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[MMD] Simple Bow Heels [DL CLOSED]

• Не выдавать за свое
• Указывать автора при использовании
• Распространять только по этой ссылке
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Is there any other way for me to get the download?

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I just wanted to try these shoes. How did it go down that fast?
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I did not understand your question
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I think they're asking how the DL got taken down so quickly.
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The thing was on hand for three years. This is not very small, I think ...
ZyraTheYandereSaiyan's avatar
These shoes are so cute I DLed for my goddess model
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Downloaded! Do I have permission to redistribute a model with these shoes but recoloured? I will give you credit.
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Oh sure
If you specify me as the author of shoes, then you can distribute the model!
But do not take parts!
Mario-and-Sonic-Guy's avatar
I downloaded those heels before joining DeviantArt, and I really love them. Of all the high heel models that I've seen here, these heels are my most favorite, as they look very attractive, and even cute with the bows.

Just to be safe, do I have permission to modify this model's textures? I love the heels, but I also want to be able to recolor them.
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Of course! You can change all the shoes of my authorship as you want!
Mario-and-Sonic-Guy's avatar
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