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Prologue: The Strange days

Happy go Alice in the morning down in the kitchen. Immediately she went to a very tousle blond hair.
"Good morning, Jasper," she said and hugged him from behind.
Slowly he turned around and looked into her eyes. "Good morning", he welcomed it and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead. Amazed Alice looked after him.
Had they done something wrong? Or was he thirsty?
Slowly she went after him. But then Edward was already there and looked at her. Alice turned to him. "What about him?" She whispered softly to him and hoped the present time none of his day was obedient. Edward jerked his shoulders. "I do not know, he thinks of nothing special," he admitted.
Alice saw Jasper disappointment after. What was he?
"I'm Bella pick up when someone asks," said Edward then, turned away and disappeared a little later now. Alice looked after him. Super was now alone.
Slowly she followed Jasper again and stared at this sitting on a chair out of the window. Carefully she sat on the chair back and looked at him.
"Jasper?" She asked very slowly and carefully through his highlighted hair.
"Hm," but this was only by himself and stared down further from the open window. From this direction came a terrible smell he already knew enough. He wrinkle his nose.
Alice looked at him and saw injured from. They also felt so terribly hurt by it, but Jasper tried to ignore their feelings hurt, so he himself did.
"Have I done something wrong?", It finally flits quietly on her lips and she looked at the ground.
"No." It was only a slim but strong response. He stood up and closed the windows to the smell finally weakened to make.
Alice had a real heart would be broken now, in thousands of small particles. She held the office where her heart is no longer suggested, but she knew where her most of the pain always came when you lived, even if they themselves never enjoyed.
Slowly she got up and disappeared quickly into the room she shared with Jasper. Why was he to her? He was her only briefly in the eye compatriots and briefly kissed on the forehead. Nothing more. He had such thirst? Why does not he asked her whether she could go hunting together, or why he was not easy? Even if it would make little sour when he simply disappeared. They settled on the sofa, and laid them on the sofa opposed. Alice slowly calmed down, but it was not true. Why they did not know where her inner peace that only came about.
She felt nothing, but was totally absent-absent. She looked like all the Cullen's baseball on the glade and were all staring into the forest. It thundered loudly and appeared a little later a lightning bolt on a woman in a black cloak muffled somewhat enlightened. They came more and more to the clearing and had set up a gentle grin. Who was this woman?
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