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Happy Holidays! :) - news

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 26, 2011, 1:40 PM

How are you? :heart:
I've been away for a while because I've been very busy with my last book: Hansel and Gretel, it will be released for iPad and iPhone (and soon for Android as well) and it took me a lot of time (25 illustrations! O_O) but I had so much fun experimenting a new character design and trying to use just patterns and no textures in every single illustration.
Here you can find some of my best illustrations from this book:…

:holly: :rudolph: My holidays are quite sad this year, my dog is passing away and I know I will miss him very much; he's almost 15 and I've assisted to his birth in May 22d 1997.
Anyway I'm trying to be positive: I would love to have another dog and...a cat! I've never had a cat and I need one :heart:
I hope your holidays could be more cheerful  ^ ^

I've chosen some important words in my Xmas/Holidays message this year. I think family is the one you choose: partners and friends. And pets of course :)

I'm starting another book within a week and I'm so excited. This year I've worked on six books!!! Plus other little works (posters, flyers and magazine covers). This has been a very positive year for my profession.
I hope 2012 can be even better ^^

This work is VERY HARD and you have to think the better you can and you need the courage to try, you need to be self confident sometimes... I love this work, it takes the bigger part of my time :)

:deviation: I received some notes from people asking for prints: I don't have prints on dA anymore; anyway you can buy almost all of my prints on my ETSY SHOP and also ask for a print you cannot find, just send me a message here or on Etsy mail:

I also made some whimsical bookmarks with glitters and beads, you can find them there! :)

:deviation: If you are interested in some products featuring my illustrations, instead, I have a Zazzle Shop, you can also ask for a product with a drawing you like and you cannot find in the shop, just send me an email or a private message,a note ^^ you just need to drop a line and I always reply (mostly via email, I mean, my email replies are always faster because I check my email address daily from my smartphone)

Other news?
Yay! My illustration about "Privacy"  (here you can find the full story) has been selected for Tapirulan international exhibit and Catalogue 2012!…

Well... I think it's all... ^^

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My first GIVEAWAY!

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 9, 2011, 11:24 AM

My first giveaway!
You're nearly 1000 on my page and when it will count 1000 fans I will start a giveway with jewel bookmarks and a set of 5 illustrations by me (A4 format). The winner will choose between two sets:



MY PAGE --->…

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My 2d Daily Deviation! Thank you so much!

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 24, 2011, 2:02 AM

It's a sunny fall day here in Milan and I was having my hot chocolate for breakfast when :iconclaudia-sg: wrote on my FB wall to tell me "did you see, you got your 2d DD!"
And I was like "what?! when?! O_O"

Alice in the moonlight by mairimart

This illustration is quite old but I still like it very much. I can see all its imperfections after all this time (and believe when I say "all this time", one year is a lot of time for an illustrator, speaking on style) but still I can see all its qualities so I'm very proud of this image.

Thank you to :iconminato-kushina: and :iconalexandrasalas: :hug:

I wish you a super cute weekend :D

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Could you vote for me pleeeease? :)

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 17, 2011, 3:53 PM

I'm joining a contest .. if you love my artwork

Countess of Castiglione by mairimart

please vote for me! :)

You just need to click "Like" under the picture.

thank you :heart: :heart:

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How was your summer?

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 17, 2011, 3:45 PM

This is officially the first day of autumn here in Milan.
I was going out with my boyfriend to eat a pizza after a very busy week but after 20 minutes it was raining cats and dogs so we came back home, my feet were cold and my socks totally wet :(

Anyway...this is a very particular period to me... I'm having several health issues but I'm also starting new therapies so I'm quieter because I know I'm finding a cure :)

Autumn is a very special season, isn't it?
I don't know why, maybe because when I was at school, september was the moment of the year in which I started thinking about new goals and projects. Nothing changed: when summer ends I start thinking about new things to do.
I've worked hard during the summer to draw 3 interactive books and I'm starting another one (yesterday I've received the fourth text and I like it! it's a story from Arabian Nights) and I'm working a lot on new style solutions, such as new vintage atmospheres. I'm about to buy a fairytale book printed in 1863. I've already love it as it was here in my hands :heart: Anyway, I'm studying the old victorian illustrators and I love that look, warm colors and light tones.
These studies influenced my latest works.

