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A lovely morrow to you my dear madames and messeres.

For quite some time now, I have been withholding a very special announcement in regards to my future. Because of
these upcoming and unique circumstances, it will also affect my activity here. For a while, at least.
Tomorrow, I will officially be departing for Air Force Basic Military Training (BMT). Due to this, I will no longer be active on here whatsoever. More importantly; I may not even be able to return to dA for six months. Give or take. This amount of time is also due to the Technical School I will be attending after BMT. This isn't just because of school/work and my soon-to-be excessively active lifestyle that I won't be on here. I'm not one to be very personable on here so I'll make it brief. To be honest, my life has been in utter shambles for the past year to year-and-a-half. And instead of focusing on getting my arse in gear and my life back together... I've really just been... existing. So, with that said, much of this year will be my focusing on putting the pieces back together and making something of myself. Which will, indubitably, signify my lack of activity on here. From this moment on, I have nothing left to lose, and everything to gain.

With these events inevitably transpiring, I'm sure some if not many of you are wondering: "What?! No more art?!"
Let me assure you that this is not the case. :) I have no intention by any means to give up art. Art is my lifeline. It always will be. Even with my schooling and with my work, I will still be creating art. I'll make time if I have to.
The only catch is that I won't be posting much on here if at all. Where I *will* likely be posting, however...
You can find me on the 'Dragon Age' Amino under the username 'Mairwynn'. This other account is one that I actually use more often than dA nowadays, and even better... my username is easy to find. I don't necessarily have to worry about finding a scanner for superb quality, so it's quite convenient. Although, I have managed to work the magic my phone's camera has to offer so yay!

Remember, though, nothing is guaranteed with this. Even on the Amino, I may not be active at all, but I'll still be creating art outside this wondrous world of the interweb. Six months will come and go before we know it. Mayhaps I'll even be able to improve my style and skill... who knows?

That's all I really have to say. I am sincerely sorry I have to leave you all like this, but I promise I'll be back. It'll just be for a little while.

Know that I love you all dearly~! 
Until the day dawns, behave yourselves!

Much love,

How could I not type a journal about this?!
I can't thank you all enough for the immense love and appreciation my art has received over the past few days.
So many new watchers, and so many comments and  favorites has left me stunned!
Truly, I am gobsmacked! 

To all of you, from my heart, thank you SO much for the love!
It truly made my week... no, my New Year!
It is taking some time to file through my notifications, but I promise to get through them all, eventually!

To all of my new watchers...

Thank you dearly for considering me worth a watch. It is every one of you that helps keep my passions for art alive. I hope I will not disappoint you, and I will do my very best to bring to you good art!

You have truly made this woman happy. 
I am beyond humbled by your kindness.

So much love,

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Bore da... !
'Tis time to update my dear and faithful watchers in regards to what comes next.

**For all of you, I thank you dearly for your patience. To those of you who have recently added me to your watch, I am sincerely humbled and I could not thank you enough for deeming me worthy of your attention.**

Obviously, I failed Inktober 2018; not even gracefully, either. However, I do intend to hold onto the prompts and use them for inspiration during my art blocks. Which I did suffer from in recent days, up until last week. I am currently working on a greater scale project correlating to the Old Gods, which explains my lack of activity. This will take some time to complete; so with that being said, please be patient with me, lovelies. I promise it will be worth it!

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Much love and cake,