Goodbye fan art Im over it.

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Since someone decided it’s fun to pretend to be me I decided to remove all my fan art except licensed sketch cards from my gallery and put it in storage. Sorry to all my fans. I’m also taking down all my pictures of myself from here. Twitter decided the person impersonating me was not violating their standards even though I showed clear proof and emails from people complaining to me about this person using my name, art, and face to try and scam money out of them. They still said they saw nothing wrong so I am assuming this person has done this enough to get around their algorithms.

So if someone tries to take advantage of you using my old drawings I’m sorry. I don’t have time to worry about taking someone to court over NSFW fan art made from copyrighted characters. Eventually people will lose interest in that old stuff. Plus they should see the difference in the quality of the actual art and recognize it and know it’s being used to scam them. My Instagram is now private as well. And I never Liked Twitter.

I don’t really care that much about likes and follows on anything except my personal original work. There are plenty of amazing creators out there that draw awesome fan favorites way better than me.

Also don’t ask for fan art commissions cause the answer is no. I don’t have time to be stressed out by petty internet games. I been on DA for 18 years and in my opinion its Becoming a din of wolves.

There are plenty of drawing of naked sexy ladies in costumes on the internet. There’s no need for me to further contribute.

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we have to protect Black creators. esp when they're Black womxn + femmes but the internets be failing. protect your peace, fill your cup. we true supporters will remain to cheer you on and show support + love