These illustrations from "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett are my experiment for Bologna Children Book Fair 2012.

The Secret Garden Print Set by mairimart

Other misc. news:

- I'm thinking about working in a studio, outside home. I need to wake up early, take a shower and run to take my train to the studio, and I need to finish the working day after 6-7 p.m. When you work from home you NEVER come to an end. I usually quit working at 3 a.m and this bad habit is driving me crazy and it's terribly unealthy. I mean, I love drawing in the middle of the night, with silence and peace, but my body is giving up so I have to do something good for me. I'm not 15 anymore. I'm turning 28.
- I've deleted all my prints on DeviantArt. Please don't be mad but I feel it's quite fair. My prints are available in different sizes on my Shop on Etsy, here:… where I'm also uploading new paper goods everyday such as bookmarks in different size and qualities; I've also created a Mini Collection of bookmarks with a handmade jewel by me :)…

If you'd love a small print that is not in the shop yet, just ask. I will be glad to print what you love :)

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Not dead yet :D

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 19, 2011, 5:56 PM

Two months away...sorry!
Yeah ok, I've updated my gallery during these weeks but I didn't write here.

It's because I'm working hard recently.
I started publishing and it's quite you know... it's a great satisfaction but everyday you have something to do, I mean you wake up in the morning and there's a list on your desk telling you what you have to do.
- Talk to the art director
- Phone calls from the publisher
- Storyboards
- Send this and that
- Sell invoice #...

I love this job but sometimes it's not only about's about deadlines and a lot of boring things to do. I hate phone calls and talking on the phone ç__ç I hate sending the pieces and waiting for approval. I especially hate writing invoice. They give me panic.

But hey, finding your book on a shelf is the very reason to say "I was right, this job is terrific! Hey! This book is mine!" XD

I'm just a little tired, sorry! :heart:

My Etsy Shop is nearly finished. I'm not going to sell prints on dA anymore; the old ones I have here will be removed I think. I do prefere a shop on my own: priting each illustration, signing each one of them and sell some limited edition pieces because some of them are more precious and special to me.

Stay tuned! :love:

P.S How's your summer?

This year is quite rainy and cold here in Milan.
I've been to the seaside in May. I've been lucky.

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New projects and choices + seaside

Journal Entry: Thu May 12, 2011, 9:35 AM

Hello hello hello! :love:
These last days have been quite a mess.
First of all, my PC died the last week (R.I.P Muffin :( you've been a good PC and we made a lot of things together!) , while I was receiving a new book to illustrate. It's been pure panic.
ALL my finished original illustrations was on the broken hard disk because I haven't finished my backup on my external disk yet.
Yesterday I luckly had all my files back and I am so happy! All went better than expected lol.
I'm opening my Etsy shop to sell my original signed prints and I have all my works now :heart:

I bought a new PC and it arrived today, and I already love it. I called it Ten Vashta Nerada :dummy:
Sometimes I am so nerd, duh.

By the way, I love the feeling while you're exporting your old files and folders on a new computer. It's a sort of Moving, isn't it?

So I decided to start new styles and studies.
I need fresh air and something new...

I'm starting a Rapunzel animated book and leaving for the South (seaside!!! yay! :love: ) so I could be away for about a month... sorry for the late answers!

Stay tuned! :pc:

Oh, and I'm going to write some news about what I'm doing here on my Twitter Page!/morenaforza
and on my Fan Page…

se you soon!


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(ITALIAN ONLY Sorry) Roba da Disegnatori

Journal Entry: Sun May 8, 2011, 7:36 PM

This post is about a blog I opened 11 months ago. It's just in Italian and it's for this reason I'm going to write in Italian only :)


Non ho mai scritto di Roba da Disegnatori qui su Deviantart e in effetti dopo quasi un anno dalla sua nascita è parecchio strano a pensarci bene.
Alcuni utenti mi hanno scritto "ah ma sei tu quella di Roba da Disegnatori!" Quindi sì lo dico qui una volta (non) per tutte: sono io :D

Ma questo post vorrebbe rivolgersi a chi ancora non ci conosce.

