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Plump storm toned

By mainasha
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through down some gray tones on my plum pstorm. I also am planning a color version. this one is on ebay though if anyone is interested.

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Thanks for sharing. :sun:
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That reminds me of some old Juniper stuff. LOL! Right on!

Speaking of which, I drew something that looks a bit like the dude...LOL! Check it out....

Virginia Tech Killer: [link]

Hope ya like! Your newer stuff is getting so cool!

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Should have jumped on it when I had the chance. :(
I definitely would have purchased it! :)
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Your style is fun and dramatic, I love it!
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Great work! Vibrant sense of motion and her curves are wonderful, much better than Halle Berry's entire performance!
Thank you for sharing her with us!
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She is just too adorable. :D
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Storm was always my one of my all-time favorite characters (along with Vampirella). This is an excellent rendering of her.
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great smooth shading
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great rendering! :D

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that shading gives this a really cool look! i love the little highlight over the eyebrows.
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thanks dave! I appreciate it alot! I think it is cool you noticed that tiny detail.
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you're sick with it, Arie!
that's fabulous! hold the color for a while so the b+w can be appreciated properly!
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VERY good work here! I especially enjoy the lightning effect you built with the graphite layering.
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thanks alot. I really enjoy doing this kind of stuff but most people want to see color.
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Yeah I hear ya. I've decided I want to put my colors on hold for a bit and try to come back to my black and white and graphite work. Ever since high school, people have been telling me they like my B&W stuff better than my colors.
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yeah but it seems people get so attracted to color at the same time. It is frustrating cause i know some of my best stuff is in B/W
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Oh yes certainly. But they'll always be there, they can wait while we brush up on the classics for a while. ^_^
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:lol: reminds me of a character on a TV cartoon... :) pretty kool....
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