as follows;

Doctor Who
True Blood
Game of Thrones
Harry Potter

That's all I can think of at the moment, though i'm sure there is more :c

I no longer take requests though I do, do offer commissions. Note me for prices ect.

If you for what ever reason wanna get to know me you're free to add me on Facebook…

I'm a proud slytherin, so no flaming the snakes when I'm around >:I



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