Ho aperto Roba da Disegnatori quasi un anno fa (il 7 giugno è il nostro primo compleanno!) da sola ma successivamente si sono aggiunti delle ottime collaboratrici da Roma e Parigi.
Ci occupiamo semplicemente di disegno (illustrazione e fumetto) e di tutto ciò che gira attorno al disegno creativo quindi ispirazione, storia dell'illustrazione, autori da cui trarre ispirazione (illustratori di vario tipo naturalmente), interviste e tutorial dedicati.

In Italia non esiste un punto di riferimento che distribuisce capillarmente le informazioni per questo tipo di mestiere e non esiste ancora una situazione di vera aggregazione tra illustratori e fumettisti. Lo scopo con cui è nato RDD è stato quindi quello di raccogliere più informazioni possibili da condividere tra di noi, divulgarle e creare quindi uno spirito di unione e delle solide basi di conoscenza.

Dove trovarci:

Qui scrivo gli articoli, avvalendomi di letture su libri e in rete, o basati sulla mia esperienza, su alcune traduzioni da me effettuate, e sugli articoli che :iconmartinacecilia: e :iconblumina: mi inviano sulle tematiche di cui si occupano (rispettivamente Mini tutorial e Animazione)

La pagina Facebook è nata per prima e rimane tutt'ora il punto di scambio e conversazione tra illustratori fumettisti e disegnatori amatoriali. Una popolazione piuttosto disomogenea ma perchè no decisamente interessante.
Qui posto status, immagini, e i link ai post sul blog per divulgarli meglio.
E' anche il posto dove si possono rivolgere domande, fare annunci e postare (senza esagerare) i propri disegni nella gallery per chiedere consigli o semplicemente per far vedere i propri lavori.

Proprio oggi ho aperto un account Twitter perchè le informazioni che postavo andavano perdendosi nei millemila post degli utenti. La pagina conta più di 9mila iscrizioni e ogni giorno ci sono un centinaio di commenti e post, quindi trovare cosa avevo postato era molto dispersivo. L'account di Twitter è collegato alla pagina di modo che qualunque cosa io (e solo io,amministratrice) posti in bacheca, questo andrà a "depositarsi" nell'account Twitter. Quindi tutte le informazioni sono consultabili, archiviate ordinatamente lì.
Serve per seguire i nostri aggiornamenti.

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My first book and fair + amazing fanart sculpture!

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 13, 2011, 6:30 AM

Kill the Granny Comedy Collection is my first publication (Italy and France) and I'm so proud of it!
It's a beautiful comic but my story is illustrated since I'm not a comic artist.
Last Saturday I went to Torino Comics in Turin to sign some copies with the two authors (Francesca Mengozzi and Giovanni Marcora) and the other artists who worked on the book.
Kill the Granny has ben released in Italy and France.

After so many nights of hard work, looking at the printed illustrations has been a great satisfaction.
Signing copies, drawing sketches in stand and meeting fans has been so exciting.  :)

The publisher (Pavesio) organized an exhibit with all the original drawings and work in progress.
This is mine (From the left to the right: Sketch/pen+felt, Vector, final illustration for the splash page of my story) :

A few pages of my story...

:::::::FANART SPACE! <3 :::::::
:iconmordaunt: Mordaunt made an amazing little figure of my Ladybug character!
Il pleut by mairimart

Here it is:


isn't it lovely?! :heart:

She's so talented!

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About Copy and Inspiration

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 24, 2011, 12:29 PM

I don't want to sound conceited or awkward. I love talking with people, I love giving advices, asking for new techniques, being kind and kind people.
What does it mean?
In some people opinion, being kind is writing kindly. No, I'm sorry, you can write in your better way and doing something very bad and rude.
-------We are not what we say, we are what we do. -------
This is one of my rules for living and I deeply believe in it.

I am always kind and polite but I realized sometimes it's not the better choice. People often think you're pretty stupid when you are too kind. They think they can say and DO everything they want.
Well, I'm sick of these stressing situations.

I'm going to show you what my excessive kindness has produced.

