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My Bio
so. I've been born on the exotic and far island of Lilliput, so if i love the sexy ladies, i double love them when they are huge compared to me, which is fairly common, being 180 sflakkzolzs tall, wich is pretty much for my people, but it's equal to one of your centimetres. As "that guy" reported some hundred of years ago, there were 2 factions bearing a big bad civil war in here, and it was still fought few years ago, when we were randomly found by you giants. That had a good face, as our people were reunited under the ideal of luxury tourist business for big people, and the first humans we met were a bunch of sexy japanese schoolgirls, and you can imagine how horny we were for that bunch of titanical lips, breasts, butts, kilometrical legs, etc etc XD
That backfired to us, when we found that the cuties were a bunch of bitchy fetichist horny schoolgirls! (The worse, if you are 1cm tall). So while still drooling at immense upskirts, most of us found themselves turned into living sushi, basically uncapable to even think to run for their lifes.
So long with the tragedy, i fled away, roamed through this huge world, studied in a regular high school, in a girl's bra, and attended the mice university (not the cleanest people, but funny and smart creatures), and now i live at a mouse friend of mine home, but i usually roam, as my current mission in life is sneaking in sexy ladies' houses, usually undiscovered, and peek at them :3 ok it's not like going on the moon or giving peace to the world, but who knows?
So. Apparently Deviantart has just deleted two of my older artworks. The reason is they had explicit sexual that went against the DA policies on the matter. And that's all fine and dandy... BUT Those pics were put by yours truly under mature filter, specifying it as a strict mature filter for explicit sexual imagery... Aside the fact that there are tons of more graphic content on this site that are untouched, WHY IS EVEN THERE A "MATURE FILTER" OPTION THEN? It was created for the precise reason of letting the artists upload sensitive material without afflicting the people who could be hurt by them, and among said sensitive material there was... sexual content! Also because, let's be clear, if it's not sexual, the sensitive material is usually gory violence, it's not that there are many other options... As a side note, I really love how the deleting mechanism works... those were two pieces that can be considered evil and all, ok, but I kind of cared for them, and I have no idea if I
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So, it's already Halloween... well I hope it's gonna be a awesome one for everyone :P
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Hello!🥰​ Let me introduce myself, I am a cosplayer since 2010 who has returned to deviantart and wants to make herself known. I hope she doesn't mind my comment and goes to see my content and she can support. Thank you so much💖

no problem at all! I hope you'll have the best luck and welcome back on DA :)

Thank you so much for following me! The more tinies the merrier

if you’d like to see more of me pop onto my subscriptions they start from $1!!

I also have specialist tiers on my patreon! ( free to follow

you just pay if you want a tier xxxx

you are welcome :D

✨ Oh! Thank you so much for the favorite Main! 💜

♥ Nova

you're always welcome :)