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Follow the yellow brick road

By mainasha
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my story Quite storm is semi based on the wizard of oz so I thought it would be fun to draw mainasha as dorothy
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perspective! GG looks good! 
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I don't know how time was put into this but I can see lots effort.
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I love this version better then the original. :)
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Your gallery really is terrific! This excells in quality- I mean really- I could see this in a store somewhere. Congrats to the max.
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thank you so much!
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Haha, fisheye lens effect. Very nice.:nod:
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really nice angle! Its striking me how much your artwork is developing into a more shapely, soft and rounded style, its very nice! :)
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Great angle! You pulled it off very well! And you added some awesome touches with the feet positions and the left arm....nicely covering her face. Lovely work as always!
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thanks nicole! :blowkiss: and happy new year! how are thing!
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NP and things are going alright. Nothing great, but nothing bad.
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awesome perspective :D
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:D such a cute Dorothy :D
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Too cute!...I adore how her feet are pointed her innocence:D
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I love thisssss! She's so awsome! Is she in it? or does she have her own story?
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yes mainasha is the main character. Won't be exactly like the wixard of oz though. this was just for fun.
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random question: have you read 'Wicked'? its loosly based on wizard of oz as well...
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Actually I was planning to read that as soon as I get a chance. it is about the wicked witch right?
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yeah! you really should get on that! it has abit of a political twinge to it as well... but its very, VERY interesting!
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Awesome pic! I really like the way you did the skin tone and the perspective looks great! :D
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HAHA Adorable! I love the angles you use in your work!
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wow!look at fit right underwear:aww:
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You are silly :)
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