This guy called Samir C. (you could say THANK YOU because I AM a polite person and I'm not going to write your surname, dear) asked for a copy of this work by me:

The Little Prince by mairimart

as a gift for his friend. I told him I have some prints for sale but he doesn't want to pay. He apparently think drawing as a profession is not something to pay for. This  A4 print is 15$, not 100.

So, what had he thought? "Hey you genius! Why don't you make a copy? It's easy and totally free! Ha!"

Then he sent the copy to me, asking if I like it. Of course I like it, you idiot, since it's MY DRAWING, my idea, my colors, my composition and all!

But the situation became awkward. I answered with a polite email, telling him it's a copy and I don't like to be fooled. That's what he wrote to me:

"Yeah you 100% right.
but "stealing" is bad word to use i prefere "inspiration", i wish i have half of your talent so i coud copy 100% your amazing artwork, brightside is my skills is getting better trying to copy you

how many peoples come to you and do like me?
how many copy your art without you even know?

"best way to praise some one is copying"
you should be proud i wanto to lear much i can with you"

oh really, "stealing is a bad word" why don't we call it inspiration then? You think it changes a lot, don't you? You're so smart. And I guess since I draw for children you think I'm quite stupid and naive.
Well, I'm not.

Sometimes you can't concretely tell where inspiration ends and where copy starts but this is the time I can prove what I'm saying. It's clear that this guy copied my illustration but since he insists this is INSPIRATION, there, it is not inspiration.

I've superimposed my illustration and his drawing then I've deleted some parts, you see it's 100% TRACED OUT. AND HE WANTS TO CALL IT INSPIRATION.

What's inspiration?
- You choose the same subject but different colours, composition, medias.
- You choose the same composition but different colours, medias, subject.
- You choose the same colors (and maybe pick them if the drawing is digital) and do SOMETHING TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

When subject, colours, composition, medias are the same we are talking about art theft/copy.

Sometimes it's quite clear.

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Hands Helping Japan: draw your help

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 21, 2011, 4:40 AM

The Japanese disaster which shook the world shocked us as individuals and as artits.

The idea? Simple and effective as a haiku!

So does this project: we collect illustrations inspired by Japan. What makes you think this Country? You have complete freedom on the subject and technique. Take inspiration from his poetry, slid the china on your own brushes, imagine the magic of nature, not forgetting the famous manga.

We describe a new smile for a country that should and can be reborn.

We are already in action, each illustration will be posted on this blog along with the data of the author. In a few days we will be at Bologna Children's Book Fair hoping to give you some more good news from the many meetings scheduled, and the interest we have shown thatseveral non-profit organization in recent days.

Thank you all for reading, share and participate!

Arigato ^_^
We are waiting for your drawings

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Comic, book, agent

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 11, 2011, 7:44 PM

Well, this 2011 has started in a busy way and I couldn't  be happier.
It was the first time working on storyboards and with publishers deadlines and I was quite scared but, I must say I'm quite surprised, this haven't been so hard. I can perfectly handle all this kind of things and this proves I'm making the right choice.
Yep, I love this work.
It sucks all my energies away but it's worthy.
Someone who I'm working with, told me I'm quite a perfectionist; lol  I guess it's the only situation in which I'm a perfectionist, since my room is a mess and I lately look like a zombie or something undead anyway. XD

Second news, I finally completed my first children/juvenile book. It's very weird how a book became something you didn't expect. I mean, while I've been working on it, it became something new and pretty creepy, that I didn't think at the beginning.
The plot developed in a strange way and I feel my characters grew up while I was looking at them and not under my words. I know it might sound crazy but I couldn't explain this very clearly x.x
The ending appeared to me while I was watching a pic on Flickr. It's been an illumination! I saw my main character,Lavinia, in that pic (in which there was any person! just a ruined house) standing in the front of this house... it's been as someone was telling me a story, like it's not been invented at all!
Now I just hope to find a publisher, who knows! ;D

And it seems I finally found an agent! :)
This is an amazing news :heart: I received an answer after months this evening, I wasn't thinking about it anymore, I mean, I thought I was rejected and when I saw the email my heart sank.
I'm very happy because it's an agency I do like very very much! It represents a lot of children illustrators I admire and I feel honoured. :)

What about my free time?
Err.. it's quite poor at the moment XD I'm watching BBC dramas (today it was the turn of North&South and I LOVE IT SO MUCH :dummy: ) and reading "The secret garden" to illustrate it.
Drinking chocolate. Too much chocolate indeed.
Desperately waiting for springtime and needing a trip to the UK, as always.

there. :D

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One month later...

