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Vitani in The Lion Guard - my guess

April Fool version:

Art: me
Pose: Disney
Vitani: Disney
Background: Disney

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It was very close. Good guess!

Trevor-Kerensky's avatar

Even though I barely knew Vitani back then (considering I don't remember her from the very first time I watched Simba's Pride), I like both the Simba's Pride version and the Lion Guard version. But that aside, your version is the best.

jeana1's avatar

Back when I showed you where I've said that her eyes are blue, it was also shown on 2 other fan art on a different website [Link].

BlackRaptor1's avatar
I have a feeling we will see her again in the show.
RoselinaKisasi's avatar
Na początku myślałam, że to klatka z filmu xd W TLG wygląd Vitani zepsuli całkowicie, zaś twój rysunek kojarzy mi się ze starymi dobrymi czasami Króla Lwa c: 
Maisha-Iris's avatar
Naprawdę? :) Dziękuję za komplement :D
Maltara's avatar
Your version is much better than the Disney Junior
Thunderstar711's avatar
Well the official Vitani for the Lion Guard is here but to tell you the truth I love your Vitani design. She looks so beautiful. She looks more good then evil but in this image she has the same menacing she has in the Lion King: Simba's Pride.…
Maisha-Iris's avatar
I've already seen this. Vitani looks very, very well in this. It makes me so happy :D
Through-the-movies's avatar
Who know's if Vitani really appears like this.
Love it. So awesome.
Casanova-pl's avatar
Muszę przyznać że wygląda poprostu idealnie. Tak właśnie może ona wyglądać w serialu.
Nie mogę się jej i Nuki doczekać, oby pojawili się jeszcze w pierwszym sezonie
Maisha-Iris's avatar
Dziękuję! Ja też bardzo tego wyczekuję. Informacja została podana dawno, zanim w ogóle zapowiedziano drugi sezon, więc raczej dotyczy pierwszego. Może pojawią się w ostatnim odcinku? Taki wielki finał sezonu :)
Tylko odcinki mogłby wychodzić szybciej, nudzi mi się to czekanie :/
Casanova-pl's avatar
Fakt faktem strasznie wolno wychodzą te odcinki
TlkSkittles5384's avatar
I'm hoping that when they do star in the lion guard, (sadly we have no realese date yet! :( ) that they can appear in rafiki's cave of paintings and so that Kion can know there history and so that we know who all of there true parents are.
I know that the lion king director (Darrell Rooney) said on Facebook that Kovu is just an orphan to (possibly) both Scar and Zira, now we just need to know the answer for Nuka and Vitani. As a fan, I do believe that Nuka is the son of Scar but I also believe that Vitani and Kovu both come from the same litter. I just CAN'T WAIT for the official realese date and I really hope that they do confirm Nuka as SCAR'S SON because it would work and it would be amazing! :D :D :D :D
Maisha-Iris's avatar
I agree! A history of the Outlanders... it would be so awesome! :D I also think that Nuka is Scar's son, but in my opinion Vitani is her daughter too.
TlkSkittles5384's avatar
Yes, agreed! :D I am going to be talking to one of the Lion King II actors (Jarson Marsden) who plays Kovu and so far I am going to ask him what his opinion is on the family triangle and what he thinks about Scar being Nuka's son. :D I am planning of uploading the screenshot when he gets back to me via Twitter! :D
Maisha-Iris's avatar
Yay :D I can't wait!
TlkSkittles5384's avatar
:D ok, so he was able to get back to me he actually agrees with the idea of Scar being Nuka's son and now it's his personal opinion and there's a load of people who say it's fake, but I know what he said!…
Maisha-Iris's avatar
Just a personal opinion, but it is great anyway :D Thank you! I believe it isn't fake.
TlkSkittles5384's avatar
No problem! :D most people believe that it is an imposter but it isn't I know what I saw.
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