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The lionesses from Zira's pride: Bisha (aka Dotty), Damu and Dara.
You can see previous desings of Damu and Dara here.
Dara came to the Pride Lands with the small group of lions, who were led by Zira. She was very loyal to her leader and Scar, and therefore she became the Outsider. However, her respect to Zira decreased with time. She was tired of life on this wasteland, endless fighting trainings and famine. She has an idea to leave the Outlands and find a new home, but the leader rejected it. Despite this Dara was obedient to the battle, because she was afraid of rebellion and bloodshed. She was one of the first Outsiders who left Zira's side and joined to Vitani with the Pridelanders.

Damu and Dara © Me
"Dotty" © Disney
Poses and background © Disney
The Lion King 2 © Disney
It was supposed to be quick and easy practise... but it was not at all easy for me. Sweating a little... Many things were traced.

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I like the Outsiders. They have interesting designs. We even gained more in TLG. :)
Although their numbers are a bit inconsistent. Giggle
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To wygląda prawie jak wycięta scena z filmu!
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Bardzo dziękuję!
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Who are these three?
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Dotty is a background lioness from The Lion King 2. Damu and Dara are my characters.
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I have no idea why but I can't help but add funny emo dialog with this Giggle : 

"So...What do you want to do today?"
"I don't know. What is there to do in a place like the Outlands?"
"Dig at the ground for food?"
"Did that yesterday." 
"Lay on the ground being sad?"
"Did that the day before."
"Claw out your friend's eye?"
"Did that the day before that. Plus no one's really friends with anyone in this pride anyway..."
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It may be a true dialogue xD
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But these three seems to be friends! :XD:
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O Boże, nie było mnie baaardzo długo na DA i dopiero teraz to widzę...

Niesamowite! Clap 
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KrazyKari's avatar
Awww.... Dotty! :heart:
Szybko się uczysz! Efekt pracy niesamowity. Czekam na więcej! To był rozkaz, nie  orzeczenie! Pozdrawiam. :D 
Maisha-Iris's avatar
Bardzo dziękuję! Zastosuję się do "rozkazu" XD
PestdoktorMiasma's avatar
Great work, I really like the way you do the tlk-style! I think I like Dara best in this picture, I think her face came out best. But the others look great as well, I especially like your lineart, it looks so nice and smooth!
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Thank you very much! This is my first picture with this type of lineart (wikatoria71 told me how to do it :)). I'm so glad that you like it :D
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Don't feel bad about the tracing. I'm glad you admitted to the imagery not being 100% you. But hey, tracing can be good practice to get you in the swing of things. I do it all the time (Though I don't claim or share the final product as mine) to help freshen memories or to learn something new. This is p good :thumbsup: 
Maisha-Iris's avatar
Thank you for the advice :)
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They could so be Scar x Sarabi/Scar x Sarafina cubs. La la la la 
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They could be... but they aren't :) Dara is old when the two prides reunite. She and Zira come from the same pride (not from the Pride Lands). Damu is in similar age to Vitani. Her mother was an Outsider and she doesn't know her father - it can be Scar, but it isn't sure.
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