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Bore da... !
I hope your summer/winter days are treating you well, given which hemisphere you reside.
Considering I have completed the concept series of the Tevinter Old Gods/Archdemons, 'tis time to update my dear and faithful watchers in regards to what comes next.

**For all of you, I thank you dearly for your patience. To those of you who have recently added me to your watch, I am sincerely humbled and I could not thank you enough for deeming me worthy of your attention.**

Although I was happy to be finished with such an enormous project (the Old Gods), I find myself being drawn back to continuing where I supposedly finished. With that being said, I do intend to draw them again. However, I will not be starting right away, 'twill be time. I will submit sketches of them, though. Consider this the final draft. :)

Aside from that, I have a personal list of art projects and pieces I intend to pursue in due time. 
I would say that these ideas would take at least a year or longer to draft, draw, complete, etc.,etc. ...

**Here I will update (within the next day or so) which project I intend to tackle.**

It might be a week before I decide to begin a project, until then, I will submit sketches and rough ink pieces.
As for that, I do not have much more to type. 
**I am still going to be falling into an inactive state on this site later this year. This will be, more or less, a forewarning When I say 'inactive', I am no longer throwing it loosely about. I will not be online at all for nearly three months. Please understand when I do release it; any comments, notes, so on and so forth, I will reply in due time, just not immediately.**

Much love and cake,