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Dracula's Curse

By Maiss-Thro
Made for :icongame-art-hq:'s Castlevania tribute.

Long time I've invested in this piece to make it what it is. Also, it's one of my favorite NES games: Castlevania III Dracula's Curse. Original file is 120x180 cms (47,24x70,86 in) at 300dpi, so I might got too ambitious on this particular one trying to get the old gothic church stained glass window look. Nevertheless, I'm way too happy and proud of the result.

Some of the details in this piece are for historical references: last names of Grant and Sypha: Dăneşti and Vernandes; and the Dracul (Dragon) emblem on the Winged Guard. I gave Sypha a skirt as in Akumajo Dorakyura Pachislot game despite the fact she dresses as a man, Alucard his albine look in SOTN with some outfit changes, and Trevor a coat like in Akumajo Dorakyura Pachislot regarding their original look for the sake of tastes. Hope doesn't bother the more purist of the series.

Hope you like it. Comments are much appreciated.

UPDATE: this piece has many small details, so I uploaded a bigger file to appreciate them and an even bigger file to download just for you. Also gave a little weaker signature so it doesn't bother too much.

Castlevania (c) Konami

EDIT: Many have PM'ed me. So... as requested, I added the possibility to download a 3000x4500px version (from 14000x21000px of the original file) with no big watermarks. Enjoy!
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That's Alucard's real name?
Maiss-Thro's avatar

According to the lore of the games, yes it is.

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Hello, I used some parts of the backgrounds in my Trevor Belmont artwork. Are you okay with it?
Maiss-Thro's avatar

I might not be much pleased, but maybe if I see the result...

Also, I better get some credit on it ;)

EchidKnux's avatar
I did gave you credit. Also thank you.
DavioAlexander's avatar
Nice Grant redesign! hopefully he appears in the next season of the castlevania anime
Maiss-Thro's avatar
I wish he would be there, but some spiderlike hunchback pirate from a former wealthy family like the Danesty throwing daggers at the screen in another giant geared machine-like clocktower structure might be too much to ask LOL
Slippery-Frog's avatar
This is absolutely fantastic. The stained glass effect fits the game's art style perfectly. The more I look, the more detail there is to see. 
Maiss-Thro's avatar
I'm very happy you like it. The details were the main reason to make this.
whittingtonrhett's avatar
ya know, I have seen this picture a lot off and on over the last few years and every so often I like to zoom in on it and really take in all the little details and stuff.  you did an amazing job with this! I really love it! 
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Glad you ike it. Deeply appreciated.
is there a version where the names don't interfere with the scenery? 
Maiss-Thro's avatar
Nope. I thought this as stainglass from a church, and the names are part of them as in the image (or at least the ones I liked the most). I even looked for the names of the families according to history for that. Little geek detail, I know... :P
oh i see! yea, i get it now! nice!
Khasdannyanlord's avatar
someone try the second try of the game??? goddamned Medusa heads transformed on craniums!!! 
Would it be possible to get a textless version (i.e., minus the character names)? Thanks!
Maiss-Thro's avatar
I never got a textless version in mind... Na I do not have the original editable image now.
Would be just an minor edit.
Thanks. It's really a gorgeous piece. Probably my favourite on DeviantArt :)
Maiss-Thro's avatar
I'm flattered by your kind words.
Adananian's avatar
I'm here for Sypha.
Lumine00's avatar
I'm so going to FAV this one. Excellent Job
Maiss-Thro's avatar
Glad you like it that much. Thanks for the +fav
Excellent. Just plain excellent. This is why I always check out Castlevania's fan art. If I had the money, I would buy this as a real stained glass window.
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