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Shy Angel by Mairwynn Shy Angel by Mairwynn I wanted to break away temporarily from rushing through my Chibi guardian designs. Instead, I created a Chibi me. c:
One thing to know about that I am a very shy individual. I might be friendly and trade some words, but that's it.
I'm also a recluse. You know you are truly a recluse when people point it out; I can live a solitary life perfectly fine. That's actually what I want, to move to a different country, own a lot of land and live out my days alone.
Another thing, this angel is my OC and embodies all that I am and my desires. Such as:

~I wish I had heterochromia, meaning two different eyes. I've lost count with how many times people have complimented my eye color. My eyes are almost a combination of hazel and a deep blue...I just like the thought of having two different colors in two different eyes.
~I wish my birthday was either late November or December 24th. I adore November and December, they are the months with which I practically thrive in. Not just because of the holidays, I just really, really love them. My Aunt actually celebrates her birthday on the 23rd of December, and I don't like jealousy, but I do envy her. I especially love December.
~I wish I possessed cryokinetic abilities. Seriously, who WOULDN'T want to have elemental abilities.
~I wish I was born in a different country too. Don't most of us dream that?
~Most of all, I wish I had wings. Not just the typical two wings, but I would have four. My OC, Zima, her wings are not of the norm. Aside from having four, they also coordinate themselves with the seasons because of the (fictional) species she was spliced with. It's August where I live, so Autumn is rounding the corner. By now, her wings will have surpassed their peak of brunette coloration; normally her wings are like her hair, they're brown with a mixture of auburn and speckled/tipped with dark brown and gold. When summer is reaching it's end, though, they begin to fade and boast a more fiery appearance; because the brown begins to fade, but the auburn and the gold do not. They will remain like this for a while before they fade all together in their most beautiful appearance, Winter. During the Winter, her wings are a cream/snow white, to the point that they are luminescent. Her down feathers are thicker and fluffier, and are a pale mocha. Her wings are faintly sprinkled with this mocha shade, but they carry an iridescence as well because of her ice elemental abilities.

I think I'm an otherkin...
I hope you like anyway, though...c:


Please do not duplicate or steal in any way, shape or form. My creatures, characters, and submissions are of my own hands and creation and therefore belong to me.
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Naoxe Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Omg. Those wings. THEY'RE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Mairwynn Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015  Student General Artist
Mr-Pink-Rose Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2015
You look very pretty!!!  I especially like the look of your eyes and freckled face...and believe it or not, I have the same color eyes as you do: a blue/hazel combo.  Plus, I've also been shy my entire life.  It's hard to open up to people when your voice, personality, and likes are less than manly.  By the way, what country do you live in?
Mairwynn Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2015  Student General Artist
Aww, thank you!!! Giggle  It's so interesting to meet someone else with similar eyes, it's such a unique color! I am a dummy! I've been shy as well...sometimes when I talk I sound like a little bird or a's just a squeak!

I live in a turmoil United States...if things weren't growing to be so corrupted and greedy, I would like living here more...but I do not. :( (Sad) 
Mr-Pink-Rose Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015
You're not alone in that opinion.  A lot of people think politicians in our government are greedy and corrupt.  We need new ones, badly!!!
Mairwynn Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2015  Student General Artist
Yes we do!! I could not agree more!
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August 11, 2015
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