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Tattoo Mask

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This is just something funky that took me AGES to finish. I am like the queen of unfinished projects. OF COURSE black and white. CUZ i have no colored pencils. Lol, if any of you adore my colored works please donate to the BECCA NEEDS COLORED PENCILS fund. :giggle:
Seriously i think my mom is gunna send my colored pencils with the next box of stuff.. CROSS YOUR FINGERS PPL. :D
Well i don't really need colored pencils i could easily do this with the PC but I've only colored in two things with the PC and i know they turned out alright but it just takes FOR EVER. I might give it a swing but you guys let me know what you think :D.
I used mechanical pencil on regular old typing paper then went over it with a regular old black pen. Then touched up with my regular old Paint Shop Pro 7. :D
Enjoy :D
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nice, very nice.
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awesome stuff !!!!
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THANKS for the fav! :#1:
I would deinfitely get this tattoo. I've always wanted a demon face or skull. Great.
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that would be a massive tattoo :D
i'm not sure if i'm going to have it colored or not
we shall see :D
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i see two faces, two pairs of eyes. i sEe two little black eyes and two biG white ones. was this intended?
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:o nope just one set of eyes in there.. lol i should color it in
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holy shit, that's nice. i love the placement of the eyes.
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:aww: :flirty: thank you so much for the fav :D
i was considering filling in the eyes with black but i thought it'd be a little much since nothing else is totally filled in... probly a good thing i didn't :nod: :D
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:giggle: thanks for the fav
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:O_o: Evilness!!! Awesome mask!! I would :love: to see this colored! I wanna see your evil butterflies! ;P
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OOooo when i'm done with this piece i shall draw an evil butterfly just for you :giggle:
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Oh, coool!! :w00t: :boogie: Thank you!! :heart:
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wonderful job hun ... i love it :hug:
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Wow. That would be great on a Bicept or thigh. eventhough im 14 i love tattoos, their a great artform
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personally if i ever got this it'd be a upper back piece :D
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