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More big booty jane

I have had a hard time doing more BBJ art cause things have been frustratingly busy the last 6 months or so. but here ya go.

Check out my airbrush caricature video if you want to :…

Find me on face book:…
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I am loving Big Booty Jane.  I am glad I found this lovely lady.
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I want to make a pinup calendar. you will see more of her
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Cool I can't hardly wait
i just love this character reminds me of my wife. i have all the pucs even the sketches
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pretty gooood you beautiful.
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I am most certain dat this must be me dream girl!
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she be too bootiful >w<
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Awesome work, diggin the colors here.
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I dunno why, but she looks kinda familiar
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Always glad to see more BBJ!
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yeah I want to get the ball rolling and get her calendar done. been working on it since last year but life keeps getting in the way.
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lovely to see something new from you and very sexy and lovely smug grin. :D
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thanks! I want to post more just things been kinda crazy
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