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 13, 2011, 10:47 AM

Hello hello hello :)
How are you?
My 2011 started with a lot of artistic resolutions; I started drawing unusual objects , people, buildings and animals. I mean, unusual for me :P
I'm starting a new part of my portfolio to send it for editorial projects and I'm having a lot of fun with this.
I'm also working on my publication, it's a comic and I have to send the storyboards for Monday. I CAN DO IT! è_é
I'm quite excited and I already have projects for this spring. March,April and May will be very busy months, so I'm trying to be full of energy, working a lot.

I also started a personal project. A book I want to send to some publishers :fingerscrossed:
I'm frightened and excited at she same time :)

Are you ok?

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Just because I'm not dead u_u

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 8, 2010, 5:57 PM

and I'd wish to let you know ,I'm not perfectly alright but I'm alive.

sorry if I didn't reply to your messages yet!
I'm going to reply during these days, thanks for your feedbacks and support :heart: you're precious.

I'm waiting for a scenography then I'm going to start working on my first publication. It's a comic that will be published on april 2011 (Italy.. then in France but still don't know the date exactly)
I'm not patient but I have to wait u.u

This is the summary of what I'm doing during this month:
- drawing Xmas gifts people ask for commission
- drawing xmas drawings and cards for friends and family hohohohoh!
- sleeping too much or too less
- watching costume movies
- eating chocolate and trying new vegetarian recipes (and I'm quite good you know hehe)
- reading too much. No,seriously. I usually think a person cannot read too much. I grew up in a library ok? I am reading too much. I guess 900 pages in less than 48 hours .. is just insane. But I just can't stop. Everytime I finish a book a want to start another one. So I usually borrow from the library 4 book each time °_° I just cannot think that if I finish a book in the middle of the night I haven't nothing to start. Ok sometimes it happened I opened Google Books and I found something to read but honestly, this is pure insanity.
- writing articles and interviews on my illustration blog (… Italian,sorry :/ but if you want to discover new talents, it could be good for you anyway; images are a language for ALL :D )
- medical examinations of course. I'm so sick of being told they don't know why I am ill. Who knows. This is going a very very very long winter because I don't know what it is but my muscles hurts cruelly and I cannot stay outside. Under 20 degrees, I freeze and I have cramps. I just can stay home, stay warm and do what I wrote before.

I am lucky because my boyfriend is amazing (I am always cold and he bought those for me:… they're USB slippers THEY REALLY are! :dummy: pink plushy USB slippers haha :heart: and he gave me a lot of Nintendo DS games) my friends are amazing too, and my dog is small, round and warm. And I have also a lot of books.
God,why did I subscribe at Amazon?
I'm already poor. I'm going to be the poorest girl in the world.

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Sketchbook Project

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 6, 2010, 1:29 PM

The Sketchbook Project: 2011
I joined to this beautiful project and I am currently having fun with guaches, acrylics, pens,markers and pastels. I missed them so much :)
But I think I'm not good enough to use them professionally so I'm just having fun with projects like this :giggle:

this is the cover:

sketchbook project cover

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What?! 6 years on dA!

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 25, 2010, 7:14 AM

I've just realized!


2 days ago it was my sixth bday on dA!
I've been very present just in the last two years,though.

I guess there's no better way to celebrate than a big thank you to some old dA friends that supported me in these years also with materials:

La casa dell'incesto by martinacecilia
:iconmartinacecilia: an old friend and a great watercolorist. I love her watercolors,she's great with digital technique as well and the watercolor textures I use in my illos are mostly made by her :)

Cage by chuckometti
:iconchuckometti: Monika has been a great support,a great inspiration to me and she explained me how to use textures ,which are maybe the most important part of my illustrations. She's kind and sweet and I love her artworks,don't miss her gallery :)

I don't believe in Pigeons by Mollinda   HUGE monoprint 4 by pendlestock
:iconmollinda: a.k.a  :iconpendlestock:  During this last year, my illustrations have been FULL of her amazing textures. She has one of the best stock account here on dA and I love  her paintings and illos,plus she's a great deviant :) (ha! but you know Molly,since you're famous! :dummy: )so THANK YOU, even if you hate purple, I am quite shocked for that!

