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Patreon and Paywalls

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 22, 2016, 5:10 PM

I was reading a thread earlier and a few people were complaining about artists using Patreon as a paywall for exclusive content and not showing everything for free and this is just my opinion.

Ok I just wanted to chime in a bit here. so you guys are saying that artists should be giving there art work away on Patroen instead of charging for exclusive content.  My question is this. When your new favorite move comes out at the theater in the summer and you dont have the $10 to go and see it are you going to be mad that the people that created the film only allowed you to see teasers (trailers) of the film instead of showing you the whole movie for free. Or are you going to figure out how to get the $10 or $15 to go see the movie you want to see cause you are a huge fan of the movie franchise and are excited for the next installment.

To me it almost sounds like people feel like they are entitled to see new art from there favorite artist for free. Most artists dont have the luxury of the fan base that artists like sakimi chan have.  If you favorite musician  releases a new album and as a preview to the other 10 or 15 songs on the album they release a music video, People dont complain that they didnt get the entire album for free or for what ever they wanted to donate to the artist. The instead go to a music shop or they get on Itunes and the purchase the album so they can enjoy the entire thing.  I would compare Sakimi Chan to being the Beyonce of Patreon in art. Her true fans will go and buy the album or even pay in advance for the album so they get it as soon as it is available.  They dont bootleg it or wait for it to go down in price, or say hey I am going to donate what ever I want when I feel like it but Beyonce needs to make this available to me for free cause I want to see it.

I am a caricature artist. I go out and draw caricatures live at events and shows. sometimes I donate my time and do free caricatures.  Usually I get paid for my time of being there drawing. In general how it works is for 2 or 3 or sometimes 4 hours I will get paid by the person throwing the event to entertain their guests and I sit down and draw as fast as I can for the entire time.

I have had a few occasions where I will draw at a cafe for free and sketch people. It can be a lot of fun.  Here is the thing though, I will draw and draw and draw for hours, hand out business cards and get applause and people will be so excited and love there drawing and I will put out a tip jar and most people dont tip. Some will give 5 dollars if they love their drawing, a few give 1 dollar. Some throw in pennies. These are people that are crazy excited and laughing and smiling and when they go home they are going to hang the artwork up on there wall or frame it for their grandma and they are going to keep that artwork for as long as they can keep it. 

 I ones drew 80 people in 4 hours. 80 people! at and event! Each person got there drawing for free! and they almost all took business cards!  No one gave tips. and no one called or emailed me later asking me to draw a commission for them. they were all excited and happy and were fighting over who would get drawn next. Some people got in line twice! There was no pay wall (as in I didnt charge them to sit in front of me while I draw their picture)  In fact I named my business DrawLikeCrazy cause its insane to sit down and draw one person after another at rapid speed and hand them a picture for them to enjoy and keep but get nothing for it. 

They dont pay for the supplies I use.  Some of my markers cost 5 - 7 dollars plus I have to have paper and I need transportation to the location. I have been at events where I am packing up to leave and go home after drawing for 3 hours and my hand hurts and my shoulder hurts and some one will beg me to please just draw one more person. then they will wave 3 dollars at me as if 3 dollars is going to be so important to me that I will unpack all my materials to draw one last person.  

The point I am making here about complaining about pay walls and artists making art available to people for free is this. A true fan wont care about the pay wall. they will pay for what they want and value.  and if they want to get a commission for an original piece of artwork they will pay even more for that.  Art take a great deal of time to create. one illustration depending on the complexity can take anywhere from hours - months to produce.  In the mean time most artists also still have a day to day life to maintain, children husbands moms dads, they themselves my have health issues or be in school or have large amounts of financial debt from going to school to learn to be the artist that you have come to love. I know people that are in hundreds of thousands of Dollars in debt cause they went to animation school and they could not get jobs in the animation os game industry after they got out so they draw cheap commissions for people to try and make ends meet and pay there student loans while also working full time day jobs.  

So if they get on patreon and people are willing to pay them money for exclusive content that is behind a pay wall of  ON - FIVE DOLLARs!  Why would you complain! GIVE THEM THE DOLLAR!!  THEY ARE PROVIDING A SERVICE and they really are not asking for much!  They are drawing what you want to see, and sometimes even compromising themselves and drawing Pornographic images just so they can make ends meet.  Not everyone wants to do that stuff cause it is fun, many do it cause the fans demand it and they want to make there audience happy.  

Most people when they are giving their art away, no one tips them. No one even thinks about tipping them. They are happy to take the item and give absolutely nothing and you wont ever here from that person ever again. They will take a business card or set a bookmark on there computer or download that favorite drawing and then print it out on there home printer and hang it on the wall and the artist will never see any benefit from it ever ever ever.  

Some people will even try to take advantage and might even sell the art they got for free of for really cheap for lots more money.  I seen that happen a lot of times.  You do a free sketch for someone at a convention and the next day its on ebay for $100.  Do you know how many people I have seen get scammed like that.  Look you the experiences of J Scott Campbell or Adam Hughes. trying to sell commissions at comic shows for "reasonable" and then being told that the art was put on ebay not even 4 hours after they drew it for $3000.

Personally I think pay walls can protect artists and can insure there financial security.  If you dont want to pay for something then enjoy the content that is available for free and move on its as simple as that.  I know I work my But off and its exhausting to give people what they want. Who wants to be a slave to masses of people begging for free stuff that it took you years and thousands of dollars to develop the skill to give them.


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