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I am currently watching the television adaptation series of "Game of Thrones", I read the book series first. 
   (I am on season six...)
Today, I watched the episode "The Door" and... I dissolved into a puddle of tears.
Normally movies and television shows never make me incredibly emotional.
It does not help that Hodor was among one of my most beloved characters of
both the books and the show.
There are/were plenty of snippets in both the books and a show that had me
on the brink, but I was a sobbing mess with this.

                    Meera: "Hold the door!"

                    Hodor: "Hold the door! Hold the door! Hold the door!
                                Hold the door! Hold door! Hold door! Hold door!
                                Hodor! Hodor! Hodor!"

                    Me:      Cry forever 

For those of you who enjoy the books/show, what moment(s) were your most tear-inducing?
Bore da... !
I hope your summer/winter days are treating you well, given which hemisphere you reside.
Considering I have completed the concept series of the Tevinter Old Gods/Archdemons, 'tis time to update my dear and faithful watchers in regards to what comes next.

**For all of you, I thank you dearly for your patience. To those of you who have recently added me to your watch, I am sincerely humbled and I could not thank you enough for deeming me worthy of your attention.**

Although I was happy to be finished with such an enormous project (the Old Gods), I find myself being drawn back to continuing where I supposedly finished. With that being said, I do intend to draw them again. However, I will not be starting right away, 'twill be time. I will submit sketches of them, though. Consider this the final draft. :)

Aside from that, I have a personal list of art projects and pieces I intend to pursue in due time. 
I would say that these ideas would take at least a year or longer to draft, draw, complete, etc.,etc. ...

**Here I will update (within the next day or so) which project I intend to tackle.**

It might be a week before I decide to begin a project, until then, I will submit sketches and rough ink pieces.
As for that, I do not have much more to type. 
**I am still going to be falling into an inactive state on this site later this year. This will be, more or less, a forewarning When I say 'inactive', I am no longer throwing it loosely about. I will not be online at all for nearly three months. Please understand when I do release it; any comments, notes, so on and so forth, I will reply in due time, just not immediately.**

Much love and cake,