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My dream vacation

By mainasha
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I have always wanted to visit a tropical island. And it feels like I am in need of a vacation so I did this for my website. I am doing a bit of an over haul. changing the BG art and updating the galleries so it is more professional looking and better organized.

Also on the agenda is completing commissions. i have 3 people waiting. As soon as those are done I will be opening my commissions again.

I gave up my job in NYC and left new jersey to mellow out in ohio and financially stabilize for a bit. I am using the move as a chance to take on more serious commissions, and freelance for a while.
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Love those lips!
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I adore this image! If it were larger, I'd make it my desktop wallpaper. It really puts me in the summer mood. =)
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Tropics? as in Hawaii?
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as long as it is a sunny beach.
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Aaahh! There is sun in it! And it stole your nose! Like it thou!
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Sun is great you should try it some time.
VicNaa's avatar
I have, it ended badly!
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I take it you didn't like florida to much Ha ha ha ha!
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Sexay.:D Best of luck to you. :nod:
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Wow, what was your old job? I thought that NYC was a good place to find work. I do wish you well as far as commissions go. I've never ventured into the world of having someone pay me to draw. I'm a bit afraid of it. That, and I'm a bit lazy. I can't just pop out pictures like most artists :(.

Great picture. I do wish that you have made the hair a different color so I can see it. Great overall though! BTW, remember last year at Otakon, you had that one picture. Do you still have it for sale? Just thought I'd ask, lol.
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this is dope.
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the waves look perfect over the sand, and the girl is delicious as ever. good luck with your stint in ohio, and keep up the good work!
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Mmm... yeah. That looks just about like my dream vacation right now too. The water in this one looks great!
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wow thanks! yeah I want to be there right now. you are welcome to come along.
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haha. Sounds glorious.
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We'll miss you.
mainasha's avatar
Awww I miss you guys! How are you ? did you guys get a new person yet?
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Awesome design. The only thing I would suggest is maybe some highlights for the hair to separate it from the background of the tree since they sorta blend in all together. Otherwise awesome job :D.
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yeah I know the final image doesn't have black on it theough so I wasn't to worried about it.
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Looks great, hon! :)
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