L'aurore by Blumina
:iconblumina: She knows what  quality is and she's growing amazingly, check her gallery! Her illustrations are PURE ELEGANCE. And this is quite obvious,since Sleeping Beauty by Walt Disney is her main source of inspiration.
Plus,our artistic gossips are the best things to share at midnight XD :heart:

:iconillusiveblue: I love her atmospheres and she's one of the sweetest persons I've met here on dA. Thank you darling!

A BIG THANK YOU also to you, who comment my journal,you are a real support to me :hug:
You show me what artistic friendship is :)

Ok now ...IT'S FEATURE TIME to Celebrate! :love:
Illustration and Painting

Sweet Ninay by luchi-yeah  :thumb171615817: tandem by grainesDeSeL
Silence by JuliaNikitina   The Path by JuliaNikitina   Loom by Nachan
Goodnight by Adelaida  :thumb144661251:   Lady GaGa Drawing by MauroIllustrator
Deconstruction by Coliandre Winter's Tale by smokepaint :thumb162046415:

Photography and Photomanipulation

:thumb119553629: Horror Vacui by KopaBill I tell a story ... by MartaC
:thumb180626015: under and above by oyah Land Ahoy by Mollinda
Hope in a Dream by GilbertCantu Maggie by AlicjaRodzik herbst.wind III by silent-order
standing on the world by aimeelikestotakepics :thumb109463574: designer's portrait by oprisco
:thumb143447972: Time for a spot of tea by Mimi-93 Homestead: The Washer Room by Beyond-Oddities

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About copycats, bans and rude people

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 22, 2010, 6:35 AM

Well I'm quite irritated at the moment.
1) I don't know why some people ask stupid and unkind questions such as "Do you call it art?" or "You think you're an artist?" or the worst, "You think you're great just because you join some exhibits?"
Well, you know what? I don't like joining exhibits at all. I mean, I could be more excited, as a lot of my friends and other artists are.
But I'm not.
Don't know why, I get excited drawing and printing my illustrations,that's all. I don't join exhibits because I think I am a great artist. I just think it's useful and it's part of my work. And I like the exchange,that's because I've never organized any exhibit all by myself. I like collectives. I love talking with other illustrators or painters, about our work, about the hours spent on each artwork, about the time we go to sleep and things like that.
I opened a Facebook Page (and then a blog) for italians people who love to draw, just for fun, it has something like 5000 users. I post links, useful pages for competitions,courses,articles about good artist,interviews, and what's the "thank you"? A girl told me I am a conceited person just because I joined an exhibit. Well.
2) Copycats. A boy asked me for some advices on his portfolio and style/works. I told him what I think. Result: he joins the same exhibit I join, with a work "inspired" by my Countess of Castiglione:

Countess of Castiglione,framed

Well. Thank you, do I have to feel honoured? I don't know why, I currently feel just taken by him. Maybe I'll drop him a line. I am not rude, but I want he thinks I'm a loser and fool girl,you know. My eyes can see and still recognize a copy.

3)Rude people on groups.
They invited me to join.
I've joined.
I've submitted some works then after some "Denied" deviations they banned me. Without any words. I cannot write to them "You're not allowed to post here,sorry" "You cannot send this message,sorry".
Well, I'd just love to know why I've been banned and without any explications,because my behaviour has always been correct and peaceful and I always want the same from the others.
What? My works are not the quality you want? Well, then why you have to appear between my "Groups" when I submit one of my works? I don't want you,if you don't want me.
And please,when you ban someone,you should definitely drop them a line,ok? That's what serious people do, dear :iconquirk-and-whimsy:

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New Exhibit(s) and other Projects

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 18, 2010, 2:50 PM

Hello!!! :)
I'm currently managing a lot of projects, hoping they will be good! :painter:

decadence suite:::October 27-31st 2010

I've been selected for a new exhibit ( in Milan about Decadentism and the dandy character. :blackrose:

(Limited Prints on sale!)
I love this theme so much!!!! So I invited some friends of mine to join and some of them have been selected as well :love:

:bulletblack: Diana Debord ( is not just a friend but a photographer I admire so much. Her pics are magic and I find them quite similar to my visions.

:bulletblack: Nachan, I guess she was PERFECT for this exhibit:
Loom by Nachan Ligeia by Nachan

:bulletblack: Karmy Pu ,a sweet friend of mine!
Grey Lady by Karmypu

Mature Content

ginger rose by Karmypu

:bulletblack: Lucia Franciosa/Lucy Theemedes joined with this beautiful artwork:…
I love it! :) isn't it lovely?

:bulletblack: Vincenzo Sanapo (…) but he didn't tell me which is his chosen artwork yet :P

I'm also (slowly) thinking about an exhibit in Prague/Bratislava with a excellent illustrator I admire a lot, Edit Sliacka. :)
Stay tuned :heart:

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Ups and Downs

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 3, 2010, 5:48 PM

Ok this is not an easy moment for me, definitely.
My health is getting worst and what's more frustrating is that I still don't have any diagnosis, after 3 years.
It's almost three months I don't see my friends because I actually hate being visited when I look like this and I feel like this.
Today I went to Promod to buy a new skirt for an exhibit (October 27). Well,the good news is, hey, this skirt is amazing and very original (here it is… cute,isnt'it? Especially because I'd love to wear it during my Decadence exhibit). The bad news is: I felt very bad while I was trying to wear it in the fitting room. The pain was horrible.
I had to call my dad and tell him to take me home.

I'm having a checkup this Friday,and I hope they will tell me something useful about my health.

I currently don't know if I will feel well and if I'll be at my exhibit.

The panel is ready, and today I bought a beautiful black frame I will decorate with a wallpaper and flowers.
I'd love to sell some products such as a beautiful series of decadent bookmarks,based on "Les fleurs du mal" and on some gothic novel (and to Poe's poems)

Well I think this is all for the moment.

Oh, I'm going to organize two exhibit with a lovely children illustrator in the next months (East and North Europe)
stay tuned!


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Yay! News!

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 9, 2010, 7:38 PM

Hi there! :)
How are you?

I'm quite fine, even if I'm sad because of the ending of the summer. It's started being cold here and my feet are always in a freezing mood -.-
I'm luckly very busy at the moment so I'm always home, drawing something new.
I learnt to illustrate without inspiration so I made one illustration per day. One week= 7 new illustrations, I just can't believe it , and some of them are quite beautiful I think o_O
They've all been made for competitions. I love competitions. They give me a theme and they make me feel competitive and ambitious.

I finally received some of the pics taken to Montréal vernissage.
Seeing my illustration exhibited with such great artworks is a big emotion you know.
I just can't wait, the exhibit will continue in Paris; the opening with vernissage is on November 13th. I will be there :giggle: I'm very excited, there will be a lot of artist I appreciate and admire very much, especially French. I love French illustration and it's one of my greatest sources of inspiration, so this is a pure daydream! I mean,an exhibit with them.... :ashamed:

(Thanks to Sandrine Mercier for the pic :) )

But hey, I have great news!
I'm also working on my first collab and it's quite exciting. I'm adding my personal touches to a traditional illustration. My details will be all digital :D
The other artist is a nice girl I knew on Facebook. She's a wonderful style and I think she deserves more attention.

The second news is more "professional". I received an amazing offer from an Italian comic artist. I started jumping all around my room because I just LOVE her comic! I bought it two years ago in Lucca :D
So keep your fingers crossed for me, because if all will go fine, I'll work to the third book within two months, I'm quite excited because one of the two authors told me she loves my style and she thinks I'm unique! I died when I red her lovely email  :heart:

I'm also sending my .pdf book all around the world,I decided I absolutely want an agent, even if I'm already sending my illustrations to some French publishing houses.

Well those are the news ^^

Oh! I've just posted a set of iPhone wallpapers on my blog .

..So if you want to download it, you will find it here:…

I'm also posting them on but just a few.

Stay tuned :love:


P.S Don't you think the year really become in September? I DO! :giggle:

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